Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am a lucky

Danish-looking pull-along duck, present from my Mum
Home-made duck on blue wheels, twenty cents, op-shopped

I never dreamt when I mentioned my fledgeling collection of Ladybirds a few weeks ago that it would grow so quickly.
This is due in the main, to some lovely bloggy friends.

I've already mentioned Nelly's generous donation to my cause...gosh she has a heart of gold, the copy of Five Little Kittens she so generously gave me, is a very old one (thanks for the info Vanessa) I will treasure it Nelly.

And the Ladybird snail mail kept coming!

Thanks to:

Em (who really is a vintage sweetheart) Look what she (very sneakily!) left in my mail box

yep. you guessed it, a bundle of
(pretty special gift wrapping eh?)

vintage Ladybirds


darling Dee who not only sent me Ladybirds, including a rare copy of Cinderella (rare because Cinder's is wearing three different dresses) but a whole pile of lovely goodies...

more gorgeous gift wrap! which I've saved btw

do you spy the tea towels?
I'll show you them properly another time
And here's a pic of my little shelf a-la-Ladybird now

nearly there...Yay!

While I'm minding my P's & Q's, thank you to lovely Loo. Another gift wrapper extrordinaire! Her parcel came wrapped in a chiffon scarf that used to be her Mum's (awww!) and it was a beauty...

habitat, no less!

Acorn and Will blue bird (of happiness!) brooch

d.i.y kangaroo
(I had to get my daughter to help me put it together...sad, but true)

Told ya. And if all that wasn't enough, Loo also gave me the cutest vintage purse too! Can you guess what colour it was?

Spoilt rotten I was and it's not even my birthday!

There's one more. Thank you that is.
This one goes out to Claire who kindly sent me the latest issue of Vintage Life. I've never seen it in book shops or newsagents here, so receiving it was a real treat.

Now, after all those thank you's (phew!) there's one more thing I have to get off my chest:

Some of you may have noticed my little shop has disappeared into the ether...
In a nutshell, I have dropped the could say it was a flop.
It didn't feel right so it had to go. Simple as that.
Thank you (crikey! there's another one!) for your kind comments and support etc I really appreciated it and I apologise if I've disappointed any of you.

You are all the "ducks nuts" (heard that on the radio today and liked it, plus I like me a theme!)




  1. Your shelf looks like a lovely rainbow now! All your goodies are adorable you lucky lady. Sorry the shop didn't feel right. I still haven't got my act together. xx

  2. Cripes, Kylie, your Ladybird collection is looking good. Love the ladybird stamped paper from Em. I'll get my contribution in the post to you tomorrow. Oh, shame about your shop but if you're not happy with it then you're right not to proceed. xx

  3. could you get any more vintage goodness in one post? Wow! I'm impressed lady, especially those ducks at that book collection x

  4. Hi Kylie, I had three little ladybird books packed away that I was looking for but I had left them at mums after my one and only market stall. I did manage to pick them up last weekend, so you will able to add another three, they are pretty old and a little ratty but I am sure you won't mind. Tam x

  5. LOts of LBs for the lovely lady xxx Are you on face book? Start a shop there I did xxx

  6. Oh the rainbow shelf is gorgeous, glad you are being spoilt. Once my most stressful month (this one, both boys birthdays) is over I must get present hunting for my blog buddies, everyone is so lovely.

    Sorry to hear about the shop, I thought it looked lovely :(
    Maybe regroup when you're less likely to worry over it all.

  7. I just love your ladybird collection. I remember The Town Mouse and Country Mouse and The Little Red Hen and the Peter and Jane stories, wow childhood memories! What generous bloggy friends you have. A lovely collection of goodies x

  8. I thought the shop idea was a good one, but it's got to feel right for you and if it didn't... well, another idea will come along soon!
    I have some bits to send you too! Can you email me with your address? Blog buddies are the kindest, sweetest people in the world, aren't they?
    Love your pressies and your duckies! xxx

  9. Aw such good memories, I use to have the shy fox and the red chicken - that was one of my favorites when i was little! What an amazing thing to collect.

  10. Fantastic! There are few people who are so deserving of being spoilt as you my lovely :-) Those gorgeous ladybirds will have a fantastic home :-)

    Jem xXx

  11. aahhh what a load of lovely goodies ;-)) Glad you liked your parcel ;-)) That little blue bird is lovely and so is that kangeroo. Im sorry you didn't have any luck with your shop but i agree with everyone else it has to feel right hopefully something else is just round the corner. dee x

  12. ooo your duckys are so cute, I love pull toys.

    (My goodness you got the mother load of rainbow books! *heheh*
    And what lovely gifts you recieved. =D

  13. Wowee! So many ladybirds. They look great together on the shelf. No point starting a shop if it feels wrong from the get go, otherwise you would have just ended up worried and resenting it!

  14. Wonderful gifts Kylie. Loving your ladybird collection, mine is coming along well too :o) Sorry to hear that the shop didnt feel right Scarlett x

  15. Your rainbow of LadyBird books looks divine!!

  16. Such lovely Ladybirds - there's something so special about them. And loving your cute ducks.....and that expression...the ducks nuts - is hilarious - I will have to adopt it around these parts - can't wait for an opportunity to drop it into conversation.

    And oh bummer about the shop - it's a tricky thing, this online selling business. I'm still trying to get it right.

  17. Hi there,just found you from over at Dee dee s blog.What gorgeous gifts youve received.I just started to collect the Ladybird books too and am up to 23!A long way to go yet...Looking forward to reading more on your vintage finds.
    Have a great day,love juliex

  18. I also just found your blog through Dee's, and it's just lovely!!!!

  19. ladybird wraps! now that is touching!!

    i smile, for after having read chez moi, that gift wrapping comes naturally in our country (not everywhere, but by chosing the shop carefully, it is bingo each and every time, provided they're not overly busy), i can understand your awe on the subject. just as well you've been spoilt as such recently.

    i LOVE the graphics of the ladies on the shelf. that vintage colour coordination is so inspiring...

    on shop talk. i find if you don't put a shop in the window, it becomes a shop daughter [do provide me with the proper term for goods that sit on shelfs untouched, dictionary won't tell me] soon enough. it needs a lot of devotion and time. it might pop up again, kylie. perhaps a pop up thingy is more your style? temporary and with a clash!

    by the way, i'm enjoying a rerun of LOVE MY WAY here. i was SO in love with that show when i first saw it, and i must say, it has held all attraction a second time around... to me it's a shop window to australian life, is it?

    enjoy the weekend! i'm off to get my laminate flooring this morning!

  20. I always loved the story of The Town and Country Mouse. You have been a lucky girl! The bluebird brooch is so cute.

  21. Your Ladybird collection is growing fantastically well Kylie - I'm green with envy. Cinderella was always my favourite - I just loved that she had 3 fabulous dresses! I left you a reply about the card you mentioned in my blog - I think I know exactly which one it is and (coincidentally) was thinking of including it when my birthday comes around next month!

  22. Oh my god. You have no idea how desperate I am for that Cinderella book. That and the princess and the frog. You lucky devil Kylie!!! Wish we lived near each other, we could swoon over our stash!!! X x x