Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wave Rock, getting there.

Interesting things we saw on our journey...

A road to nowhere. The sign said Christmas Tree Well, an irresistable combo no? We had to turn off and check it out, didn't we? And guess. Yep, you're right. We didn't see a well...or a Christmas tree. I started humming the Deliverance theme song the further into the bush we got. It popped into my mind when we saw a burnt out old car rusting away, in the distance (I know there isn't an abandonded car in the movie, but you know what I mean) Sometimes when I'm in an isolated place I let my imagination get the better of me. We were all glad to high-tail outta there, so to speak...

Next stop Brookton. Not a hillbilly in sight, not a single solitary person in fact (remember our trip was on Good Friday, the locals must've been busy eating hot cross buns)

There are some lovely old buildings in Brookton

Can you make out the words? Mon Repose Hostel. Sounds more like a funeral parlour to me. Mon repose means my rest, apparently alot of French retirement homes are called this. I'd love to know the history of this shabby old weatherboard. 

I would've loved to have a cuppa at the Blue Bell too...but sadly, from the looks of it, its been a long time between cups of tea.

and some newer, very nice modernist ones too...

Our next stop was Corrigin. I've already shown you the Corrigin Dog Cemetery but there were some lovely old buildings in this little wheatbelt town too. And a very interesting looking Lions op-shop - it's window full of lovely old religionalia (you would've been in heaven Tam) not sure if it was a special Easter display and I couldn't find out because it was closed. Sigh. Worth a three hour drive to check it out when it's open? Hmmmm, I'm thinking about it...there's a plaster Jesus in the window with my name on it.

We think this was the local drive-in...

and we all loved this old sign outside Stumpy's Roadhouse. If only I was one of those picker chicks...(wouldn't mind their legs either)

No tea towel today (or last week - oops!)
I wish I had a Wave Rock one to show you. The only vintage one I could find on the net had sold and I didn't buy a new one because new souvenir t.ts. aren't my thing. I think they're a bit tacky, and not in a good way (because tacky can sometimes be good, don't you think?)

I'll show you the "wave" next time x





  1. Look at those skies, I long to see them for real. it's like you visited several deserted film locations, quite eerie, but enchanting too. My imagination runs wild just like yours, I envisage all kinds of grizzly endings to my day.
    Too bad that shop was closed, you definitely will have to go back, there will be something just waiting for you!

  2. Now I want to make a Christmas Tree Well, Don't you? Just not sure what it should look like. Loved the snaps of your journey.

  3. Christmas Tree Well - that promises all sorts of delights as a name doesn't it?! Those shop fronts in the second and third pictures have that brilliant ghost town in the old west feel about them - love those images!

    Jem xXx

  4. I'd love to know if you've ever been to Hanging Rock?? That film fascinates me! We have relatives moving to Perth in July so I have an excuse to come over and raid your Op Shops! Hope to see some of the sights too.

    Btw, it was a vintage Australian tablecloth you spotted. An Ebay find! x

  5. Goodness that drive by sounded a bit spookey to me to ;-) Those buildings look like something out of a cowboy and Indian film with all the sand dust and the large spaces in between them. I am always fasinated about other countrys buildings we all have our own unique style. Have a lovely week, dee x

  6. Very cool old buildings. It's admirable that someone hasn't had them razed for parking lot space.

  7. Hey Kylie there is a turtle rookery in Queensland (near Bundaberg) which is named Mon Repos (place of rest) which is so amazing......seeing the eggs being layed and hatched is truly a special experience......one of my favourite places.
    Great to see your on the road pics! They make me miss beautiful WA!!

  8. Love the Brookton post office. Actually, I like Brookton altogether :)

  9. Hey thanks for sharing those pics....my nan was born in Corrigin and it is somewhere we have never really visited....maybe we need to take the road trip on a weekday and see if we can get into some of those quaint buildings. xxx

  10. I think we need to get out and venture more, though I do remember when we first arrived in WA and on a drive in the middle of seemingly nowhere I was freaking out thinking that we would end up on the SA boarder or something...needless to say we were only an hour or so from home :)

  11. Imagine the treasures that could be in that op-shop.very tempting, a 3hr drive though may be pushing it.
    The old buildings are lovely. x

  12. Great photos! Love the little towns and cool buildings.
    I hope you had a great Easter break. I see from your blog page you are an Aries. I am too! I'm this Friday 13th. When is yours? x

  13. Very atmospheric. I wish you had found out what was at the end of that road! I'm very curious to know what a Christmas Tree Well looks like!!

  14. I would have been sad looking at those old buildings. *hahah*
    When I was little and we drove through a ghost town I remember crying cause all the stores were closed half were boarded up and everything was just sitting there to rot.
    (I don't think that would bother most kids)
    But I would always think back and imagine what it would have been like when that abandoned building was up and running in the past. The music that played, the peoples outfits and the general ambience. (I suppose I really OVER-THINK things)

    Great pics! I love that Fruit & Vegetable and Tea building

  15. oh i love this, looks like such a good trip, with interesting places to explore!