Monday, September 8, 2014

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

there's been a spot of sewing...
namely these babies.

Ink and Spindle cushion kits in Buds, designed by Caitlin Klooger and screen printed by hand. 

Gifted to me

quite a while ago now, but I was too scared to sew them until...well yesterday actually, in case I made a mess of them. I am still a big chicken as far as zips are concerned!!!
(I pulled it off this time, thank God!)

by the one and only Ouchflower.

click the link if you'd like to meet her newest (and one of her most beautiful) creations.

Pippa (a.k.a Ouchflower) reckons Buds is a bit botanical, a bit mid-century. She's spot on of course. Buds also reminds me of Aboriginal dot paintings...but I could be "drawing a long bow" there...
Anyway none of that design stuff really matters to me...I just know I like Buds and I like love Pippa! 
gratuitous pic of our new vintage Rya, made by Van Guard Ege in Denmark (thanks Sue)

If you didn't like Marlston Hill Rotary Lookout Tower, you'll hate our new rug! 

btw the way your silence, comment-wise on this post was deafening. I'm thinking it speaks volumes??? Ha-ha!

Buds cushions in situ at the ranch
We have to do something about that bl**dy ugly wiring coming from that equally bl**dy ugly telly!
Do you like our old Passiona soft drink crate, marble-topped coffee table? It's a temporary measure, but we are liking it more and more...chances are it could stay - for a while anyway :)

There have been other things going on round here too, but I'll save them for another time. Thanks for reading x  

p.s. Like a good Mocumentary/laugh? Go and see this:

It's no Spinal Tap, but it is pretty funny.
Anth says "the best movie he's seen in a cinema for ages!"

note: A rarely goes to the cinema (ahem!) so like it though I did (and I really did!) I can't quite echo his very enthusiastic review ;)  


  1. Hello Kylie,

    We love the cushions. The graphic design is bold and arresting, it really adds a zing to your chairs. How clever of you to have made them.....a zip would be the end of us!

    Now, here isa thought. Why not do without a television altogether? No wires, no problems about rearranging the furniture.......We gave up our television over thirty years ago and have never looked back!

  2. Your room looks just wonderful, Kylie, and the cushions are great, clever you! I keep meaning to have a go at cushion covers, but am failing to get my act together (as usual!) I like the rug too, and the fab map.
    I wouldn't take any notice of a dearth of comments on your last post - I sometimes get tons, other posts receive half the number. I can't see any rhyme or reason to it, and have stopped trying to guess why it happens! As long as my old faithful pals drop by, that's fine.
    Ooh, you tease - what's been going on?! xxx

  3. Soon you'll be putting in zips with your eyes closed. Er, that might not be recommended, of course. Re your brutal Brutal lookout tower, my thinking is that if you're going to build a giant celebratory thing, it ought to be giant celebratory Big Australian Thing. Fine, the Big Orange, Pineapple, Banana, Lobster, Koala, etc. might suggest there's not much more scope for this, but does WA have a Giant Swan, that's what I want to know. (And bad luck re the footy... :-( Painful.)

  4. Hello!

    I love seeing shots of your home and the cushions are fabulous! I hope you are well. :)

  5. Oh yes, I'm drinking in these shots of your house. It's always fabulous and there's always a different shot to intrigue me. I'm so nosey that I try to match up all the different views! These cushions are lovely and you're right, they do remind me of Aboriginal paintings, which is a nice touch. I can't see that film clip...might be my device. Ooh, set the cat amongst the pigeons there, didn't you?! :) xxxx

  6. I love those pillows!!! They remind me of our store logo. Your new rug is perfect for that room, and I think your coffee table is ingenious. I feel your pain about TV wires. When I built my little house, I had a plug put high on the wall behind the TV and had cable run through the walls. Perfect! But then my SIL gave me a sound bar system for now I have wires. I think I'm going to paint them white.

  7. Love those cushions too! Your house is gorgeous

  8. You've become quite the professional seamstress, well done! Your house looks beautiful!
    RE: comments, I find that I am completely unable to comment whilst using a mobile device (phone or iPad). I can only comment when on a proper PC, which is less than half of the time. That's me, anyway.

  9. Love the cushions - very scandawegian xxx

  10. I love getting a glimpse at your ranch Kylie, it is very cool x

  11. Looking great Kylie. The rug is truly speccy! Shaggy AND patterned! You're a whiz with those cushions. I still have zip phobia and tend to find other elaborate solutions which is so lame. I should just bite the bullet and watch a tutorial or two.

  12. So pleased you enjoyed your gift, a Elin and I are very impressed and love you too!
    Need to nick that rug! xx

  13. Kylie! Never the mind the cusions, all I can see is that beautiful blue Bitossi vase! Is it Bitossi? I just bought one that is smaller than that to match my Bitossi sausage dog. Ranch looking good girlfriend.

  14. Hello there lovely lady! I've crept out form hiding - life has its ebbs and flows non?
    So glad to see you're back with a colourful vengeance too. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. I love the graphic design of the cushions - and they look just perfect in your living room.

  16. Well done on the cushions. They look great! Love seeing some snaps if your space. It's fabby for sure. Adore your map. Where did you pick up that little treasure? Big love to you. I hope you're ok. Leax

  17. Ps couldn't see the movie link but I'm curious..

  18. love the rug love the cushys love the coffee table love you......x
    so much love I may just puke!! xx

  19. The ranch, the cushions, the rug...all looking good. I'm liking the small landscapes above the sideboard too...and the sideboard and the plant. You live in house candy!

  20. So much mod deliciousness! Love it!

  21. Can't see your last post with cute pic of you and husband but just wanted to say awwwww! Xx

  22. The furniture looks absolutely awesome :)

  23. Hi Lady,
    let's just say this blogging caper is getting harder and harder. I don't even know how to download photos from my i-phone any more. I've had to call-in support from SGD #1 and the angst I have to deal with to get her assistance is beyond pall! I haven't seen the latest WA movie ... what happened to that post of yours? I read it on the phone device and it's only now I'm responding. I've learned that if Woody doesn't get good reviews it's probably for a reason. I'll get it out on DVD soon though. Keep up the good work. I have to cook dinner.

  24. Looking great! Always admire a seamstress. I'm hopeless with it. Our tv is an old clunker too Doesn't even have HD! Hahaaaaaa renos and priorities!