Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vintage Tea Towel Tuesday

A quartet of pretty vintage tea towels.

(not a dog, cat, or chicken in sight!)

I am going to restrain myself from rabbiting on (ha-ha!) about them, because there's going to be a little pop quiz at the end of this post and I don't want to give the game away.

Made in Romania

What is it about brown, and orange that's just so lovely? (oops! I might have just let the cat out of the bag...) Compare it to it's 'twin' in pink and green...


Which one do you prefer?

Made in Poland

Made in Romania

Right class, are you all paying attention? To win one of these tea towels (your choice) send me a note telling me which t.t. you think I like best. And which t.t. you like best. Easy peasy Japanesey! (is it still okay to say things like that?) If more than one of you get it right (um, hello!), I'll do the random number thingo, and let you know who gets the gold star next Tuesday.

I love the washing instructions on these

it's not like we're talking cashmere!

Thanks for reading my blog x

p.s.  the winner of this t.t. was comment #16, which just happened to be written by my lovely partner in retro cooking crime, Donna from Hung Up on Retro. Donna has won two of my give-aways...perhaps I should ban her from entering this one? Only joking Donna!



  1. Well I think our favourite, both yours and mine, is the first one. Definately the first one.
    PS I think easy peasy lemon squeezy is the more politically correct phrase;)
    PSS Actually I think it's just fine. Both peasy and Japanesy are used simply because they rhyme.
    See ya!

  2. I'll go with Miss Romania for you and Miss Poland for me. I know I'm half right!

  3. You like the first. I like the last. Have a thing for reusing kettles/teapots.

  4. I am guessing from your subtle hint that you like the first one best. As for me, I fancy the last one with the tea pot. I have a copper kettle so it reminds me of that.

  5. The first one for me and you methinks. The second one is a close second for me. xx

  6. oranges and browns all the way lady!....does anyone iron t t`s??
    Allison x

  7. Yep you're right, the brown makes the colours really come alive even though on a personal level I prefer green to brown. In this instance you would frame the first and use the second. Some of the art work on these tt is amazing.

  8. I love the first AND the second, dammit...I suspect you like the first one.....but number 5 would look best in my kitchen! So THAT"S my fave.
    My mother used to iron her teatowels, I'm sorry to say!

    If it turns out that "easy peasey japanesy" is non PC, I'm going to thrash it til it BURNS!

  9. They are ALL wonderful - just magical! End of.

    You lucky lady - I rarely see such TT goodness anywhere. :)

  10. I am more a pink/green girl, I think. Controversial! And I was loving the blue till I scrolled down and spied the pot, not so keen on that. Ooh, wouldn't do for us all to like the same things, now would it?!
    PS. Had our Christmas fair at school, with lots of handmade goods on sale. One lady had made OWLS! Littlest saw them and remarked, " they're nice, but not as nice as MY owl." Owlie - top of the tree, every time! xxxx

  11. I am in love with the first one and am picking you are too :)

  12. I love the pink and green and I think you like the brown and orange.
    Hmm brown and orange, when I got married back in the 80's my auntie and uncle gave us a hideous brown and orange vase needless to say it was not something we fought over when we got divorced. LOL I think it ended up in an opshop on the West Coast of NZ somewhere LOL

  13. Ooh, pink and green for me. For you? All of them, theyre teatowels!!!! Speaking of which yours from me will be in the mail forthwith x

  14. Hmmm brown for you and I love them all really. xx

  15. Number 1 for you, number 3 for me!

  16. I'm usually not a pink kind of girl, but I like the second one best. I'm going to guess that you like #1 or #4.

  17. I'm guessing you like Number One the best... Easy peezy lemon squeezy!! (and my son informs me that "NO ... it' s NOT ok to say things like that" ... eyes rolling and all.
    My response to his critique: "Oh Em Gee darling ....EL Oh EL.... what WAS I thinking??"
    I love three and four ♥♥♥

    I'm reminded that I have to visit Industriart again... soon!
    Have a great weekend!! xx

  18. You like the brown one, l like the brown one, were twins! xx

  19. I adore your new blog banner.

    Fabulous tea towels too!

  20. ha ha ha ha...
    those are simply beautiful tt's!

  21. Hmmm. I am thinking the first one is your fave as you put that one first... Maybe not, I not good as mind stuff. But I'll still go with it. My favourite would be no 2.
    Iron teatowels....no way jose.