Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Of Nothing In Particular

or seven things about me that no one knows...

and no one probably wants to know about them either;) but this is the drill if you're nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award like I was (yonks ago!) by Taz of Butter and Buntings and Hundreds and Thousands Magazine fame)

Thank-you for nominating me Taz and apologies for my tardy response.

I'm just going to bang these things out as they come to me which is tricky for me because I like to consider the stuff I write here - which brings me to 'thing' numero uno:

1. I am a chronic over-thinker and worrier.
Not a good combo.

Freshly picked Violets - a heavenly little nosegay.

Why is it that Yardley's April Violets smell like your Nanna (no offence to your Nanna) and real Violets smell so lovely you just can't stop sniffing them?

2. Speaking of noses, mine is the nose that knows. Nothing gets past mine. Nothing! I am sure it is more sensitive than other peoples noses - which is a good thing when you're talking delicious smells, and a really, really, really bad thing when you're not. Obviously.

3. It is also the only thing I like about my face - I am childishly proud and vain about my snozz (or button - that's what I call it. I know!)  
Anth and the girls often taunt me (and my perfect nose) but when they do I just hold it up higher and stick it out* as far as I can in a proud and noble manner.

*not an easy feat because it is tres petit ;) 

Swan River, five minutes from home. Pic taken while walking the dog on Sunday morning. Lucky, aren't we?

4. Another photo, another segue!
I get really cross at people who don't pick up their dog' (I'm yet to confront anyone - but I've wanted to!) In our town it is an "Offence to Excrete" (Dog Act 1976, Dogs Local Law) but this has not been enforced properly until recently. You'd think the threat of a $200 fine would be enough to encourage dog owners to pick up their dogs poop, but for many of them it isn't. There are free Poo*Ch Pouches ("the no-touch solution to problems that dog you") everywhere too, but some people are just too lazy/ignorant/selfish/squeamish(?)to use them - and I just don't get it! I mean I don't really want to stand there, hand encased in plastic, watching the Jedster do a "jobby" (this is what my Nan called them), let alone get close enough to pick it up (remember my nose!), but I do it - because you've just got to - don't you?!

5. We have just chipped off the plaster in our passage way to reveal the beautiful, hand-made, 100+ year old bricks hiding underneath. A hideous job (dust and rubble from you-know-what to you-know-where!) but so worth the blood, sweat, dust and...swear words. Well we think so 

It's taken a few years, but I've finally started to like the creaky old bones of our funny shop house.

6. I am totally (and in some cases - embarrassingly) addicted to British crime and mystery television series. This is another thing (along with my nose) that I cop a lot of flack about from the family. I don't know why...

Inspectors Morse, Lynley and Lewis. Bergerac, Cracker, Dalziel and Pascoe. Father Brown, George Gently, Jonathan Creek. Marple, Poirot, Pie in the Sky. A Touch of Frost, Rebus, Taggart. New Tricks, Hustler, Murphy's Law. Midsomer Murders (and I'm loathe to admit this) Rosemary and Thyme. I've watched (and re-watched!), and loved them all.

Did you know the Midsomer Murders theme is played on a theremin?
Do you even know what a theremin is?
If I wasn't a M.M. fan I wouldn't either! (riveting drama, educational too!) 

A theremin is the world's first electronic instrument. It was invented by Lev Theramin, a Russian scientist, in 1920.

Go on, have a look!

A corner of our garden, messy but filling out nicely.

7. As soon as I finish this post I'm off to the Parcel Collection Centre to pick up two pairs of Lotta From Stockholm clogs. Tan and navy. I hope I like them (and they fit). I also hope it's clogs inside the parcel, and not something boring Anthony ordered. 

I don't think this is quite what the Versatile Blogger Award people were thinking of, but it's something you don't know about me and it's the best I can come up with - I also love custard! (if the clog thing doesn't cut it...)

Right that's it. I'm off to get my clogs. If you'd like to 'win' The Versatile Blogger award feel free to jump on board. Nominations are open - I'm not gonna dob you in. I know your time is precious.

Still waiting for a response from my Blog Hop nominees. Ahem ;)  

Thanks for reading - you can wake up now!




  1. The brick walls in your house are gorgeous, why would anyone cover them up I will never know. I hope you enjoy your clogs!

  2. Oh this is fab...thanks for sharing. I hope I didn't put too much pressure on you. Yay for clogs, custard, and living near that river. Xx

  3. That brickwork - absolutely perfect for the space especially with that light streaming in: love it. I love custard too. Not sure about clogs. Can I wear socks with them? OK, I guess that's not cool.

  4. For years I had no sense of smell except when I was on cortisone but when I settled all the allergies down and quit chemicals in the house it gradually returned and I'll never forget the first time I walked past the shoe section in the op shop and I turned my horror struck face towards my mother and she was delighted. She said she never understood how I could sift so thoroughly through the wool and craft items which is next door to the "shoe department"!

