Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love letters...

sweet aren't they...

(things I'm head-over-heels for at the mo)

This little shelf

surreptitiously picked up from the verge when I droppped off my daughter at a friend's...she would've been mortified if said friend had seen me.  Ha-ha! 

It was, however, a risk I was willing to take.
Honestly, would you have driven past and left it behind (for someone else to nab?) I. Don't. Think. So.

Anyway, the phrase "Mum, you're soooooooo embarrassing!" is frequently uttered round these parts. I'm used to it. Water off a duck's back etc. I can think of worse ways to be embarrassed by your Mum, can't you?

Vintage Ladybirds...

One day I would like my new little shelf to be crammed with lovely Ladybirds and nothing else. This could take some time though as these little books are tricky to find here. Its taken me over a year just to find the ones you see!

Yesterday I was thrilled to find Cub Scouts and Do You Know? at our local Vinnies, so they're out there, somewhere...I just have to hunt them down!

Pilates, me hearties

Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) with coloratura soprano Roberta Peters, February 1951. Image via.

image via

I started Pilates almost a month ago and although I do NOT look as glamorous as Roberta (far from it in fact!) I do love it.

p.s. I want a leotard just like Roberta's.
     With a frill.

I'm also loving this pile of books from the library

so I can read them without squinting!
Truly eye-opening!
(can't believe I put it off for so long!)

Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum')

especially when you've been told "nothing will grow in that spot!" ummmmmm, Hello???



and otherwise

illustration from Wonders of Nature, 1974.

I also think it's a wonder of nature that this blog has one hundred and sixty nine followers! A wonder, and wonderful.
Thank you to you all.



  1. I used to mutter "mum you're so embarrassing" but now I'm all for verge finds, I never have much luck though. I haven't seen any lady bird books ever but if I do I'll pick them up for you. x

  2. Lovely post, Kylie. Especially like the wee embroidered bird at the end - just like the one on my little milk jug!
    My sons are in their 20s and I still embarrass them - its a parent's duty, don't you know!!!!!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Every one of 169 followers is well deserved and should bring their friends!

    Love the shelf, great find. My eldest is not yet embarrassed by me (at least I don't think he is) but he is often concerned that I am breaking the law. I get lots of "Muuum, are you SURE you can park there?" etc, so he would probably have been convinced I was stealing the shelf and been very worried about it.

  4. Oh I loved this post. Gave me a chuckle or two. LOVE the wee shelf you picked up. Great nab;

  5. Oh, if you can't embarrass your kids, what was the point of having them? It's the LAW that parents should be embarrassing to their offspring, otherwise you're not doing it right!
    Of course I would have picked up that delightful little shelf, whether the kids were mortified or not, it's so pretty.
    I see a fair few Ladybird books here and there, I'll be on the look out and can send you any I find. xxxx

  6. Ahh lots of lovely things. Loving the shelfs ;-) Great grab i would have done the same ;-)) I will keep my eyes open for some ladybird books for you. dee x

  7. ..... 170 Followers! Lovely post, glad I can across your blog. Nice to "meet" you and will be back soon! Love Katie xx

  8. Totally would snag that shelf! I haven't heard the "Mom, your embarrassing" yet, but I'm certain it's right around the corner ;) They are still young enough to go along with my antics.

  9. What a great collection you have shown us today! Love the little embroidered bird!

  10. That shelf is worth embarrassing for, I love it!

  11. Love thre little Oriental people I have a set too. They sit in front of my television and smile at me.
    I would have totally picked up that shelf too "It's so cute!)
    (Happy 170 followers)

  12. Roberta's leotard is rather fetching! I so much wish that the 80's would go out of fashion and they would bring back the glamour of the 50's for a bit. Everyone always looked so good.

    That is such a score picking up the shelf (for free!!!!). I would love something like that to paint turquoise or orange.

    The little embroidered bird is exquisite!

