Monday, November 5, 2012

I Raise My Glass

Donna and I were blown away by the fabulous response to our first "It's A Retro Cook-Off!" link up. Our retro cooks did not disappoint. In fact their efforts in the kitchen were nothing short of brilliant(ly awful!) From the sublime to the ridiculous, fantastic to gagtastic, devine to Chicken Devin, our cook-off had it all!

It was an absolute blast and in some cases, (a few more than others!) a real test of mind over matter:

"Dana's Swedish Salmon Mould is not real. It cannot hurt me. It is only a photograph. I do not need to vomit. Look away from the screen Kylie, you are not in the same continent, let alone the same kitchen!"

You get the picture (and if you've checked out some of linkys you will know exactly where I'm coming from)

To show our appreciation for everyone's efforts, I thought it might be nice to recap in the form of a virtual "It's A Retro Cook-Off" 'Cook Book'. I will save this in a link in the side bar of my blog to make it easy for you to find a particular recipe, something delicious(?) you can inflict on  serve with luuurve, to those you love.  All occasions covered btw, from cocktails to Christmas. Spew bags at the ready, here you go...


Pippa's Creme of Celery Shake
Unusual Coleslaw's Barossa Lightning

Tam's Devils on Horseback
Jenny's Shrimp and Orange Cocktail
Unusual Coleslaw's Prawn and Grapefruit Cocktail


Dana's Swedish Salmon Mould
Pippa's Fiesta Peach Spam Bake


Donna's Salmon Party Salad
Unusual Coleslaw's Salmon Meringue Tart
Lakota's Cod in Custard

Tam's Hawaiin Sandwich

Lea's Mumma's Marshmallow Salad


Tina's Sausage Puff
Rebecca's Easy Beef and Cheese Pie
Chicken Devin


Unusual Coleslaw's Jellied Pea Salad
Sarah's Celery and Peanuts


Pineapple Princesses Whispering Shells
Pineapple Princesses Pineapple Paradise
Moira's Apricot Nectar
Ann's Aunty Flora's Chocolate Pudding

(the Princesses have had trouble linking up, you MUST check out their recipes)

Loo's Orange a la Turque
Tam's Coconut Banana Rolls
Wendz Fridge Tart
Unusual Coleslaw's Rum Pudding
Pineapple Chiffon Cake

(this had to have its own category!)



I bow down and take my apron off to these guys, when you check out what they've cooked, you will too. Oh and they're not just fab cooks, they write lovely blogs too!


(all pics courtesy their creators)

p.s would you join in if we did this again? After Christmas perhaps...

p.p.s. tardy contributions still welcome. I'll add your recipe to our 'book' whenever you join in. Just add your link here.


  1. The cook-off was loads of fun. I'd love to do it again.

  2. I've enjoyed spectating so much, I'd love the chance to join the fun.
    It's been so inspiring to see women at their creative and witty best. A real triumph!

  3. Great summary! I had a ton of fun. I would absolutely do it again. And I would try and help get the word out. I bet I could convince my mom to join in and donate a disgusting dish from her past. Thank you so much for hostessing.

  4. Such good fun, ladies - I loved it. Definitely do it again. Thank you for organizing it!

  5. YES! I'll join in!
    Oooooo, I feel a little nauseated after viewing some of these gagTASTIC efforts....good thing I have a gin and tonic (Bombay, darling!) at hand!!!

  6. I've had an absolute whale of a time reading all the retro cook-off posts! I completely missed the lead up having been a little AWOL with various real life things so didn't take part this time sadly. Full marks to all who did though, you all did retro proud! :-)

    Jem xXx

  7. It was so much fun, please do it again!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. What a great idea Kylie! I love the Retro Cook Off Cook Book.
    I will definitely join in again! (Infact, I would happily co-host with you any day of the week. Pity we never scored a gig on the Price is Right.) I will strive higher, ghastlier (spelling?), next time and def do more than one course. I was so blown away by the effort and fabulous dishes everyone contributed. Such great fun. I will head over now to the Pineapple Princesses to check out their offerings. Can't wait!! xx

  9. Oh yes I'd join in again..this was a load of fun and seeing all that stuff - I've read them all - was hilarious and stomach-churning and mind-blowing.

    Such a good idea.

    (ps..we've totally gone off the fridge tart - even the kiddo - and it is in the bin.)

  10. Hats off to you and Donna, Kylie. It was wonderful and so much fun! Maybe next time I might 'cook' something :)

  11. Soooo SORRY I missed this but I am definitely in for next time and should a retro moment take me I will link in with this one. Who could have predicted the landslide of talent and the plethora of recipe wonderment! Congratulations you two, so much fun x

  12. yes, yea, yes! i'm dying to jelly-fy a vegetable and i need an excuse!

  13. This is fantastic, well maybe not in a good way. Thanks ladies for the laughs and sometimes a groan or two. Isn't it tempting to host a dinner party with these treats.

  14. I missed this but yes I would definitely join in - I have lots of retro cookbooks that would be perfect for this!

  15. So Sorry i missed this, looked great fun, one of my favourite pastimes is looking with delight at all my old cookbooks if I can find a worse christmas one than the tree I will let you know :)

  16. There are some real works of arts there in the retro food photo's but oh boy that peas coleslaw had me wanting to run away very fast ;-) Enjoy your week, dee x

  17. I am glad I was not eating when I looked at this!! Ha ha!! I am going to join in too. Got my recipes all picked out! Now just need to dress up and get cookin'. Ha ha.


  18. It was marvellous! I'm thinking of doing a retro recipe post as well - although in my case I'll cheat and not actually cook anything myself! You must do this again!! xx

  19. I'm in, I will follow you anywhere! x

  20. lordy, what a ball to the eye, those pictorial gems...

  21. Just found your blog and this post had me in hysterics. I showed some of those culinary gems to my kids, just to make sure they knew how lucky they are eating normal food cooked by me (even if they complain every mealtime!). xx