Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday. Already. And only one post from me...two when I finish this one. I seem to have lost my blogging mojo, don't know where it's got to, but I'm sure I'll find it again. Sooner or later...

This is just a quick one to wish you all a lovely lovely weekend and to show you the goodies I received from Clare (you might be more familiar with her alias: Zigsma) as part of Lakota's Faith, Hope and Charity Swap 

Clare not only indulged my love of vintage tea towels she also sent me lots of other noice (that's how Clare would spell it) stuff as well. Look

a teeny-tiny German vase (I've never seen one that small before Clare. love it), four gorgeous t.towels (my fave coming up), cool mid-century candle stick holder (orange candles in situ) AND, if that wasn't enough...

 this sweet little china sugar/butter dish combo
look what I found tucked inside
awwwww, an original little Christmas card!
too sweet.
I am totally sucked-in by things like this. Every time I come across them. Now I can't stop thinking about John and the mysterious Mrs Lewis, who either thought her pressie was too special to use, or (and I doubt this) didn't like it...

I like it though. Alot. Thank you Clare x 

(btw Clare has come over all arty-farty on her blog can check it out here)

Now here's that t.towel

hil-bloody-arious, no?

I am going to frame this one and hang it in the...(no prizes for guessing where!)


  1. Wow - I had no idea about the card! Glad you appreciate a bit of toilet humour.

  2. HAHA love that t-towel, will def give many a 'visitor' a chuckle when framed. Great swao goodies, and love the hidden xmas card :o) Scarlett x

  3. Bring on the blog mojo girlo.Love the tea towel cant imagine using it to wipe dishes tho lol

  4. HAHAHA...classic. I always knew you Aussies were classy birds! ;-)

    What fab swap gifts, thanks for sharing.

    (Am hoping my blogging mojo will return when I finally have both boys in school. Eldest returns on Tuesday, however littlie doesn't start until the 26th. Aargh!)

  5. What a lovely swap! That teatowel is hilarious I'm sure it will get a laugh from guests when they use your loo!

    E :)

  6. Thank god you're framing that tea towel instead of using it; it would turn your stomach to be drying up with it after eating;)

    Blog mojo out to lunch- and trying not to buy MORE STUFF - here too. I found myself blogging about inane, dullsville things like labelling heaps of school clothes the other day so time to wait it out til my brain starts working properly again :) x

  7. That tea towel has me giggling away!! What a great swap package :-)

    Know that feeling of losing your blogging mojo!

    Jem xXx

  8. oh what a cute teatowel! and yes I love to find cards in old presents too. I had a pair of stockings recently with a note from 'Fred' that if they were the wrong size she could take them back to 'Mrs....' who will gladly exchange them!!!

  9. love it! I love finding notes in second hand books or inscriptions...i always make a little story up about the people haha

  10. Love that tea towel - so funny! Love the card too - funnily enough, I've blogged today about little gift cards I found recently!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Aren't parcels from likeminded bloggy friends just the absolute best? So nice to know there is a fellow chenille lover out there, only topped by corduroy as my absolute favourite fabric. melx

  12. Love the card inside the china, little bit of history there.

  13. Claire is a cracker of a girl and a good stick, to boot.

    Your tea towel is hilarious!!

    Blog mojo gone awol here, too. It does come back eventually. Patience is what's required and inspiration will strike when you least expect it.

    I wonder if Mrs Lewis was John's teacher?

  14. awww what a lovely parcel lovely china set. And that tea towel did make me chuckle ;-)) I have lost my blogging mojo to and haven't been in blog land at all this past week. I hope yours returns soon. Take lots of care, dee xx

  15. Gorgeous package. LOVE the ivy desighn of the butter dish set. So pretty. What fun! a great swap:)