  13. That shelf is darling, I love it! I loved verge collections when I lived in Perth, so many interesting things to be found :)

  14. Yes your shelf is wonderful - I'd have nabbed it too - nowhere to put it, mind you, but nonetheless I'd have taken it. And found a spot for it - somehow. And I think you've actually collected a lot of Ladybirds for just one year - they are getting very hard to find here too.

    As for pilates - I can hardly bend down to put my shoes on let alone do all that sort of stuff....I feel very old today, for some odd reason. Maybe I should go back to bed. :)

  15. Oh yes you are quite right, that shelf is like the one I found at the oppie and I absolutely would have pulled out a toddler seat to fit that one in! Love your little collection of likes- that grass makes the best tails. Whenever we go and feed the ducks we each pick a long strand, poke it in the waistband of our pants at the back and leap around tickling each other with our long furry tails! melx

  16. Lovely post Kylie - I also just adore the little bird at the end. Congratulations on reaching 170 followers!!

  17. Thanks to you Kylie, we love your posts. I will keep my eyes open for the books you are after. The little shelf you picked up is perfect. I have picked up a couple of things from the curb in the pst and I was a little embarrassed so I can understand your daughter. Lol. But like you say - who could leave it there!

  18. Merhabalarrrr...Çok hoşlarrrr.sevgilerrr...

  19. Those shelves are brilliant I would have done the same as you and nabbed it straight away.

  20. i'm the hero on the ladybirds! i found... just the one! of course it is double difficult here to find them in english... but way to go for you, you are on your way, miss.
    and i love the purple fountain grass, i can sort of hear the wave in the wind. looooo-vely.
    ps - thxs for the snail-on-its-way. i will keep you posted of course, our customs might be more resilient. might be. ;)

  21. One thing I can say m'dear is that it is no wonder that this blog has 169 followers - it's a wonderful place full of lovely words, musings and vintage treasures. Popping over and reading your old posts always put a smile on my face while I was a little blue last month :-)

    Totally agree on the shelf! A find and a half and a brilliant place to show off your lovely ladybirds!!

    Jem xXx

  22. Oh 172 followers now you lucky duck, Congratulations.

    I shall have to keep my eyes open for vintage ladybird books for you.

  23. Came across your blog after typing in perth and vintge.I too adore ladybird books...I love them...and live not far from where they were produced over here in England.

    Am coming to perth for the month of March (can't wait for the warmth!)so can anyone tell me where all the vintagey shops are and if there's any antique fairs at all?

    PS I wish people left stuff on verges here!I think I would ahve fought you for that shelf!

  24. I wish we were closer so I could visit with you Lovey, though you would need to take care & check my handbag before I left....!

    LOVE your sweet white shelf....ESPECIALLY LOVE that you find it on the side of the road....!!!!!

    Arent't Ladybird books THE BEST.... I have a modest collection myself....Maybe if we get doubles we can do swaps....!!!!!

    And I also LOVE your YUMMY pillow case....I have one in the same print....Very **smiley**....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  25. My kids are PERMANENTLY embarrassed by me - I pick up bricks if I see one lying around; I now have an excellent, if less than level, patio! That shelf is delicious - good find!

    I've just put my glasses in for new lenses, and am limping on with my old pair this week - I can't see a sodding thing! Impressive pile of books - I've managed a dismal total of one so far this year, and it wasn't even very good, but have just got Patti Smith's book so can't wait for postie to bring that.

    And the chihuahua - yours or on your wishlist? cute! x

  26. Well then, how extra generous of you for sending me some vintage Ladybirds not so long ago. I'll keep my eye out and hopefully will be able to return the favour. (I bought quite a few on ebay from the UK.)

  27. I love that shelf - I would have picked it up, too, but I don't drive so would have ended up getting on a bus with it! Maximum embarrassment levels for my poor kid, but he's used to it and is now big and strong enough to help me - result!!!