Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Does anyone else like bathrooms like these?

I love those black spots in the terrazzo. very much.

I am also smitten with little bathroom cabinets like this one.

not a big fan of the updated floor

love the round mirrored cupboards...and how they "matchey-match" the doors underneath

(n.b. matchey-match/ey: one of my husband's favourite phrases. In his opinion matchey-matchey = boring...)

a modern take on an old favourite
(image Belle magazine)

another one of those sweet laminate cupboards...

floor love
(all pics from real estate listings of properties currently for sale in the Perth metro area)

What do you think? Like em or rip em out? We had two bathrooms very similar to these in our last house, one fancier than the other. As much as we loved the tiles, mirrors, light fittings etc the condition of one of the bathroom's probably meant sooner or later we would have had to gut it and start again. I would've felt quite sad about this when the time came, and I often wonder (when I allow myself to think about it...) if the new owners have replaced it.

I try not to think about this too often, because the modernist features we loved most about our house were the very things the new owners were most eager to change...but that's another story... 

btw I'm thinking about bathrooms at the moment because I am planning our new one...think bad 80's country cottage style, federation green, timber fronted cupboards, mould (that no amount of oil of cloves will shift!) etc. and you've got our bathroom. Actually, some of you will probably dislike the bathrooms in my post today as much as I hate our current one...

I can't tell you how much I am going to enjoy smashing it to smithereens...I'll be smiling like a crazy person when that day finally  comes (think Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining...)

Bathroom inspirations in a day or two...


  1. okay, jacky n.! so who's shopping for a new bathroom? do not forget to take a few before snaps, of the smithers and etc, yeah? your husband is quite funny with his choice for words! ;)

  2. Our bathroom is currently being renovated. The feature tiles are gorgeous and we are getting a claw foot slipper bath. I will show pics when it's completed!

    I love the pink bathrooms in those photos!

    E :)

  3. I love them ALL Kylie, but I am particularly impressed with the hot pink modern take on the old bathroom, that's been done really well.

    I can't wait to buy (so close now)and start our own reno's.

  4. oh no!!! I am afraid all those bathrooms remind me of the cheap and nasty rentals I had in the 1970s [between marriages], or even worse the bathroom at Mum and Dad's.. replace the black and pink in #1 with green bath,sink & yellow tiles..yuck. And, Dad actually made the funky laminex vanity himself.
    I like the retro look in kitchens and living rooms but never in the bathroom, thank you!!

  5. Haha, I read that as you were PLANNING your new bathroom to be bad 80s country style with mould! I thought that was an unusual choice ;-)

    I like pink as an accent colour in bathrooms, but not sure I could cope with the suite or tiles in pink - I grew up with a bright raspberry bathroom suite which my parents couldn't afford to change for years, the previous owners of our house had also added pink 'scribble' tiles and a wall of mirror tiles etched with a picture of galloping wild horses, all bared teeth and thundering hooves. I still get flashbacks...

  6. ummmm...there is nothing i don't love about a retro pink bathroom! pic 8 melts my heart. x

  7. I've seen very few bathrooms I love. If money were no object, I'm sure choosing a bathroom suite and tiles would be the most difficult task.
    I admire the bathrooms in the photographs, but not sure I could handle living day to day with one. Having lived wit Avocado, and now 'soft peach' part of me yearns for a functional, masculine grey, black and chrome bathroom, (with glitterball and pink fairy lights).
    Look forward to the next 'bathroom' post...

  8. I'm generally a mismatched sort of person but a bit of matchy-matchy also works!! :-)

    Like Lucy our current place has an odd-coloured bathroom suite: turquoisey green. I think I'd be fine with that if it weren't for the peachy tiles!! I do long for a white suite!

    Jem xXx

  9. Hate matchy-matchy and the hubster does too -It's the 'kiss of design death', he says. Nothing 'matches' in our house. Pieces work together but they are all different.

    But I do like white minimal, modern bathrooms and that's what we've got, courtesy of the previous owners. The one thing we do want to do is rip out the veneered cabinets and put in something old and characterful. One day. :)

  10. I am crazy about bathrooms like these. I hope one day to buy a fifties or sixties home.
    I would actually be ticked off if the people had updated the bathrooms.

  11. Our bathroom has pink tiles on the walls (halfway up) with a white trim of tiles at the edge. The floor is white tile with pink centers that kindo of make a flower pattern. Funny thing, it was one of my fave features of the house when we moved in. I really do like the black with the pink too!

  12. The bathroom in our house is really dated, and not in a good way! Can't wait to see your project :-)

  13. I like the standing hand basins but i must admit bathrooms like this make me cringe a bit...mainly due to the imminent mould build up and the crevices being filled with someone else's 30yr old muck..that stuff never comes out!!

  14. I LOVE those bathrooms. Especially the last couple pics of the aqua bathrooms. I just think the tile and the floor add so much! I'm hoping when you re-do your bathroom we get to see pics of you, sledgehammer in hand with that evil grin on your face!

  15. They are all pretty groovy bathrooms but I particularly love the second to last one...that vanity is pretty fab as is the aqua of the bath :)

  16. I love them because they remind me of my Nanas bathroom (I so wish I had a photo of it). It was pink and had a black rose above the sink. As a child I always hated the black rose tile so would get their plug which was an orange flower and stick it like a suction cap to the black rose. I love the old heavy stand alone sinks like the ones in the pic (and like my Nana had but two taps was really annoying). We also have a try hard federation bathroom that comes from the 90s, you can tell by the feature tile. No idea what to do with our extension bathroom, think I will be doing some Googling!

  17. Mmmmmmm, I'm not a fan of those pastelly pinks or those cold watery blues. I like a robust pink and turquoisy or duck egg blues myself. Having said that I rather like what's going on in the pic from Belle magazine.

    Another fascinating post, Kylie!

  18. That first bathroom looks very similar to the one that was in my nan and grandads house, i used to love it, it was like a timewarp back to the 50s as my nan and grandad seemed to have hoarded old lotions and potions for that era, was a dream! Someone has now bought their house (yes i did shed a tear when i heard) Im sure that the new owners will be ripping out that bathroom :o( Scarlett x

  19. That's an eclectic bunch! Don't think I've ever heard 'sweet laminate cupboards' uttered seriously before. But I get it. A few cockatoo motifs here and there and I'd be on board. x