Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love Letters

things I've fallen in love with this week...

Cactus flowers

what bee wouldn't want to wipe his feet on this front door mat?

they remind me of water lillies which is quite ironic really...

Giant Cactus, pic from The Wonder of Nature 1974
(my absolute favourite book at the moment)

Beauty's of a fading nature-
Has a season and is gone!

Robert Burns 1764

In the case of the beautiful cactus flower, never a truer word has been spoken... 
one day blooming beautifully, the next, well, it's... cactus.

Note: cactus is Australian slang for dead, not working.

The most gorgeous orange coffee mugs

you ever did see!

look at that glaze!


perfect spoons for stirring too

vintage enamel-dipped teaspoons, made in Germany

wouldn't you agree...

This photo of a family holiday in Albany, circa 1970 something. I found it at my Mum's on Christmas day.

Dog Rock, Albany Western Australia

It brings back so many memories of holidays-gone-by. Long past and more recent ones. 
The story of Dog Rock reads like a romantic 18th century novel. Well worth a read if you're interested. And Albany is definetely worth visiting if you're ever in the West. 

I've also had a bit of a crush on subversive stitching. Basically swear words and surly comments...all those nasty little things (even the nicest amongst us) sometimes think but are too polite to say, in cross-stitch.

Here's my first attempt, done on a piece of gingham because I can't see the little squares on the proper Aida cloth!
(Newsflash: I get my first pair of glasses. Eeek! on Monday)

(it might not say what you think it does!)

 And lastly...
there is lurve and then there is love.

This is love

it's a hand-made children's toy shop counter

(at least I think that's what it is...suggestions welcome)

I fell head-over-heels when I found it in a little junk shop yesterday...I keep thinking about the lovely Dad or Grandad who made this for his little girl to play with, probably for her birthday or Christmas, and how thrilled she was to receive it.

Have you ever seen a sweeter little hand-made toy? The hands on the clock even move around for goodness sake!
It's probably one of my most treasured possessions, the thing I'd grab if the house was on fire etc etc and I've only had it for one day! But that's love, isn't it...

Have a lovely weekend, I hope you find some new things to love too x

p.s. I haven't linked to Sophies for ages, but after reading she'd love to reach one hundred thrifters this week I thought I'd join in.



  1. What a great find - the little counter is just lovely. Great flower photographs too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Hey there! Love and lurve all your interesting finds, especially the teaspoons and yes, if I saw that little shop counter at the op-shop I would've pooped for it too! What are you going to do with it? A fresh coat of paint? Use it for display??

  3. That shop counter is perfection! How adorable!
    Love that cactus flower too, and your pic of the pollen bits inside *swoon* We watched the boo Movie today, so this is kind of fitting :)
    Those mugs are amazing, not usually an orange person but they are gorgeous! you find the coolest treasures :)

  4. Oh I completely understand why you've fallen in love - it's adorable! I have just bought something from a charity shop which I think I'm in love with too, I'll be posting pics soon.
    The cactus flowers are beautiful, and I'm most enamoured of your enamel-ended spoons, I love enamel.
    I like the idea of filth-in-cross stich (not that I'm suggesting that your subversive thoughts are filthy, Kylie!) xxxxxxx

  5. I would have adored that counter when I was a little girl. IO can feel my fingers itching to 'play' with it now!

    Your cactus flower phtotos are lovely. A very delicate and pretty flower for such a hardy plant. I think that is a lot of its appeal. xx

  6. Oh cross-stitch that says LUCK, how perfect for me! That IS what it says, right?

    Love the 'cactus' slang and agree the children's shop is fantastic - I want to come and play, I'll bring sweeties!

    Oh, and my Frankie diary has been sent on to me by the MIL and arrived today, I'm in love with that, it's so pretty, thank you again xx

  7. Your first pair of glasses?!
    (I had to get my first pair at 11 or 12)
    and then in June or July of this past summer I went and got contact lenses for the days I didn't want frames on my face.)

    I thought your cross stitch said Luck.... now is that what it says... or does it say a *bad word* haha

    That shop counter is "Oh soooo sweet" How adorable is it?!
    *EAAAAKKK* I also love the plaid top.

  8. Such sweet little coffee mugs, all slightly individual. And oh my gosh that childrens shop counter is Amazing, what a special what are you planning on displaying on it?

  9. Hi Kylie, the little shop counter is sooo gorgeous! it will make the most perfect display piece with all its little nooks.

    We have a cactus too, our is huge. We tried to get rid of it once but now it is as tall as ever, well over 8ft tall. The flowers are spectacular aren't they?

    Don't worry about the glasses, i bet you will still loo stunning...and see even better!!

  10. absolutely adore the toy shop counter what girl (little and big) doesnt love to play shops! amazing find, meant to be. love your photos of the cactus too, that second one is divine and am rather partial to the stitching too Krisx

  11. I love the mugs and spoons - what a great look together.

    Your cross-stitch says 'truck'.

    And the toy shop counter - oh it's just gobsmackingly beautiful! I can imagine the potential! All the wooden fruit and veges. Love it!