    Is that a fairy door marked into the bark of the tree? How sweet

  5. Oh no... we have way too much in common. It's a little scary!

    I too am mocked for my passion for british mystery/crime. Although, my mum and one sister are also viewers of most of these shows (just not the avid, repeat watcher that I am). It's so great that Midsomer Murders are available on iview now - it's probably my favourite Sunday afternoon thing to do (after I take the dog for a walk to the river and take photos like yours ha!).

    I'd always assumed the Midsomer Murder theme was a clarinet!

    Do you prefer Poirot or Marple?

    Hope the delivery was your clogs? I bought a 'natural' pair a few months ago from Lotta from Stockholm - they're comfy but the colour doesn't go with many of my clothes. Considering buying more in another colour but not sure yet.

    1. Oh wait a minute, I was thinking of the very first bar for the clarinet ('doodle-ooldly-oold' - I can't type what I mean) - not the 'creepy' theremin sound.

  6. We have lots in common too! I over think things to a point of getting nothing done and have always been a worrier but as I get older that's becoming worse! We have a couple of red brick walls in our cottage, I love them but the neat-freak in me is always sent a little off kilter by their unevenness.
    I've never heard of a theramin though. Hope the clogs were in the parcel!

  7. Haha. Good 7. Midsomer Murders. My son likes obscure educational mysteries as well. Will recommend. And the brick!!!! Lucky lucky girl

  8. I know what a theramin is because my music nerd Friend Chris has got one and my big musicnerd husband can play it! Nice bricks love!!! xxx

  9. Oh Yay for new clogs. My two pairs of Lotta clogs are amazing. The timber sort of moulds to the shape of your feet after a few wears.
    I ended up oiling the timber of mine as they kept getting marks on. I used coconut oil and it seems to be working well at protecting them.
    Wow to think that beautiful brickwork was hidden, I love the decorative bit above the doors. x

  10. Your violets are wonderful. My mother always grew them, but I've never had just the right northern exposure for them. I love your brick!!! I'll say it was worth the effort. It's amazing, and so is your garden. And, yes, people are total jerks for not picking up after their dogs in public places. I also dislike people who let their dogs do their "jobbies" on my yard when they're out walking. Show us your Lottas. I've never had any. I've always been a Dansko girl. At one time I had them in every color you could think of.

  11. Love that brickwork, and I want to see your clogs please! I share your hatred (and no, that's not too strong a word) for the arseholes who don't clean up after their dogs.
    But I am a non-worrying underthinker with a huge nose (and an oddly poor sense of smell), and I'm not that bothered about crime drama, so that's where the similarities end! No, wait - we both love Mrs Frisby (yes, the kids have read it too) and Lloyd Cole!
    You'll forgive our differences, I know, cos you're lovely! xxx

  12. Oh crap! I haven't forgotten about the blog hop. Honestly. Thanks for your email too.. I will reply today I promise. I loved this post. Hilarious. I used to pick violets for my Nonna as a child and she'd carry them on the train back to Melbourne so they didn't get squashed. I have very vivid memories of her standing in the door of the train violets in hand. Anyway this isn't about me hehe. The brickwork in your entry is just spectacular. Totally worth the elbow grease. Now I'm off to find a pic of you to check out your nose in all it's perfection;)
    Ps I'm kidding! You are adorable!
    Pss I'm with you on no. 1 unfortunately oh well :)

  13. Two pairs of Lottas! Tres chic too match your tres chis schnoz!

    I had a friend whose huge dog, Magus, used to "lay cables" in her garden. She needed a shovel to move them on.

    Your brick wall- stunning!

    Celia Sheen- rock on, spooky- sounding, theme playing icon! Love that show too.

  14. Lotta from Stockholm parcels are a very exciting thing indeed. Hope they do fit. I love my yellow ones. Yes, you have the perfect nose, which sits perfectly on your beautiful face. I'm not very good at smell, which I think is probably a mercy. I would choose slight deafness next. Dog owners who don't pick up the poo should be put in the stocks and have it thrown at them. Dirtbags. Love the brickwork, love violets and love British crime mysteries. SNAP!!!! Xxx

  15. Great run what you learn about someone when they have the courage just to type away......

    Love Love your new hallway....oh what a shame it has been hidden all this time...glad you unearthed it. x
    Gotta love families and their ability to tease mercilessly. xxx

  16. I envy you for enduring all the hard work, mess and TIME it took to reveal that beautiful brick wall!

  17. Give me a great 'murder' any day!
    Love a historical drama too, been watching 'The Mill'.
    Love the brick too! Loveheart sends her best kick in your direction, with love! xx