Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pssst...Parker Lounge Suite For Sale...

but first things first...before I give you the dirt on this gorgeous lounge suite, I want to say Hello. I know it's been ages since my last proper post, but at the moment I've got NOTHINK! I've always really enjoyed writing this blog, so
this feeling of antipathy I have developed toward it (almost overnight!) has really surprised me. For now I'll just blame it on the weather, and my teenage daughters, who are driving me crazy(!) and be done with it.

Now let's get on to more interesting things ie that Parker Lounge Suite.
If I was in the market for a vintage Australian lounge suite (especially if my budget was more Ikea than fancy-schmancy mid century furniture shop) I'd be giving this one some serious consideration.

Let me introduce

The Stuart...
a fully upholstered lounge suite designed by Tony Parker (Jack Parker's son) in the early 1960's for Parker Furniture. This suite consists of two arm chairs and a four seater lounge, it is in excellent condition and has been owned by the same family since purchase, in 1967. Kylie and Adam are settling up their parents estate and contacted me in the hope that they can find a new home for it where it will be loved and appreciated. The asking price is $1500, a bargain in my opinion - you'd never get quality (or style) at a price like that these days. Wouldn't it look awesome in your 70's split level (or otherwise?)
Kylie and Adam are also selling their parents radiogram, I believe the cabinetry was made by Parker too.  
If you're interested (and I really hope one of you is) email Kylie kvcb70@icloud.com or Adam adam@urbanendeavour.com.au. They would be delighted to hear from you, supply more pics and maybe even chat about price...

Okay, that's it from me for now. I'll be back when I've got something worth saying.

Here's a pic of one of my old treasures, finally rescued from her cobwebby home in the shed. Isn't she lovely, just look at that neck!



p.s. the Parker is located here in the West, as is Adam. He should probably be your first port of call if you're interested.

NEWSFLASH! 17th April 2013 Parker $500!




  1. You could write in Spanish or Greek and I'd still read your blog.

    I love your picture. Shed?! Really?

    I hope those nice friends of your sell their couch and radiogram. Where do they live?

  2. Nooo...we just bought a new couch from "Hardly Normal"....I gather shipping it east would be exxy?...oh well, my children would probably wreck it anyway. Lost your mojo love?!...Get back in that shed and get us some inspiration!! If that sheila with the stretched neck is anything to go by its a treasure trove out there!....snap to it!
    Allison x

  3. Oh Kylie, sorry to read you've not been feeling like blogging. Don't worry, your mojo'll come back. It better had do, missus, I miss you when you're not around! Blimey, I'd love a good rummage in your shed. Perhaps your next post could be about what's lurking in it. xx

  4. Thw parker pieces are amazing.
    Your little tapletop display is lovely.

  5. Wow! What a blast from the past. I remember the name in furniture.

  6. lovely lounge, Parker was always a favourite of mine, we have several Parker cabinets here. love your little pic .. the german vase, the wooden pieces, get that camera out and start showing us some bits.

  7. The sofa and chairs are great, but I really perked up at the photo of the stereo...and your long-necked lady. Just what else is in that shed that you've been holding out? You have me dying of curiosity.

    I think everyone has ups and downs with their blog. I was so busy with the construction, and my lifestyle had undergone such a change with so many of us living here that I was struggling with my blog too and simply had to cut back on my posts, at least for a while.

    Take as much time as you need, write when you feel like it, and we'll all be here waiting when it starts to feel like fun for you again.

  8. Dear sweet Kylie, I'm sorry you feel that way! If it's any comfort, all of us out here absolutely L O V E your blog, it's such a good read!! I always look forward to your posts. I'm sure inspiration will come back to you, take your time:-)

    That's a stunning painting you've got there, good thing she's out of the shed. A bit Modigliani-ish, I think! Love the other stuff too!!

