Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tardy Tea Towel Tuesday

Today's t.t. is a day late because when I got home from work yesterday (38 degrees c, no air conditioning!) blogging was the last thing on my mind. Autumn? Yeah right!

was going to give it a miss this week, because (in my opinion) this tt is particularly uninspiring (so much so that it keeps getting shifted to the bottom of the pile) Then I decided if I don't get it out there, that's where it will stay...languishing at the bottom of a pile of much smarter tts forever...poor old thing!

And anyway, this year I've decided to post my tea towels as I come across here she is. Taa - Daa! It's finally her turn to shine!

I'm not even sure if it's vintage...I've actually got a suspicion it's a vintage wannabe and not the real Mc Coy. Maybe that's why I don't like it, hmmmm?

I found it at a garage sale with three or four much older "proper" vintage ones. I know its got a bit of age, I'm just not sure how much. What do you think?

I've always loved their little faces
In the language of flowers, pansies mean loving thoughts.

It's funny, because even though I love flowers (and there are lots of pretty flowers on this tt, including a few of my favourites) it just doesn't grab me. Unlike last week's, which I adored (slightly o.t.t. here) Maybe the flowers on this one are just too pretty...


Actually, I think it might be that garden bed in the middle that completely wrecks it for me, it would've been much nicer without it (and those big letters spelling out GARDEN BED! it could've done without those too)

Nasturtiums are one of my favourite flowers. I love the colours and the way their leaves "catch" a single raindrop and hold it there glistening like a little jewel.

O.K. I've given this t.t. her five minutes of fame, and I don't think I'll put her back in the pile after all...I've got other plans in store for her (devious hand rubbing, maniacal grin) she's going straight in the third drawer down where she'll be used to dry the dishes!

N.B. you do know don't you, that in our house, this is not an honour?

your presence soothes me



  1. Kylie, if you post as a comment on my blog what sort of teatowels you collect, I'd be happy to pick them up for you when I see them and send them across as a gift :) I saw a teatowel the other day which I thought you might like but I really wasn't sure - or is there no rhyme or reason to your collection and am I gonna be kept guessing? LOL

  2. My fav flower Sweet peas and they mean shyness, that sounds about right. although I do like pansies and nasturtium's too. x

  3. I can see why this particular one doesn't set your pulse racing. I prefer them to look like they've been hand drawn and painted. I can imagine this one being laid out on some fancy design software, and made to look twee and retro. Maybe you need to 'accidentally' splash some bleach on it. Aren't I just EVIL?

  4. I do like this one. Such vivid colours. But I suppose in a collection there are always the winners & the losers. Xx

  5. ;-)) Washing and drying the dishes is always a chore ;-) I think she is really pretty although agree with you about the writing in the middle just a whole tt full of flowers would have been nicer. But at least she will get used ;-) dee xx

  6. Hmmm. In a way, it's contrived. But, what I see are lots of lovely flowers just itching to be cut out and used in applique. And the colours sing.

  7. Isn't funny how we just don't "take to" some things! At least if you use it for the dishes it won't be wasted!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Hello you neaughty girl I received my gift you are a sweetie arent you.Was a lovely surprise thanks lovely.Have you worked out if you will be coming further north when you visit qld I so hope so xx

  9. I like it but like you, it's not my favourite. 38 degrees? It's 16 here and raining/flooding like mad. We have had THREE days over 30 degrees this summer!


  10. Hasn't this heat been a tad ridiculous?
    I love the outer flowers on this tea towel but the middle print and wording do let it down somewhat.

  11. Interesting post. I see what you mean. I like a bit of "busy" but it's a bit too busy for my liking and the dull green border lets it down in my view. I like the way we can have an interesting discussion about tts, don't you?!

  12. Love the flowers, all I can think of when seeing them how good they'd be for basis of tattoo ideas that i'm after- their shapes and their style are lovely.

  13. Definite appliqué potential I think - those flowers would look lovely in isolation on something else - maybe to brighten up the corner of a pillow-case?

  14. *LOL* That poor little tea towel.. ( So MUCH discrimination towards it. )
    I think it's pretty and a happy tea towel. *lol*
    (But I am no expert)

  15. Kylie!!! I wore the shoes you sent me, today! LOVE THEM!!! Thank you sooo much :)

    Such a pretty tea towel. I agree with you about the garden bed; I too would have prefered it without...

    xx Aliya
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