Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Back On The Horse

or trying to...

I haven't got much, just a few snaps I've taken recently in an attempt to master my fancy (for me), new camera.
A lack-lustre return - but I figure if I want to keep blogging, I've got to start SOMEwhere, and I reckon posting a few pics is better than nothing. 

Anth's Mum gave us these scales years ago. They hail from an old servo (petrol station) in Rhynie, a little town in the Clare Valley, South Australia. They were probably used to weigh slices of Polony, or Fritz as it's called there. Why is it called Fritz? Did a bloke called Fritz invent it? Beats me, but I don't think so. I have no idea why it was called Polony either. You? Neither word is particularly appetising. Nor is the stuff itself (especially when it dries up around the edges) My kids would rather starve than eat it! (I can hear their gagging sounds now), but I loved my polony and tomato sauce sandwiches when I was little.

Something sweet to temper the 'f' word with.

You could do this with your Christmas lights too (if you haven't packed them away). Please check if it's safe first, because I'm not sure it is, and (obviously!) I'd hate to be responsible for your house burning down. I think led lights would be the go here.

Our new plywood steps. We've been busy. So much to show and tell if I can get my act together here. The vase on our table is West German, not as handsome as some, but it was only 12 bucks. The placemats are by bonnie and neil, not sure if I've mentioned that before. They help keep the Parker looking good, that's for sure.   

This baby, and it really is a baby (7 cm, I measured) is the smallest West German I've found, it had a teeny, tiny price tag too. One dollar. I found it yesterday at an op-shop, en route to have lunch with my Mum.

I've never seen anything quite like/as lovely as this little floor mat, have you? It reminds me of a great big multi-coloured Dahlia. Handmade from old tee shirts.

Anth gave me the apple ice bucket for Christmas a few years ago. It's a bit battered and bruised but I don't mind that. It's lovely re-discovering old treasures you've forgotten you had. We've done alot of that lately. 

Concrete in our jungle.

Ouch flower macrame, vintage Japanese pottery.
Want to learn to make your own? Pop over to Pippa's Knot School for an easy step-by-step how to and get stringy with it. I am. While you're there, read Pippa's post on artistic integrity, it's all about respect in my opinion.
Well, I've got a long way to go, camera and blog wise. Both need more practice. We'll see...
Wondering if I should hit the publish button, take care and thanks for reading x




  1. Oh but that is such a lovely post Kylie! I love seeing all your wonderful bits and bobs, and that shot through your house is just heavenly. It looks so light and airy and those wooden doors and beams give it a kind of colonial feel, which I love. Don't worry, you can ride, rising trot and everything! xx

  2. Missed you, Kylie! Love the look of your home! Good luck with the new camera.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Please keep blogging Kylie, you always make me laugh. I love your house, it is so bright and those timber doors are amazing. Those old scales are real treasure! They could tell a few Fritz stories! The brick wall in your garden is awesome too...the contrast with your plants makes it look cool and inviting. Happy Friday!

  4. Lovely newsy post Kylie!
    In NSW we called it Devon
    From Wikipedia: "Polony" in WA, "Luncheon" in QLD & some NZ, "Fritz" in SA and some NSW and "Belgium" and "Devon" in VIC, TAS, NSW.
    I must say I am still partial to a Devon/tomato sandwich!

  5. Im so happy to see you hit the publish button. You have a wonderful home and so much gorgeous open space. I love all your wooden floors and door frames. Those scales are gorgeous and so are your German vases. I saw some flower pots in the chairy shop the other day and in brown and cream they were only £2.50 each. Im not sure what polony is but i take it to be meat? Please come back again soon i would love to see more things in your home to its beautiful, Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  6. Kylie, you need to hit the publish button more. Great post (as per). I'm salivating over your lovely home and your gorgeous bits (ooh er). That rug is amazing - did you make it? I'm off to look up "polony". xx

  7. Oh Kylie! Polony! I grew up with that stuff too - on sarnies with tomato sauce, like you. Ack! My stomach turns at the memory (and I can suddenly taste it and smell it)- but I did love it way back when.

    The hubby is in stitches at the name....I mean, polony does sound a bit peculiar. (Actually it came up in conversation over Christmas - we were watching a Seinfeld DVD and they were making bologna sandwiches on the show and I wondered if it was the same as polony, at which point the husband nearly fell over laughing at the name.)

    I didn't know it was available outside South Africa as it certainly isn't here.

    Admiring your window blind behind that baby vase...fabulous design.

    Funny I was thinking about you last night and wondering if you were OK. Glad you did this post. Have a good weekend.

  8. Of course you should have hit the 'publish' button. See how people love seeing your home and ready yo' funky words. I know I do! We don't see enough of your place. Just do a post every-so-often. Even one post with a photo is enough. Maybe you need a good sleep?

  9. Hi Kylie, Your home is looking fantastic, love the wooden doors. Your garden is soo green, ours is a dried out frizz its been so hot. Can't wait till summer is over!!!!!

    I had no idea what polony was, I had to google it. As Rachel said, we call it Devon in NSW, and I don't mind it really. Sometimes the kids even eat it too, but they are not too partial to a sandwich, I don't know why.

    Great to see you back, Tam x

  10. Welcome Home, more please! Love the sweet sweet boy WG! Thanks for the shout out! xx

  11. I look forward to your posts, and I can't stand the thought of your quitting blogging! If you ever stopped, how would I know about things like polony? Or the geography of Australia? Or that I like pink more than I ever thought possible?

