Saturday, June 16, 2012


"underpants for the man who likes a pouch"

vintage poster by Seguin 1950

(via the wonderful galerie montmartre)

I overheard my girls chatting this morning. Their conversation went something like this:

" I hate it when people add le to things "

" Yeah, me too "

" I mean, if they want to speak French, why don't they just f***ing speak French! "


And I thought I was so cool referring to my blog as "le blog" and throwing the word sans around! Turns out I'm just a big fat loser!

(and please excuse someone's "French" I don't know where she gets it from?!)

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Haha!
    I overheard a funny conversation on the train yesterday...
    Young boy 1: Do you know why you get only the old trains on the Midland line?
    Young boy 2: The platforms are shorter?
    Young boy 3: Well, no... not to be mean or anything, but most of the unpleasant people live on your line and they don't want people throwing bottles and stuff at the new trains.

  2. Hahahaha, I sprinkle French throughout my conversations. All the time.

    Your girls would think me tres passe. Bien sur. ;)

  3. LOL - that's gold Kylie.
    ps You ain't loser - you rock!!

  4. So funny out of the mouths of babes

  5. You just never know what kids are going to say. My almost-3-year-old Grandson #1 used the same word yesterday, although it was clear he had no idea what it meant, as he didn't use it in any way that was remotely meaningful. I told him I knew a bunch of words that were funnier than that one and proceeded to make up a bunch of nonsense words that had him howling with laughter and imitating me, and he had quickly forgotten the new addition to his vocabulary...LOL

  6. Not sure what kinda guy would need those pants. Maybe one with a LOT to store.

    I must agree (minus the foul language of course!) with your girl. I'm no fan of adding 'le' to a word.
    Having said that, I do say 'sans' and 'en route' so I am guilty in some ways.

    It's strange overhearing conversations between your children. On one hand it's nice to get a glimpse into their world, on the other, you realise you're never going to be cool to them. No matter how much you think you are, and that saddens me!

  7. That poster is tres jolie!

  8. I love that poster Kylie...happy Sunday :)

  9. lol...that's too funny! do what makes you happy!!

  10. I love this post......I have this friend who studied French at uni with me she still loves to do the french thing in restaurants and the likes whilst I try ever so hard to crawl under the table. But sometimes I don't mind dropping the F word in, I feel it gives me power. hahaha

  11. Great to have you back Kylie!

  12. hee hee...
    {and all's fine at 64, i hope same goes with you. am dying to see the proof!}

  13. Tee hee I just love the poster.
    Love V

  14. That's one serious pouch! Trust a modern teen to say it frankly.

  15. Tres harsh, mais vrai!

    I LOVE that poster, brilliant xx

  16. LOL kids are funny! And I going to nick Dana's toddler diversion trick!

  17. My kid swears fluently in French (he's English).
    Not sure if that makes him tres cool or a big loser - sounds so much nicer, though!

  18. Ha ha kids speak as they find things ;-))Hope all is well with you and your family, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  19. Haha....if that's all they have to talk about they need to get a Funny stuff.

  20. oh bless their cotton socks. but please don't dispense with sans - it is a fond favourite and oh so versatile. do you girls say - like- every second word?