Saturday, June 7, 2014

Announcing the Winner of My Diabolo Toilet Roll Holder Give-Away

(a catchy title for a post if ever I saw one. Ahem!)

Sorry for taking my sweet time to spill the beans on this, but... the winner of my little dunny-inspired give-away is Sally who writes a lovely blog called Virtu. Congratulations Sally, I hope Diabolo adds a bit of style and pizzazz to the smallest room at your place. Please contact me with your details and I'll pop it in the post.

Thanks to Sally and everyone else who took (take) the time to read my blog and leave a comment. You're ALL lovely, and I really appreciate it x

note: All images from Terence Conran's "The House Book". My op-shopped, vintage copy was published in 1976. It's a classic.


  1. YAY for me!!!

    Thanks Kylie... now to make the small room worthy!

  2. god ive missed you!!!.....just spent a lovely penny reading all ive missed......may have even teared up a little at your fabulousness....nah.....lets not get carried away! your a seamstress now!....Christ your a show off! it!...a note re my absence is on its way......but I do believe I may be back????.....its hard to tell these days....I know I wont miss any of your posts again though....fuck I missed a dunny roll holder giveaway!!!....never again!...xxxx

  3. Congrats to Sally!
    PS. Nina made an owlie like yours! it's on the blog, come over and have a look! xxx

  4. Like Allison, I've gone and missed all this giveaway excitement, your dunny reveal and your five frock fabulousness. Bah! xx

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