Sunday, December 18, 2011

This post is bought to you by everyones favourite reindeer...


How awesome is this vintage Rudolph kiddie ride?

More info and pics here


I found this vintage tray at the tip shop last year

I'll own up now to drawing on Rudolph's nose with a permanent marker...that lead reindeer was crying out for a little dab of red don't you think?

I'm pretty sure these trays were made in Hong Kong (Father Christmas certainly has a touch of the Orient about him) Souvenir trays like this are a dime a dozen, I've seen loads of them around the traps, all with aqua backgrounds, but I've never seen a Christmassy one before, have you? 

In our family we don't give serious presents (read expensive) to the grown-ups. For example, this year I am giving my brother a vintage pottery Coopers beer stein (op-shopped) and a six pack of Coopers...not a bad present for a bloke, but after seeing this on Aesthetic Outburst I'm inspired to break out the glue gun and make it waaay more special...

a six pack of Rudolphs!

don't you just love this?
so clever, so easy, so cute!
I know my brother will.

And here's another Rudolph-inspired idea you might like to try

it's Adelaide and a Rudolph cup cake. I made these a couple of years ago and they were a big hit, especially with the kiddos. Self explanatory, so I won't go into details except to say I always use this recipe and that his antlers are made using pieces of Curly Wurly.

Adelaide is our very own Rudolph at the moment - she had sinus surgery on Friday and let's just say her nose would give Rudolph a run for his money!
I shouldn't joke, she's had a horrible couple of days and been very brave, poor kiddo.


And now to end here's Dino Martini

and a very cute vintage stop motion animation (even older than me!) to boot.

As much as I love Dean's version it's missing the funny bits I loved as a kid, you know: "like a light bulb" "like Monopoly" etc etc. I thought I was hilarious when I sang those bits in my loudest voice...I was a big dag, still am probably...

told you (that's me, the smug kid on the right)


Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was written by Robert L. May and first appeared in print in 1939, the song was adapted by his brother-in-law, Johnny Marks in 1949



  1. Oh all that Rudolph goodness. Love the Christmas tray. x

  2. OMG! Kylie, the Rudolph beer is sooo good, Carls brother wants beer this year..I am so going to borrow this idea, it is fantastic!

    The Christmas tray was such a great find!

    Enjoy the lead up to Christmas and I hope that Adelaide (such a beautiful name) feels way better soon. Tam x

  3. Head to toe that's good reading! You make it look so simple, one segue into another. xxx

  4. The illustrations on the tray are wonderful. I love it. And the big old bow on top of your head -(and your sister?) - love...I have photos of myself with just such a bow perched on my bonce. :)

  5. Love the Rudolph ride and the beer reindeer (brilliant). Cute pic with Father Christmas. I hope Adelaide is feeling better for Christmas. x Sherry :)

  6. I can spot a kiddie pic of you a mile off now :)

    A friend has made those reindeer beer bottles for the males in her family too, they are rather cute!

  7. Love, love, love the beer bottles turned into Rudolph. How clever. It raised an all round cheer when I showed the images to my family. I don't have anyone to gift beer to but my DD3 said thats what we need to do with our Babysham bottles - excellent. Merry Christmas. Hope Adelaine is feeling much better.

  8. Sorry Adelaide i didn't get your name right.

  9. I see you've got your festive spirit on, Kylie!
    Loving all the Rudolphanalia (is that a word? It is now.)
    Great tray, love the beer bottles, and Adelaide is soooo beautiful - hope she feels better soon. My youngest had a fall (well, a push from her big brother...) and scraped the skin off her nose. I made the Rudolph reference (I did wait till she'd stopped crying) but it did NOT go down well at all. Insensitive? Me? Hahaha! xxxxxxxxx

  10. Ah! What a beautifully festive post. I feel all nostalgic.
    Rudolph certainly gets plenty of attention here. And so he should! That vintage Rudolph ride is gorgeous.
    Hope your poor daughter feels better very soon. Have a lovely week

  11. Ouch - get well soon Adelaide.

    The kiddie ride is the mutha (father? he's a boy, after all) of all reindeer's. Our Bertram would approve...

    Cool idea with the beers - 2011 will be the year that everyone will look back on in their old age as the one with reindeer beer. And, as Curtise says, all-round Rudolphanalia. There, I've adopted it too.

    Show us yer tree - it looks, erm, interesting! x

  12. That stop motion is gorgeous, thanks for sharing, I'll be re-sharing on FB :)
    Love the vintage Rudy ride too, and that tray is great! I haven't seen any Christmas ones like it either (def needed the red nose!)
    Love the reindeer gift/food ideas too - so much fun!
    PS. I hope poor Adelaide feels better soon :( I have a deviated septum that needs fixing but I am just not brave enough yet. She has inspired me xx

  13. Oh PLEEEEASE make the beer with antlers! I've never seen a christmas tray - I always find Port Macquarie trays... and I do not have a single pic of me with Santa.

    Sarah xxx

  14. I'm with you, prefer the original Rudolph song. That's so funny that you showed the Rudolph six pack! I saw it on the web too and decided to do one for each of my daughters boyfriends. My girls are older than yours, range in age from 22-29. p.s. like your Rudolph theme.

  15. Poor Adelaide,hope she feels better very soon. Love your cutely smug self with Santa. Gosh Ive got photos of a young me with a ribbon in my hair rather like yours and the other little girl. Love the Rudolf tray. Are we going to see a pic of your Xmas tree?

  16. I want to ride that Rudy ride! I would for sure get a pic on it. *lol*
    And the Christmas tray is so cute.
    Also I love the Rudolph beer idea.

    I hope your daughter recovers quickly.

  17. love those reindeers! thank you so much for your christmas card..there's a photo of it on my blog. have a wonderful christmas with your beautiful family. xx

  18. i love my rudolph, even if in this country he's not popular at all. belgians and imagination! you can try... and fortunately, exceptions do set some rules... ahem.

    ha, and such enlightenment on the good fella... the lightbulb and monopoly being... misheard words, or something? couldn't derive these from the song. anyway.

    enjoy the tinsel and a hug for adelaide.

  19. Love the Christmas tray - you're right, the red nose was a definite necessity.

    That Rudy ride is ah-mazing! Oh I want it for myself...!

    Merry Christmas!

  20. aahhh what a sweet post ;-)) Loving the rudolph ride that is so cool ;-) And those bottles are fab and so much fun. Bless Adelaide i hope she feels better real soon. I adore that xmas tree i have never seen one like it. Have a wonderful christmas and new year. hugs, dee xx

  21. Such a fab post, fun fun fun.

    What a great way to jazz up the booze.
    Poor Adelaide, I've been there, not fun.

  22. hehe those Rudolph beers are so cute! Poor Adelaide I hope she feels better soon. Have an awesome Xmas.


  23. Hope poor Adelaide is feeling better, sinus problems are awful. Love all the Rudolph themed items! x

  24. Just catching up on some posts and am loving all of these! Dean Martin's version is my favorite! I love the fun interpretation of 'Rudy, the red nosed reindeer'!