Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On Monday I ran up (I like saying that) one of Sophies pillowslip skirts. It was a sinch - even for a sewing hack like me.

This one's for Em to thank her for the vintage Ladybirds she gave me.

I hope you like it Em. Tights will be de rigueur I'm afraid. It's terribly short. Far too short for someone like me who's short skirt wearing days are long gone.

sweet little vintage doiley pocket

Now I'm wondering if you'd like one too?

I have a mountain of pretty vintage pillowslips and a Craft it Forward debt which is long overdue... 

If you (or a little girl you know) would like a skirt like Em's, and you're willing to play Craft it Forward please send me a note. Include your favourite colour, fitted waist measurement and address and I will whip (oooh I like saying that too!) one up for you. Open to the first five people, anywhere who comment on this post.

btw, I have some really lovely flanelette pillowslips, soft and cosy, perfect for wearing in Winter. Let me know in your comment if you'd prefer yours to be made with flanelette.

Now before you hit the comment button, I'd better fill you in on what you need to do to C.I.F.

you must post what I send you on your own blog and pass it on (send something to the first five people to comment and so can be anything, as long as it is handmade by YOU)

I will confirm my five c.i.f. people in my next post.

Here's my next sewing project(s)

a tad(!)ambitious, but I'm determined.

(just a few vintage pillowslips I could use to make your skirt btw)

Now please don't leave me hanging here girls...



  1. OH it's so adorable I can't wait to rock it with tights! You'll get 5 people very quickly. xx

  2. Ooh count me in lovely, I would proudly wear one of those skirts and happily craft it forward :)

  3. Oh how cute, the pocket is adorable. I don't wear skirts, so please don't include me, they are lovely though. Tam x

  4. I couldn't possibly wear anything so short and I'm rubbish at making things, so don't include me - but I'm very impressed, the skirt looks so pretty and Em will rock it with her gorgeous legs! Aren't you clever?! xxxx

  5. What a clever idea. I really like the pocket. I don't think a pillow slip would fit over my backside, & I'm not crafty either so I guess that counts me out. :(

  6. It's bloody brilliant, Kylie, you clever thing you. I don't wear short skirts anymore, dammit. I'll have to get on the (pillow)case and see if I can do one for my daughter. Good luck with your next sewing project. I attempted to make a top recently but have temporarily abandoned it. xx

  7. aahhh that skirt is so sweet and such a great idea of use of fabric ;-) I couldn't wear anything as short as that either Oh to be young again ;-) Is that pattern for a skirt and top? good luck be great when you have finished the patterns for both are lovely. dee x

  8. The doily pocket is so, so pretty and sets off the lovely fabric a treat! Well done you! :-)

    Jem xXx

  9. So cute - clever you! I'd love to say I could wear one, but fear those days are gone!

  10. I think... my bum is too big for a pillow case. *lol* *hehehehe* Now that is something I never thought I would say.

    But seriously MY GOSH! That skirt is SO DARN CUTE! Em will look absolutely fantastic in it. I love the pocket it adds so much charm.

  11. So very cute...I have already done the craft it forward so won't join in but I am sure whoever receives a skirt will look so cute in it. xxx

  12. Hello there, I think your pillow slip skirt is lovely and I adore the yellow floral print. I would love to put my name down but alas I will not, as I would fail at Craft it Forward at the moment. Enjoy!