    Yes, my fabulous tea towel came yesterday, and I'm so proud to be its lucky winner. More about that later...:)

    I'm sure you're just going through a blogging slump, sweet lady. I think we all go through them. My blog was starting to feel like an obligation and the quality of the posts was suffering, but the minute I gave myself permission to post twice a week, now I can think of all kinds of things to say. Your posts are always so much fun to read, so don't stop, please.

  12. What's polony? I'm assuming it is some kind of processed meat (scrapings off the abattoir floor, a friend of mine used to say!) I eat any old crap, so I would probably like it!
    Anyway - HURRAY! You are back, and showing us your beautiful home and some of its gorgeous contents! Of course you should hit publish, you daft woman, I miss you when you disappear.
    That dahlia rug is fabulous but oh how my cats would wreck it... Love your apple ice bucket and the scales too. You have a wonderful eye for decor and placement and interesting objects. Will you come over and sort my mess of a house out please? I can't pay you but I'd make you a polony sandwich! xxxxx

  13. Oh, love the sweet "f-word" art (I have a real love affair with that word most days)! Your home is so gorgeous!

  14. Great photos - the floor mat does look like a dahlia!!! I think your place looks awesome. I have been interested in macrame for a while as I have collected a few pattern books, including one to make a dress!!! I love the little dear best of all and the apple ice bucket is awesome.

  15. well hello there miss....hope you have a note!....was so happy to see you in my bloglovin feed this morning. So what camera did you get?..I can highly recommend doing a course of some sort...your local camera shop will have one. best thing I did. love all your pics, you have such a pretty home. got your sweet it! as of course you knew I would...clever thing. don't go and piss off on us now....that would just be un-Australian!!
    and heres the hot tip....devon sliced and rolled...pipe mashed potato into with a toothpick and a pickled onion...preferably the coloured ones (to tart it up ya know!).
    the "go to" dish at my mums partaaays back in the are so welcome.
    Al x

  16. Lovely post Kylie! I'm with your kids on the polony stance, have memories c. 1974 throwing it up soaked in the juice of tinned pineapple, as was the fashion to serve those two foodstuffs in harmony, or not as in my case.

  17. See how everybody missed you? Please, please, please don't stop, your blog is such a great read! Your house is beautiful, Kylie, love those new plywood steps, very MCM:-) Lots of gorgeous pieces, that Japanese pottery in the macrame hanger- "combo" has me drooling! I'm curious, has knot school paid off already?

  18. Kylie it is so lovely to see you popping back up in my feed, it actually made my day, welcome back we have all missed you :-)

    I've always been so envious of your beautiful scales! I'm now imagining the baby deer as a curse-word fighting ninja once the lights are turned off and the whole family have made their way to bed!

    Jem xXx

  19. I am such a sticky beak I love seeing your home! Keep blogging lovey.... Have only just started reading here xxx

  20. oh so glad you hit that Publish button. Lovely to read you again, and thanks for such interesting photos.

  21. Im glad you published too! I love your plywood steps :) I also love the plant in the big vase. What sort is it - is it growing in water (I can't tell in the pic)? I want a plant growing in a vase!

  22. But did YOUR mum wrap your polony and sauce sangas in greaseproof paper while everyone else had gladwrap? Love the colours in the tabletop WG vase and the new steps are looking fab. The house is looking finished already and I'm drooling over that brick wall.

  23. Lovely to have you back. This post is lovely. No need to stress about it. I run out of ideas too. Infact im going to do a post on my salt n pepper collection soon as I cant think of much more!!
    Onto polony...i loved it! I had it on toast with lots of butter or fried with our bacon and eggs! That handmade tshirt mat is lovely! Would love to know how it was made. Taz xx

  24. So much to love in all your house pics, so pleased you have shared. Love your yellow cupboard and those gorgeous french doors and that dahlia rug. And yes it is indeed luncheon, with tomato sauce of course and at my grandmas it always came with a nice cold strawberry quick as well on the side. Ah them memories..... mel x

  25. Never heard of Fritz or polony but your teeny tiny is sweet petit. My Dad used to like to bring home a "bit-a-brawn" but nobody else would eat it. Maybe that's why he got it.
    I'm becoming a bit sporadic with the blogginess too but its always lovely to read you!

  26. Hi Kylie, lovely to get glimpses of your home, I especially love your blind with the tinsy wee WG! As for polony, we called it luncheon sausage, so posh over this side of the Tasman!! Best thing was when my kids were nippers the deli section of the supermarket would give them both a free piece so I could shop with less whingeing, happy days! Now I just get them fighting over who'll push the trolley! As for the publish button, I haven't been near it all year! Maybe soon.... still undecided S:)

  27. OMG I adore that dahlia rug I want one! amongst the other gorgeous vintage treasures in this post that I also love I'm so going to try the fairy light thingy and will only plug it in when in the same room, watching it like candle light, just to be safe.
    Love that your feeling the whole blog thing a little bit more xx Tina

  28. Yay Kylie, I just loved looking at all your treasures, what a great home you have!!!! The German little vase with the peek of yellow is fabulous & a great find.
    Fun a new camera!!!!
    Love V

  29. I wonder if pelony is what we called devon when I was a kid?
    Gawd, you have a lovely house! I adore those scales, and is that a lady head egg holder beside it? Can't wuite work it out, but I love it.
    I have a thing for fairy lights, and am always nagging G to put some up-maybe I need a big jar job! Such a great idea!
    The dahlia mat is heavenly.
    It's easy to get out of the swing of blogging, but equally easy to get all caught up in it!

  30. Lovely to see a bit more of you through your home Kylie. I OVE the apple ice bucket. What a top present!