Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tea Towel(s) Tuesday

That's right, I have two vintage tea towels for your consideration today.

(I'm playing it safe and covering all bases)

They are both cute. Have a look and let me know which one you prefer.

Do you like:

Exhibit A

(this one's for all you crazy cat people out there)

of which (and I apologise for this) I'm not.


Exhibit B

( this one's, you guessed it, my dog-gone favourite)

I actually like both tea towels really. They are both made of lovely Irish linen and their colours in the flesh are alot brighter than they appear in these pics. I know the doggy one dates from the 70's because I spoke to its old owner when I bought it (at a Swap Meet) and my guess is (evil) pussy cat does too.

Before I go walkies with our loyal hound, I just want to make a little disclaimer:

I like all animals. Apart from most birds (due to an unfortunate incident in a chook pen when I was a kid). And while I'm not fond of cats I don't really hate them, they're just not my cup of tea. o.k.

Now I feel better.

It's time to walk the dog. See ya x

p.s. thanks for all your interesting comments on my anal cleaning tendencies. Glad I'm not the only crazy Virgo (or otherwise) out there.


  1. I do love the winking do too. Oh that Irish linen. I have found a few pristine Irish Linen towels lately and just love them.

  2. I have a couple of irish linen wall hangings and the prints are always a lot of fun. You've made it tough an angry kitty and a winking doggy, how's a girl supposed to chose?? xx

  3. Awwwwwww I love the dog one!! xx


  4. The cat one is just creepy, and I am a cat person. ( except for when my cat leaves me dead snakes under the bed as a declaration of adoraton). melx

  5. Love that cat towel, I have a cat who's facial expression matches that a lot!

  6. Cross cat all the way for me!
    Double-took at your "anal cleaning tendencies" line. Till I realised you were referring to cleaning tendencies which are anal. If you see what I mean...! xxxx

  7. aahhh there both fun and being a cat lover and having a mad ginger cat you would think i would favour that tea towel but i don't its got to be the cute and cuddly looking dog for me ;-)) Enjoy your walk. dee x

  8. these are so awesome! i love the little puppy one... i am allergic to cats and am therefore a dog person by default! haha!

    Kel x

  9. How cute are both of these I cant even pick a favourite.

  10. Both a cat and dog person here, but that kitty doesn't look too happy there.
    They're both in great condition for their age.

  11. I like the both of them, I can't really decide (And I am a crazy dog lover)
    I once had a creepy insane cat... I think it was posessed. (NOT JOKING) The thing would JUMP on my neck in the middle of the night and dig it's claws around my throat & if thats not bad enough it also used to try and wrap around my neck. *freaks me out just remembering it* I really do think it was trying to murder me.

    But now I see cute cats over and over and over and I think I could try having one again at some point. A charcoal gray one with green eyes! =D

  12. Hey Kylie
    I think I'm with you on preferring the doggy design. We don't have either a dog or cat and I like both of them as a pet. My mum doesn't like cats so it kind of influenced me and my sister but as time has gone by I have learnt to like and appreciate them. Hope you have a fab rest of your week xox oh and ps.I love love love ladybird vintage books too,they are the bees knees x

  13. Hey Kylie, I am back in the land of the living. Dogs for me...cats freak me out.

  14. Oh Kylie, you're spoiling us with TWO lovely tts. I can't decide which is my favourite. I'm neither a cat nor dog freak. I'm more of a rabbit and rodent person myself. xx

  15. You can find the funniest things on Tea towels...off to Spin Cycle tomorrow with my sisters. Thanks for the heads up.

  16. I'm also a cat person like Bungalowgirl who finds the cat one just a tad creepy. So for once I'm going with the cute and cuddly doggy! (Now in my case I never thought I would hear myself say that.)

  17. i haven't read up on your cleaning tendencies yet, but i have felt kind of in similar mood, cleaning out the tool shed. and eventhe sun was shining!

    [in re: handy! a walking calculator!!

    postman delivered!
    oh wow!
    will show it off, asap.

  18. I am more a dog person myself but both these tea towels are super cute!!

  19. Yes, I'm definitely in the doggie camp! Partly as I'm more of a dog person but also - I really like the pale blue, it's a lovely shade :-)

    Jem xXx