Thursday, November 14, 2013


great taste in chairs,

(no fancy, retro Instagram filters involved here - this is the real deal)

Women Woman (obviously, ha-ha!),

and Australian Pottery.

Feast your eyes on the contents of a little pressie he gave me few
days ago:

1960's/1970's Eric Juckert dish
(there's a United Nations of pottery on our sidey. Handsome Germans, good-looking Italians, your Nana's pottery class rejects - they're all welcome at our place!)
look at that beautiful ox blood coloured glaze
1960's/1970's Eric Juckert vase
(I picked up the little boy mould at a local oppy a couple of days ago. Creepy? I don't think so, although others do...) 
this piece has a gorgeous olive green underglaze beneath the black
Lucky girl aren't I?!
Anth bought them from Australian Pottery at Bemboka. They've got a very nice Ellis Charger for sale as I type (and a small cat too btw - everyone loves these at the moment) If you're interested, you can see them here.
The Rameking has written a very informative post about Eric Juckert here if you would like more info.
I have also gone crazy (to the tune of fifty cents!) and bought myself a little pressie of the pottery variety -
the little mustard vase on the left. I'm not sure if it's W.German or a wanna be?
It's got the right texture and I love the colour, so who care's right?!
(another multi-cultural still-life, this time on our kitchen table)
Thanks for reading.
After Frocktober, I feel like I'm starting this blog all over again. From the beginning...I'll plod along for a while and see how I go. The heart is willing, the brain? well, that's another matter. Entirely.




  1. Anthony as a kid looks like he's a future Bond villain - kicking back and taking over the you do in a fancy cane chair! Great haul of pottery - just gorgeous! You're a lucky (well deserving and gorgeous yourself) girl.

  2. Yay for continuing with the blogging Kylie. It's great to have you back again.
    Your Anth is a talented gift buyer, you're a lucky lady. x

  3. He knows you. Lovely to have gifts that you really love. I have nothing like this kind of pottery but I can feel myself being seduced. You have displayed it so beautifully and brought it to life with your exotic plant arrangements. Grasses are just right. Lovely as always xxx

  4. Loving that pottery website - esp. the category 'non-functional': that could sum up my reason for being! ;-)

  5. Tanya is right. You really do display your bits (I'll refrain from adding "ooh er missus" here) beautifully. Anth is a star, and that cane chair is rather spectacular. xx

  6. Gorgeous work Kylie
    Great to have you "On Air" again :)

  7. What a sweet husband to buy such a beautiful little dish for you. I love ox blood pottery. The two vases are great too. I love that little hint of green on the rim of the black one, and the mustard colored one is perfect in that little grouping. I looked at the pottery site and love that charger. I also like the condiment jar.

    It was so nice to be scrolling through and find a post from you. I say just post when it feels like fun. We'll be thrilled to read anything from you...anytime you want to write it.

  8. I love the German vases and I adore the blue one you have behind that mustard pot the colour is gorgeous. Good to see you are going to stick with the blogging for a while I have just come back to, like you I am just going to see how it flows :-) dee x

  9. Fab chair and rather cute poser too! Loving all that gorgeous pottery, oh my!! Thank you for your very supportive comment, I really appreciate it Kylie xoxo

  10. I love love love the 50c vase! Beautiful arrangement too. I've gone off the blogging boil this week too, felt obligated to post and i refuse to feel obligated it supposed to be fun, so i'm not touching it again until i feel like it. Pleased your feeling like it again xxx

  11. Oh yay the excitement of seeing you pop up on the reader.........happy happy dance....which you must have done when you found the little 50c vase.......yay yay yay.
    Fabulous collections of amazing always display them so beautifully.
    Eeeekkk I must get up and get ready girl work.....sending much love. V

  12. better to be a wanna be german than a never was german I say!....I love that little boy mould, not spooky at all....well maybe a little but he needed a home and he scored big time!. Onya Anth!....I you were my wife id of bought you a vintage caravan!!! lol.....seriously cute dish though. x

  13. I love to read a post from you and I'm always happy to see you in my google list! Hope the ceiling in your daughters room has been fixed! xx, Ria

  14. Great to see you back Kylie. Your man certainly knows your style doesn't he? Love it! You always make me look at things differently, this sort of pottery is not really my thing but your blogs make me think about different styles, which is a good thing. Have a great weekend x

  15. That Anth is impressive I tell ya. My Mr would never buy me pottery. He usually sticks to what he gear.

  16. Hurray, you're back!
    Anthony=keeper. He's a good egg, and he clearly knows your taste perfectly, the clever man.
    All your pots, wherever they're from, have great style, and as has already been said, you display them perfectly. And I like Creepy Boy, he's rather sweet!
    Keep blogging, Kylie, it's good to have you around. xxxx

  17. I've just got one word to say - Bitossi! (I'm a bit obsessed with it at the moment.)

  18. why, the heart over head thing, i'd say... x

  19. Slowly catching up here, I'm sooo behind on my favorite blogs....So glad to see not only one, but two posts from you popping up in my feed!!! I'm so thrilled to hear that last bit, Kylie, that you feel you're starting the blogging business all over again. That sounds very promising, I love having you back!! What a cutie, your Anth, handsome already:-) And that chair! Gorgeous!! Oh, the pottery, what an amazing man to buy you pottery!!! Mine would never do that! Love all your gorgeous pieces!

  20. Oooh, beautiful. All of it - you have quite the collection! And I don't think the boy is creepy at all, he looks great next to the vases.