Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stylin It!

I am enrolled in Justina Blakney's interior styling online class, and I'm loving it!

(Justina describes herself as a "design maniac with a bohemian heart" You can find her blog here)

Most of you know I am also studying a 'proper' interior decoration course. Well, that's a bit of a fib, because until I started Justina's course (which has completely motivated and inspired me) there has been very little of the 's word' (study) going on.

Truth be told, the course I'm enrolled in sucks (and before you ask, it is a bone fide course, not one of those fly-by-night one's advertised on the back of a cheap magazine!).
I felt completely flat and at sea when I received my work books

 (I'm doing it by distance which is probably part of the problem...)

and started reading through them. I was disheartened from the beginning.

 (now I know I am not the only student in the course who feels this way, but unfortunately you are not privy to this info until you enrol in the course)

Anyway Justina's little course has been like a breath of fresh air! It/she has given me the kick up the backside I needed to get over all the negative feelings I have toward my other course. My new 'mantra' is "just do it!"
I am ready to tackle it and finish it, and then, hopefully do something useful with it.

The first project in Justina's syllabus was to style a coffee table which illustrates the eight principles of styling  (colour, placement, needs, texture, botanicals, shape, pattern, and bling).

Here's my Before:

note: I banished the Noguchi to the shed.
a) it was a knock-off and b) I couldn't stand the dust on its glass top!
And a few Afters:

I know the remote looks ugly, but this is where 'needs' comes in.
What do you think?
A little contrived? (you know I don't knit!)
Baby steps, right?
Stuff in Pics:

coffee table: old tool box - garage sale.
mug: vintage Orzel pottery, made in New Zealand - op-shop.
agave: in old glass pickle jar - garage sale.
teak bowl: made in Indonesia - op-shop.
huon pine platter: Tasmanian(?) - op-shop.
little black bowl: the prettiest pink inside, made in Japan - a present from Anth years ago.
black birds: these were Lucy Violet's.
brown and black ceramic with Air Plant: vintage Polish art pottery, part of a trio.
books: vintage Enid Blyton's, here.
knitting: Annabel's (daughter #2).

And obviously I've got nothing better to do on a Saturday night!


  1. So wonderful that your online course is so much fun! It certainly looks like it's paying off too:-) Your house looks amazing! I absolutely love that black wall(or is it dark grey) behind the credenza. Both the teak and the pottery really stands out in front of a dark background. Great choice! Your first project turned out beautifully, Justine must be pleased:-) Now you see what I do on a Saturday night too:-)

  2. Looks great! Glad that although one course leaves you cold, you are getting inspiration from another. You are also showing that very expensive accessories are not necessary for style! You go girl!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. The birds and books one is my fave, love the faded colour and that the birds have history, and the patina on the trunk is lovely. And that last photo is mag worthy and especially makes me want to buy clogs! Its the discreet but effective dog placement is the best bit. Imparts warmth (and an urge to give him a wee scratch behind the ear). So glad your feeling enthused again-go you, your going to be ace at this xxx

  4. And there I was wondering what loveliness you were knitting up on a Saturday night! Love your styling, the last photo is my fav, nice angle. Also feeling like I need an agave in a jar, I have a similar jar, just need to score myself the plant from somewhere. S:)

  5. I love your style Kylie, course or no course! You always make me look at things differently and I am starting to appreciate a style that I previously wouldn't have been into. The little collection of succulents looks great :)

  6. Looks great Kylie! So glad to hear the other course has reignited your passion.

  7. Kylie, what an inspirational post! Thanks for your honesty.
    I have wanted to do an interior course for so long, but had not felt inspired by much I had heard. I am going to look into the course you are doing, it sounds just the ticket!
    Love love what you have done, fantastic! Plus the colour scheme, moody yet relaxing- love the yellow throw- yummy. Well done you :)

  8. Oh love your space it looks so moody but exudes so much cosy. I totally need to do a little course like this. I feel like I have some great pieces making me happy but I lack the ability to piece it all together. Beautiful work, please keep sharing Miss Kylie.

  9. All looks grand, love the succulent with roots in water, must try that. But what about the SHOES!!

  10. aww love it. How rubbish you don't like the course but good you found a better one, cant wait to see what you do next!

  11. Can you drop the first course? I would imagine doing design by correspondence would be difficult. It certainly is something you have a knack for! I love the photos. Do you go by your professional name: Stylish Kylish?

  12. Wow, who knew there were eight principles of design? I have one- plonk and run (and it shows)! Just don't leave your course 'til the last few months and rush through (esp accounting) Think of it as practise for a better course. Love your styling esp the last pic.Gorgeous pottery.

  13. What a lovely course to be involved in. Informative and fun.
    The plants bring the whole seeting to life.

  14. Looks like you will learn heaps and hopefully have some fun along the way. xxxx

  15. Brava Bella! xx

    I will look into the JB course sounds great...ace homework!

  16. Looks fabulous, so much better than my coffee table that has on it a laptop, bottle of buttons, a camera and knitting too lol.

  17. Gosh, you've made me want to join the course. Fancy doing a course which involve doing stuff you are really interested in. That wouldn't feel like work to me, styling a coffee table, that is actually fun.

    I love what you have done, but as others have said, I love all your styling. You have great taste. How wonderful if you could get real work doing the thing you are so talented at. xxxx

  18. It looks great and well done you! ;)

  19. Your vinaigrette is most stylish Kylish but your clogs...! Be still my beating heart. I believe the knitting of a close relative is quite valid as a decorating item. I like your tool chest too. The Big Fella here is having a back lash against all my old stuff with "patinas". I need a Noguchi shed. Pity we don't all live closer- we could rotate stuff as we tired of it.

  20. Well done on finding an inspired course on line. Loving what you have done and I have clog envy, I have been coveting those red ones from afar. I am considering a new lounge in a similar shade of grey, are you happy with the colour or is it a pain in the butt to clean/too dark/conceal pet fur/dominate the room/hard to style? Any thoughts would be good. mel x

  21. "just do it".
    sounds about right, works in many areas, not to say ALL.
    you have courage, lady, and i see you are enjoying it too.
    well done!!

  22. Sorry for spamming you, I'm playing catch up :)
    I actually think you have a natural ability when it comes to design...the pieces you have in your home attest to that. Glad to hear you are getting something out of this newer course and it's good to hear you are doing the other one too now.