Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I found this letter to Santa when I was rummaging through the Christmas decorations (funny how my girls call him Santa when we have only ever referred to him as Father Christmas...a bit like aitch which they also insist on pronouncing as haitch no matter how many times we correct them...anyway that's another story...)

by Annabel, aged four and a half

Guess what? Santa forgot a couple of things, namely the "miny aple ipode" and pink "tellephone". He came good on the bike, not sure if it was as cool as Brielle's though...

Annabel is fourteen now. (Sadly) she no longer writes to Santa, she writes a Christmas List. Two lists actually... a draft, followed by a reality check and then a real one. This year she wants a trampoline. Yep. We were surprised too, but honestly, what parent of a fourteen year old girl wouldn't be happy with this request!
I'll say no more...cough-cough.

While I'm taking you on a trip down memory lane, here's another pic of me and Father Christmas, I'm about eighteen months old...

fat as butter and still looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Don't you think he's a lovely looking Father C? and his "grotto" looks interesting too...it's the Santa cave! (the F.C. cave didn't sound right)

 (No prizes for guessing where Annabel's curls come from)


Another quick give-away to end...
Almost identical to this one which I posted off to Sherry yesterday...same coasters, different city.

Just send me a comment if you'd like them, and they're yours. First in, first served.

Remember you don't have to live in Melbourne...they just might be the perfect stocking stuffer for a friend or rellie who does... 

p.s. In the background you can see our el rustico Christmas tree for this year. Freshly made this morning by Annabel and her Dad. Not decorated yet, I'll show you pics when it is.


  1. Oh you have an Annabel too! I love that letter and yay for 14 year olds wanting trampolines. You're such a cutie - I don't have a single pic of me with Santa.

    Sarah xxx

  2. I just love children's writing, it's one of my favourite things. That letter is so cute, I don't know why my eldest refuses to write to him. Have ipods been around that long already? Blimey. Oddly my boys have started saying Santa too, which I NEVER say either. It must be at school they pick it up.

    Your Father Christmas pic is fab xx

  3. So gorgeous Kylie!! They grow up to fast don't they?? You look so cute, your mum had you dressed up to the nines!! Sandals and socks, so so cute!!

  4. You and Lakota are right about "Santa". An "Americanism" may be?

    Lovely pics of you and Annabel.

    Oooh, I'm excited about you Xmas tree - looks most interesting. xx

  5. That is one very cool looking tree I spy, can't wait to see it all dolled up.
    I have many letters to Santa that our kids have written over the years...can't say we came through on many of their requests either.
    Annabel is very much like you Kylie with gorgeous locks to boot :)


  6. Love the vintage coasters....super cool & so retro!

  7. Great photos - I love the coasters! :)

  8. No pictures of me with FC/Santa (that one of you is adorable!) but have several of my kids with various versions (including their own dad this year, of course!)
    I think it's fabulous that Annabel wants a trampoline. And that letter is great. xxxxx

  9. I think Annabel as a little girl looked a lot like you as a littley. Both very pretty. Startled rabbit look and all.

    We don't have the Santa 'problem' - but my youngest will refer to him as Pere Noel more easily/naturally than he will call him FC. (It's hard to think that just a few years ago they knew not one word of French and now they struggle with English.)

    Anyway - I quite like your rustic tree - should look very interesting and cool when it's all dressed up.

  10. What a lovely post Kylie. Your photos are just fab. I have a friend who lives in Australia now and she also mentioned her girls pronouncing haitch instead of aitch (its a big thing with her). Its funny because both that and using the Santa name are very Irish. I think the latter is an attempt to align the country with America and show that English customs have not been adopted. I found it all quite strange at first as I was used to Father Christmas, Boxing Day (St Stephen's Day here)etc and had to get used to a whole new terminology.

  11. Very cute photo's you do look like peas in a pod.

    I don't have any photo's with the big man. In fact we didn't even have a tree when I was a kid. Boo hoo! As soon as I had my own place, I never went without a tree again. I am also a Virgo and like the tree to at least be decorated all over not just in one spot which the girls tend to do.

  12. Hi Kylie, the letter reminds me of the one that India stuck to the fridge, it is a list about a foot long god bless. Is that a photo of Annabell? You and she look the spitting image, my gosh!

    So glad the uber short dress arrived safely,sorry it was a little tatty. You didn't have to send anything in return, I just thought you might like it, but thank you.

    I am loving your tree choice, and the story that went with it, you crack me up. Fortunately our little white one is still white and is in the kids room under all their mess!

    Enjoy the end of the week, Tam x

  13. reality check, ha ha ha... inventive lot. loving it.
    and that grotto, yes, that definitely is a vintage classic, i have seen it exactly like so in my days, up here... ;)))

    so, on the curlz-side and judging from your profile photo... did the curls dissipate, or? oh no? you don't comb them out, now, do you??

    you don't need to enter me in the draw. anyway, i'm late, for sure, but it does remind me of the fact i was going to mail you a snail envelope with filling. ahem.
    will do so.
    i've renewed my mental note.


  14. aahhh i have been writing letters to santa this morning with my little class of 5 and 6 year olds and it was really sweet seeing what they wanted and was suprised at the simple things to, ie doll, ball etc it warmed my heart. So cute to see Annable's and what a gorgeous little girl and her hair and all those curls are beautiful. dee xx

  15. Hi Kylie, I love the photo of you on santa's knee! and the letter is so sweet. What a beautiul picture of your daughter.
    The books in my header are actually a christmas card!! they're not real...wish they were, I just scanned the picture :-)
    Have a good week
    Sophie xx

  16. That letter is a hoot. Cannot believe she wrote it when she was 4. Roboboy could barely write his own name at that same age! And she is such a gorgeous curly creature too- is she still curly? melx

  17. Hey Kylie, A belated thanks for the books. I have been hard pressed to sit down at the computer lately!Still, I no complaaiin!

    I have the same kind of coasters without the pics....somewhere, in a box, or on the bottom of a pile.

    I reckon blame the pre-schools and schools. We only said Father Christmas as well, but school imprinted their minds with Santa...easier to write.

  18. Lol, we pronounce it 'haitch' here but that is likely a South Aussie thing? I mean how can a 'h' not have the letter 'h' at the start of the pronunciation. Just seems strange to me - lol. Love the pic of your daughter and yes I would be pretty happy with a trampoline for a gift request too! Sherry :)

  19. Awww, that letter to father christmas is absolutely adorable. Was it a furby she was after? Gawd they were bizarre things weren't they! I am training claud to say Father Christmas; although most kiwis say santa because its quicker to say I think. PLEASE show us your rusticated tree when it's all done up x

  20. Thanks for sharing your photographs. Your daughter bears a strong resemblance to you. What gorgeous curls! They grow up too fast, don't they?