  12. That toy shop counter is adorable, Im also in love with it and those mugs and spoons are so perfect.

  13. I have a photo almost exactly the same. standing at Dog Rock in the 70's with my siblings...How iconic is that...We really should get our kids down there and repeat the tradition. xx

  14. That toy shop counter is AMAZING. I would have cried on sight as well. I have been looking for a little dresser for miss Liongirl to display all her teacups and cakes, the old ones are the best but are hard to find. You are so so so lucky. What are your plans for it? melx

  15. A perfect little toy indeedy,have been catching-up on some posts,love the Christmas pics and your cute chenille cover-up. Belated Happy New Year to your family.

  16. such an informative post! i never knew that about the length of life of a cactus flower! all the more intriguing, and i, of course, am aloof to the australian slang. will think twice upon mentioning cacti to anyone, from now on.

    dog's rock. i will come back to read upon this. it's a monster, and one that is too fancy to ever forget. there. imprinted in my mind. forever. urgh.

    and i simply love (love!) your musings on the handmade children's toy cupboard. too sad i can only love it from afar. come to think of it, soon my own huge (similar looking!) side board cupboard is coming home again (when our downstairs flooring is done). fieuw!

    happy sunday night to you all.
    a short note on the subversive stitching. first time i saw these in a shop window, with words in flemish, or course, it made me laugh out loud. in the street, for pete's sake! and i was on my own. oj.

  17. I love dog rock, I walked by it when I was down south recently on my way to an oppie of course. I can understand why you love the little top shop counter, it's perfection! x

  18. Ha! I'm not too polite to say - I swear like a trooper! That little shop counter is just gorgeous and those teaspoons are intriguing!

    Sarah xxx

  19. Such a lovely post Kylie - full of really wonderful things. The cactus flowers are gorgeous and so are the teaspoons - those are my favourites of all of them. Mind you the coffee mugs are tip top too. :)

  20. oohhh that little childrens counter is just wonderful i can't wait to see how you restore it what a beauty. That cactus flower is so pretty. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and your sewing i have never seen that before its cute, dee xx

  21. I remember Dog Rock well,was much nicer before all the shops were built around it.Did I tell you I went to school there for a couple or years after we left Perth?

  22. Hee hee, love the cross stitch. The mugs are a gorgeous colour, reminds me of hot embers. I would have grabbed those spoons too.

  23. Some gorgeous images here. No wonder you're in love. I'm loving the orange mugs and teaspoons. Oh and your cross stich is wunderbar

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  25. Had to delete last comment due to sleepy spelling.

    Beautiful little cupboard. Do the clock hands still turn? Beautiful cactus flower - isn't nature incredible - something so soft and inviting from something so savage - I am nursing a sore cactus pricked finger just now.

  26. oh my god, that shop counter, it's GORGEOUS!!!! Whatcha gonna do with it? I reckon your cross stitch says 'suck' tee hee! Totally ace idea, naughty cross stich! So have you found yourself a cool pair of retro spec frames or are you going to go all mod on us?

  27. That little toy shop counter is so unique, I just love it! What a special find!

  28. Memories! growing up in the UK during the 70s my Australian Auntie sent Albany souvenirs each Christmas to me and my brother. Dog rock rulers, ashtrays! and of course tea towels, now vintage of course.

  29. Oh that shop counter is just gorgeous. I just LOVE it.

  30. Wes Anderson films are some of my absolute favourites!! The Royal Tenenbaums I so enjoyed but my favourite is The Life Aqautic - I never, ever tire of that film!! Bottlerocket and The Darjeeling Limited make me smile :-)

    Jem xXx

  31. Here's me thinking that only my cactus blooms so beautifully, Goliah apply named has sadly not bloomed yet as the Melbourne weather has been cross stitch!
    Great blog Kylie, will visit often :)

  32. gorgeous post! love that little shop counter - amazing!

    no worries about the sheet swap! we will miss you! Hope things settle down for you soon. dont forget to take some time for you :) chocolate and new girl always helps!

    Kel xx

  33. Oh my goodness how sweet is that toy - i too would be swooning if it were mine. I seemed to havve missed a few of your posts so have enjoyed catching up with you this morning. Happy Australia Day. It's cold and damp here in my patch of the UK.

  34. Btw does it say Muck! Very filthy love the idea though, my friend Louise would love it, she is a textile artist who runs lots of workshops but in her own private work she likes to err along the darker side.

  35. Oh Kylie.... This sweet little shop counter put a lump in my throat the size of Texas & had me wishing I was the little girl it had been made for....!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Gosh, that shop counter is truly something special. Lucky you!!

  37. What a brilliant find,I would have loved to play with that shop counter when I was a gal!xxx

  38. Oh wow, I've spent the last hour or so reading through your blog, and I LOVE it! You have such excellent taste, and your tea towel collection is amazing. There is a shop near me with some amazing NZ ones at the moment if you'd like one as a present? Love what you do, and keep it up!