  9. Your little vignette with the long-necked lady is great. I totally understand the occasional lethargy towards the blog, sometimes there just isn't anything you want to say. Which is fine! But like your other commenters I am very interested in this shed! :) xx

  10. Teens doing your head in probably causing the blog block! Wait til school resumes - all will be well xx

  11. Think the shipping may be a little pricey... But very nice sofa and chairs!
    Oh don't stop blogging, Kylie, I'd miss you! I think everyone has lulls in motivation about it, and life's stresses can easily take over...
    Love your long-necked lady, vase and candle sticks. More shed inspiration please!
    Btw, did you get my email? The tea towel amused me greatly, and the set of cards are lovely. Thanks, love! xxxxxxx

  12. Im with you in the lost blog mojo dep't.
    Your groovy stuff though is to be sighed over.
    What else lives in your cobwebby shed. A tour of the shed post might be in order!!!

  13. Lovely colour suite! Don't worry, they'll be back to school/work soon and you'll be able to think straight again. Thank goodness for grandmas and tech viewing. Will need to make it up to our kids after these past 10 days. Hope you're staying cool.

  14. Oh Kylie please stay in blog world, I love popping in and seeing your world.
    The couch is wonderful but think it would be a tad to expense to send to NZ, oh and a little to big for a campervan(Basil)!!!!! Rats we need one when we find a home too!!!!
    I am sure it will find the perfect home.
    Hope to see you soon right here.
    Love V

  15. Its so good to see a post from you I so agree with two squirrels please dont leave us i for one will really miss you. I hope your daughters stop bugging you soon teenagers are a nightmare at times my little Dylan is becoming a right stroopy one. I love that radiogram i have been looking for one for ages and just managed to find one last weekend which i will be blogging about next time :-) I hope your friends can find a lovely home. Love and hugs dee x

  16. I hope your blogging mojo returns soon!

  17. We live in fortunate times, when an appreciation of quality sixties furniture is with us fortunate few at a time when a stack of it is about to bestowed upon us by our parents generation who are downsizing. Shhhhh. Or else it will get too exxxy

  18. Oh i do wish i lived nearer...Lovely blog by the way...happy to have found you...so don't give up now!!
    My blogging always starts with the images on my camera...
    Bestest to you and yours

  19. OOOO, I'm rather fancying that sideboard, although the lounge suite is pretty funky. We just bought a new (to us) one, actually!
    I saw your comment on Freckleface, that you're looking for Lisa St Aubin de Teran at your library...hope you find some of her work, she's AWESOME! When you do, let me know if you likey.......she is also my favourite writer! I have picked some of her stuff up on Trade Me, do you have in mind what you'd like to read first?? I could try and find it for you.

  20. ooh I love the furniture. Gorgeous colour. Sadly I have no room but I'm sure you will find them all a lovely home. Keep blogging Kylie. Today was my first blog in months. Motivation left me and I am feeling my mojo returning slowly. Tell ya, kids sometimes zap the life out of ya! God bless their little cotton socks. x

  21. Hi Kylie! Glad you are back. And I second MMMC, I would read your blog no matter what - even if you got nothin'!
    I am thinking about coming back. And that's a start right?
    The lounge suite is great, but its the radiogram sideboard that I gasped at - LOVE it. Hope they get sold to great homes. x

  22. lovely blog.

  23. Hey there! Merry Christmas and Happy New (All) Year and welcome to Stinky Hot Perth January and a Walla Walla Bing Bang! Can I just say its COMPLETELY normal to have what I call "the January Blues" & to not want to get straight into blogging ... Take time.. Relax... Let it come naturally. There's an ebb & flow to this life for a reason.
    Light & Love...💚💚💚 A Xx

  24. Hello Gorgeous Kylie,
    Happy New Year always so awesome to hear about the adventures of Lucy Violet Vintage... I instantly felt better reading this post about bloggers block I've been much the same so its comforting to know that even the pros go through moments of absence!. Love your new acquisition and the Parker. Really look forward to hearing more when you are feeling it ;-).
    xx Tina

  25. Hi hi. I have been peeking to see when you would come back. Nice to see you and the sofa set is quite beautiful. Also, blog should be your fun thing, not your bothersome thing so no worries for sure.