Saturday, April 27, 2013

House Proud?

How about putting out the welcome mat, and sharing a few pics of your favourite vintage/retro inspired space with us in our brand new bloggy link-up?

Yep, in the proud (ahem!) tradition of the  The Great Retro Cook-Off  Donna and I are inviting you to show-off the best room at your place.

Old school, way cool, too cool for school, join us, we'd love a sticky-beak of your home-styled stylin.

We're after real spaces too, so don't stress too much about perfection, dust, or taxidermy! Things look more interesting when they're a bit haphazard anyway - the art of 'plonk', in my opinion is seriously underrated. Agree? 

Please spread the word (we'd appreciate it),
the more retro/vintage interiors we all get to perve at, lust over, covet, and inspire us the better.

You can even join in if you haven't got a blog (just email your pics
and a bit of a blurb and we'll post it on our blogs on the day).  

Speaking of blurbs, how about this one?

"the sparkling copper exhaust flue and antique hanging pots accent the lovely warm tones of the tulip oak walls and counters at the home of Mr and Mrs David Seymour"
The Seymours bought this house "because of the marvelous potential it had for changes and extensions" Same old, same old, right? I'll show you some more of the Seymours "Cornering Space on a Cliff Top" soon. It's nice. Very nice...

Until then, don't forget to scribble the 11th in your diary x

All images, Australian House and Garden, April 1970 (thanks library girl x) 

p.s. thank you for all your lovely comments on Annabel's birthday post, she doesn't read my blog regularly, but I made sure she read that one. Life can be tough when you've a red-head, thanks for boosting her ego x


  1. I will come and visit and perv over all the lovely interiors but there isn't a single corner in my home that is nice enough to share on the internet, Kylie! Plenty of vintage dust, fluff and cat hair, and multiple piles of assorted detritus. But I don't think that's what you're after!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone's else's stylish homes though (despite the terrible envy which will ensue...) Xxxxx

    1. Ha yes, can relate. My vintage tat is all lovely in itself but I never manage to put it all together in quite the chic Kylie way...

  2. Mmmmmm, I'll see what I can do. I'm in the middle of cleaning big time as we have near neighbours (4 of them) coming over for dins tonight. Eek! I've finally had to move the old computer and all its bits which have been gathering dust nicely for a year in the hallway. Nice. It's funny how things like that become so "part of the furniture" that you don't even notice they're there. Until now. Back I go to tackle more vintage dust (as per Curtise!). xx

  3. Yey! I totally agree that perfect styling is not necessary (unless that's your thing of course!). Real homes that real folk live in. Looking forward to it! xx

  4. Ye gods! I have nothing! Maybe a cobwebbed hamper of damp clothing n the laundry.
    "The Smiths bought this laundry because of the marvelous potential it had for clean clothing and an extra ablution..." Perhaps a small vinaigrette!

  5. This will be so much fun. I'm already trying to decide which corner I'll share!

  6. By the way...I meant to tell Annabel that she has the most gorgeous hair and PERFECT eyebrows framing that exquisite face. I can't imagine her having a hard time because of that hair. It's absolutely wonderful.

  7. Oh Kylie...honestly the real retro deal can be so funny!

    My brother and sister have been having a retro-fest on Facebook this week and putting up pics from our childhood and whilst I have been drooling over some of the toys, fabrics and clothes, most of the decor is so brown...and orange...and full of doilies and paisley and gold roses......the remade-retro that is being done today is so much nicer and kinder than the authentic thing. I think coz we pick out the best bits and make it work with contemporary trends and fashions.

    But I look forward to your post very much - I don't have a retro home at all (more classic English, thanks to a solidly English husband with an interior design past) so I won't join in, but will read with great relish. :)

    ps Annabel is gorgeous...I haven't been commenting much recently so missed out that one but really, both your girls are stunners. Like their Mum. And that hair! beautiful.

  8. Would love to show retro /vintage spaces in my jumble of a room also lots of retro design mags if thats ok. cool Idea just love it wat to go Cheers :)

  9. OOh this sounds exciting, cant wait to see into other peoples homes (is it weird that I like going to 'open inspections' for houses just to get ideas??). xxxx

  10. Oh this is fabulous, I am so looking forward to seeing inside some great places.
    Love V

  11. Count me in....kept this one quiet, beautiful schemers! xx

  12. Kylie count me in. with most of the pieces here op-shopped i have a few scenes to select from.

  13. My home is retro by default because most of my stuff is so old (I keep it all for the treasured memories) and a lot of it originally belonged to my mom. My new living room where we have just moved is seriously retro - but I think way outside the scope of anything you are thinking of - about 300 years ago or more it was a working forge! It has thick rough walls and a funny little staircase up one side to what must have originally been a kind of loft (but is now supposed to be a study!) I'll send you a pic closer to the time and you can decide if I qualify. xx

  14. What a great idea, I am so looking forward to having a good old nosey around other people's pads. It might be one of my favourite passtimes...

    I never understand this thing about insulting people with red hair, any shade of red from bright to titian to strawberry blonde is my favourite hair colour and Annabel's is just gorgeous. xxx

  15. Hi Kylie,

    hope, I will found a corner in my house you didn´t know yet... But I will see. It is a great idea and it will be big fun to take part.
    Greetings, Ria

  16. Hi Kylie, right I have the microfibre cloth at the ready. I will clean and preen a corner, I just hope it's retro enough and not looking like stuff I've just happened to find at the op shop or dump.
    As for Miss A's gorgeous locks, I'd hoped that kids were more accepting now days, I too suffered plus I had an excellent crop of freckles (or fly shit, as the nasty kids called them). Now I'm having to augment the auburn with the bottle, and the freckles have faded a little.

  17. Where, when how Kylie? Der maybe you've said how but I've missed it.... which hopefully gives me a few days to find a little corner up for sharing.

  18. did I miss this fab announcement?....oh honey im in! x

  19. ha. i think i could even dive back into the old photos of the house here, could i? not many, certainly vintage. the 11th, you say? it may just be possible. it'd be a late entry affirmation, because i definitely do need to think a ittle whether i can make it.
    lovely thought, girls!! it'll be fun to have a peek...

  20. Hello Kylie and Donna. I was a good girl and got my post all ready to go tonight. It should go up at 9AM your time on your Saturday morning. It will be Friday night here and I will be out and about (raise the roof --- reference for Donna). So would you be a dear and put up my link on the pah-tay? Otherwise, I will do it upon my return. No worries!