Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bathroom Deux

A couple of weeks ago Anth and I finally finished our bathroom renovation (we ended up doing a lot of work ourselves. This wasn't part of the plan...this time, for the first time, we expected to be sweating* over invoices, not diy)

*there was blood (Anth's) and tears (mine) too
(there were lots of those)  

If things had gone according to plan I would've written this post months ago - before Christmas in fact (and I would've had a nice new laundry to write about/show you too), but as some of you know already it was not a positive experience - even 'officially' finished it has continued to throw problems at us. More money. More sweat. More tears. (no fresh blood...yet)

Sh**t happens, and as far as bathroom renos go, (sh)it, happened to us.

I am struggling to write this post (actually it's giving me a headache) part of me wants to keep things classy and stay schtum (the old "if you've got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all") and part of me of me wants to spill the beans (in the spirit of keeping it real).

At the end of the day though, I know I've got nothing to gain by putting my ranty-pants on (sorry Julianne). None of the bad stuff, apart from the shoddy work(?)manship (ahem!) of dodgy bros inc (not brothers or a corporation, just a trio of crap at their job, lazy and dishonest tradies!) was intentional. Our new bathroom while not perfect is vastly improved, and we've got two toilets now. That's what we call flash around here!

(even though the new one is like "sh**ting on a dinner plate!". I've pinched this quote from Patsy's post on the "Delicate Topic of Toilets" because I couldn't put it any better myself).

Certain aspects, like this, are even quite lovely.

unexpected slice of sky framed by ventilation gap in our new window
Btw, it used to look like this
I know it had a certain...charm (?), but remember we live in an old corner shop. Our bathroom window fronts the street. You could see right through that clear glass. Scary! (for us and the local Peeping Toms!) 
I just need some time to get over all of the crappy stuff that happened in between. (keep your fingers crossed that no more tiles crack or fall off while I'm working on the bonding process. Seriously.)     

*not in the same bathroom I hasten to add. I mean two toilets en tout. Two toilets in one bathroom?! Now that would be weird. Ewww!)

Thanks for reading.  I'll post some proper pics soon. 

p.s. A tip from me. Don't ever buy one of those toilets with a self-closing lid. Take my advice, I know. Those things are just stupid. They take way too long to close. I want to shut and flush and get outta there pronto. Post-poo drops* or not.

* Make-Mine-Mid-Century put me onto these and they work. Please take the time to read Aesop's blurb. It's quite funny. Doing a poo is referred to as "vigorous activity". I think this is hilarious. You?


  1. Aesop's had me at "to combat the malodorous." haha I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience getting your bathroom renovation done. That kind of thing is stressful enough when it's running smoothly, but when you have to deal with problems, you feel like your head is going to explode. I'm beginning to feel that way with my contractor. After moving in and loving my little house, leaks developed in the bedroom and bathroom ceilings. He came and out repaired the leaks, but he's taking forever getting the ceilings patched and retextured. Grrrrrrrrrrr....I'm getting very unhappy.

    I can't wait to see the reveal photos. I know they will be lovely.

  2. I'm so glad someone else thinks those soft close toilet seats are stupid - I had to campaign for an ordinary one with our (lovely) builder. As for the post poo drops - $29! Holy crap! Buy yourself a box of matches for 50c girl. One match lit after vigorous bathroom activity burns away the smell - it's the less spectacular way of setting light to your farts! Glad you're finally getting some resolution to your bathroom dramas xxx

  3. *Love* those subway tiles - gorgeous. And... Aesop. I can't decide between 'genius' or 'WTF!!'. Maybe that means it's a perfect product. Or maybe not. I wonder if they do samples. I wonder if I have the nerve to ask.

  4. Oh Kylie, I feel your pain. But, thanks for keeping it real. I like your new window, how interesting that you live in an old corner shop. I didn't realise, I probably have not been following your blog for long enough!

    I often gaze at the interesting old, empty shop fronts around Broken Hill and think they would make charming homes. Perhaps not always particularly practical though?

    The Aesop product is funny isn't it. I like their products but haven't ventured into this territory before. Self closing lids...I have never heard of them. Have I been living under a rock I wonder?!

  5. I'm sorry for your pain but you have really hit the nail on the head with the poo dinner plate dilemma that I am experiencing at the new surgery. We have recently bought and renovated new premises and the new toilet is driving me mad! I am constantly cleaning large deposited cruddy bits off the bowl. AND I totally agree with the self closing lid thing too. I await your next post Miss.

  6. So glad you finally are able to stand back and see the results....even if you caused the to see more pics....rents so what's next? Xxx

  7. I'm so glad you chose the "keeping it real" strategy, Kylie!! I'm also so very sorry you had to go through all those struggles. If it's any consolation at all, the glimpses I've seen of your bathroom look REALLY good!! That glimpse of the sky:-) I'm concidering subway tiles too for when we'll get around to our bathroom reno. Can't say I'm looking forward to the prosess... I hope you feel it's been worth it, it's looking great!! xx

  8. Keep it real, Kylie, always keep it real! Oh lord, what a time you have had of it with your bathroom, but it's done (mostly) and the window looks great, and I am looking forward to the big reveal.
    Vigorous activity? We just open the window, it's old school but it seems to work! xxx

  9. The bathroom window looks grand. So disappointing about shoddy workmanship. Who do some people think they are? Yes, $29 may seem like a hefty price to pay for a toilet deodoriser, but heck Post-poo drops is good stuff and I swear by it. Only need a couple of drops, so it lasts an age. It's also worth every cent when one has would-be arsonists in the house.

  10. ha! just enough ranty-ness to keep me entertained - in fact, the simmering rant is actually a thoroughly lovely tightrope wall of language. Hope the bathroom sees no more tears! (and for the record I once lived in a house with two toilets in the one bathroom and my dad joked we could set up a card table in between for games! Lovely!)

  11. You are so restrained in your rantyness, it's admirable. Two toilets together, most undesirable. I'm always a bit mystified by twin basins. Call me odd, but I quite like to wash in peace. We have one of those slow shutting toilets. I find myself shouting at it to 'hurry up!'. If I weren't quite such a lady it might be 'hurry the **** up', but obviously that is not the case here... Keep up the good work, you are doing marvellously and once it is all finished, you will magically forget all the pain! xxx

  12. Thank goodness it is all finally over with. It looks amazing. I hope it's not too bittersweet and that you really enjoy your new space now. Do you watch The Block? I seriously do not know how they do it. Obviously The Block tradies are some import from planet tradie cos I don't think the real ones ever turn up when they are supposed to, let alone get the job done right! in a week!

  13. Such a pain that all did not go to plan with the reno and the tradies left a lot to be desired.
    This little snippet of your new bathroom looks amazing. x

  14. I'm so happy for you that it's done. The window looks great! And boy, you are hilarious! I didn't expect so many poo references when I clicked this post, haha!

  15. Oh I am behind. Two toilets one stall... Sochi!

  16. Oh Kylie, I think I may have said this before but one day this whole sorry episode will be a distant memory. Focus on that (difficult I know). Can't wait to see it in all it's finished (or even nearly finished) glory. Poopoo drops? Well I've heard it all now....xx