Monday, January 2, 2012

It's 2012

and my wish for you...

apart from all the usual stuff - health, happiness etc

(and these things ARE very important)


a year of adventure.

This is my wish for me too.

I won't bore you with details toight, BUT there are big changes afoot for my little family and for the funny little house we live in. So, I do know it's going to be an interesting year, it's up to me to make it an adventurous one. Honestly, I've had enough of being Chairman of the Bored! It's boring!   

Fingers crossed I pull it off, fingers crossed that you do too x

"and bless each door that opens wide
to stranger as to kin"

(a bit how I feel about this blog actually...)

My newest piece of Religionalia - Vinnies seem to be giving this stuff away lately, which is great for me because I can't get enough of it. And I'm not religious either, despite this. I just love it.

Now to my Frankie journal give-away...

I scribbled a number from first to last comment in the order I received them (excluding SophieTammi and Vic who wrote lovely comments but didn't want to be entered in the give-away) then I used Random.Org to select a number.

The winner was number 19, which just so happened to be the number next to the one and only Lakota's name. Yay! Congrat's Lakota and thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment. It's always lovely to hear from you x

Just a quick message to someone special to end...

Anthony...the only person allowed to call me Kyle's (ugh!)

Thanks for indulging me.

I'm crap at embroidery (I can only "do" one stitch and that not very well...) but I've got to say that I cannot believe how ridiculously satisfying it was to hear the pop of the needle each time I pulled it through that taut fabric. Do you crafty people love that too?



  1. I'm sure 2012 is going to bring you everything you wish for Kylie! You seem to be such a generous and giving person as I see your positive comments so often in our blogging community. What goes around comes around so you must be truly blessed!

  2. Happy New Year Kylie, can't wait to hear what changes are in store for you!

  3. Awwww - that's a lovely embroidered heart-on-a-banner. Are the girls teasing their lurved-up mum and dad yet? Noticing that ladder though - glad you weren't tempted to turn that into the christmas tree;)

    Details, details please! Have you rented the house out and secretly booked the family onto campervan roadtrip?

    And can I come to Vinnies too? My ebay religionalia habit's getting too expensive!

    Also, well done to Lakota! x

  4. Haha! You're so funny Kylie! I hate the 'pop' sound - it makes me think I'm ruining the fabric!! Happy new year to you and your family!! Hope 2012 is amazing for you!!

    P.S. Sorry about the dress not making it to you yet! Soon... but definitely!

    x Aliya

  5. Kylie firstly those jugs on your window sill or all gorgeous and l especially love the green one with all those pretty roses lovely...and yes more adventure perhaps you will have to visit Victoria ha ha ha....happy new year

    Leah x

  6. Ooh, I'm intrigued, and looking forward to hearing more!
    Lovely heart-felt heart!
    Hope 2012's a good 'un for you and your family, full of the adventures you want. xxxxxxxx

  7. Will keep popping in to see how your adventure is going. I love your embroidery and yes I do love the pop it makes when you sew. Every single time I get out my needle and thread I say to myself or anyone who wants to listen 'I love sewing' and I really do.

  8. Hi Kylie,I'm intrigued too. Really hope that 2012 is your year of adventure. Xx

  9. Oh I LOVE your banner. Precious!

  10. Yay for adventures! Please bore us with the details of your plans, living through other peoples adventurous plans keeps me flying while things happen slowly over at Betsy's. Love your banner, I too only have one stitch, it's all you need. You and your daughters as such babes by the way, sometimes I get confused if it's a pic of you or them ( are you sure you are not sisters?) melx

  11. Very cute embroidery...Happy New Year to you and yours. x

  12. Happy New Year! Change is good I long for it. Embroidery is too hard for me but I love the result. I'm about to try latch hook so I can make that cushion I bought from you!


  13. Your year ahead sounds very exciting i will keep my fingers crossed that it all goes to plan ;-)) Love your embroidery well done you ;-)) Its such a great sense of acheivement when you create something. Happy new year to you, dee xx

  14. I love your religionalia, and especially love the calender to add to ours. Do you find that certain oppies will give you religious things for free? I have been given a few rosary beads which I would never sell. I should post Carls ever growing collection, he got masses for Christmas too!

    Looking forward to being on the adventure with you, hopefully you will keep us well informed along the way.

    Stay cool, Tam x

  15. Yep. Love the popping sound. :)

    Well, I look forward to reading about your year - sounds like it's going to be an interesting one.

  16. A year of adventure sounds like exactly what I need! Looking forward to reading about it all.

  17. adventure in 2012 sounds fabulous - im in! cant wait to hear about all your adventures as the year goes on! hope you had a relaxing and happy christmas break :) Kel x

  18. Happy New Year! I love the wish for a year of adventure - that is just what I want.

  19. A very Happy New Year to you Kylie. What a lovely wish - adventure - I like the sound of that. Your cryptic comments are very intriguing. I'm curious to hear what you have planned. And yes - the popping sound is quite addictive! Sharon x

  20. Happy New Year lovely!! I'm hoping for a year of new experiences and adventure too. I have a feeling you'll be able to achieve whatever you set your mind too and we'll all be here in blog land cheering you along.

    Jem xXx

    P.S - You're really not terrible at embroidery!!

  21. Aww, Kyles and Anth. Too cute.

    Happy New year to you my lovely, I'm hoping for excitement this year too. And you've started me off on a winning streak for January, after I won your giveaway I won a necklace and a craft kit in a couple of other comps. I'm feeling lucky!


  22. Im wishing the most fabulous 2012 for you hun, may your adventure be an amazing one. I also think your banner is super cute. Scarlett x

  23. hooray, kylIE (daren't call you any other no more.... ;)))...

    happy new year down on nummer 111. your snail mail is still in the pipeline, inside my house, and what with changes ahead in yours, i can only presume the kitchen is getting a go ahead! well, well done!!