Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Skirting Around The Issue At Hand

At the risk of flogging a dead horse skirt, here's a quick update on my Craft it Forward situation.

As I type this I've only had one taker. Lovely Tammi from little poppaThis is your skirt Tammi. I know how much you love yellow so I'm crossing my fingers that you like what I came up with. I used a pretty vintage hanky to make the pocket

and I think it's very sweet.

I know some of you were concerned that your bottoms might be too big for a pillowslip skirt but there is actually plenty of fabric in one pillowslip to cover even the most luscious of bottoms. Honestly. So don't let that stop you.

this one is a goodbye pressie for a girl I work with
(she's off to the mines - everybody in the West seems to be heading North these days...)

pretty little cross-stitch doiley pocket

They are a tad on the short side, but that's where tights come in handy. Right. 
The finished length actually depends on the size of the pillowlip and not all vintage 'slips are the same size. Some are bigger than others. If you're tall and want to keep your privates private (and let's face it who wouldn't!) I can use a bigger pillowslip or add an extra piece of fabric. Easy.

this was a lovely pillowslip (it looks like it was screen-printed) and I think it makes an even lovelier skirt...

And remember if one of these little skirts isn't for you there's always the kiddo option...I've got some lovely Holly Hobbie pillowslips which would make the sweetest little skirts...oh and one made of flanelette, pink with deers, which would look very cute on a little girl with chubby legs, just learning to walk...

this one is for a little girl mad about ballet
she likes it 

Lastly I want to mention that there's no hurry to repay your c.i.f. debt. It's taken me more than four months, probably five, to get to this point. If you want to play along do it when the time is right for you. No biggie (I have never used this expression before, but it sums it up perfectly...)

this one's for my A (you know, my ardent feminist) she chose the 'slip and it's my favourite so far. It's quite faded and I really like that...

how gorgeous is this old doiley...

I am not a crafty person and this is not a crafty blog. You all know how easy these skirts are right? What I'm trying to say is your c.i.f. thingy doesn't need to be fancy or can be anything as long as you make it yourself.

O.k. I've done the hard sell, I'll leave it with you...there are four skirts available, please give it some thought.

Sorry. All skirted out.

Thanks Kel, Claire, Mel and Bron. Yay!


Oh and a quick but heartfelt thank you to Tam and Loo for the lovely "ladies" they sent me

my little bookcase is groaning! last count 63 lovelies (a group of ladybirds is called a loveliness btw. perfect. thanks Tam)


  1. Your skirts are so pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. They look gorgeous so colourful! I wore mine yesterday with and without tights and I loved it. I know I will be rocking it this winter. I will post photos tomorrow. I think I'll have to learn to make some, I love the kick they have xxxxx

  3. You're much more talented with the craftiness than you think you are my lovely - these skirts look beautiful and you clearly have an eye for pattern and colour because the combinations of the pillow slips and handkerchiefs you've used are great!

    My favourite has to be the ballet skirt though - it's utterly stunning and I think I'd have been completely in love with that as a little girl! :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S You might want to swing by and enter my giveaway as I think it's up your street!

  4. Your skirts are absolutely gorgeous. I would participate, except I cannot craft to save my life so until I gain some skills in that area it would not be fair at all ;-)

  5. My little parcel landed in my mailbox this afternoon and I cannot tell you how absolutely delighted I am with my skirt. It is perfect in every way Kylie...thank you so very much!
    I actually think you are much more talented in the crafty arena than you give yourself credit for :)
    I hope you get more contenders with the CIF and hope you are feeling better too.


  6. Ok Ok you have worn me down,actually lured me in completely. Now that I can almost sew in a straight line, I am probably up to inflicting my crafting efforts on 5 unsuspectings.
    Your skirts are beautiful! Is that bright pink floral number for someone in particular as I reckon if I don't squeeze into it then a quick elastic adjustment and miss Liongirl would be happy as a pig in mud. We would love it. melx

  7. Oohhh those are all so lovely ;-) Love the added addition of the pocket and the use of fabrics. I hope they get snapped up. dee x

  8. Those skirts are lovely Kylie - well done you!

    And I'm blown away by how quickly your Ladybird collection has grown ...really that's awesome. It's taken me a long long time to get together my 20 or so books. I found one this week and was over the moon.

  9. Hi Kylie, the skirts are gor-ge-ous!

    Thank you so much for the lovely parcel. It was waiting on the doorstep when we got home. I love it all! You are so sweet :)

  10. pleeeeeease can i have one????????? sorry i'm late! so i have to send you something crafty in return? is that how it works??? hmmmm i'll have to think of something :)

  11. Kylie your skirts are delightful,so pretty.Unfortunately sewing causes panic attacks and the anti-social thing is working against me as well. If I didn't already make my own bag skirts (not as pretty as yours) I would join in..sigh..

  12. oh pick me! if there is still a space open. they are gorgeous :) I ventured into the world of clothes sewing last week but think i could have a lot to learn!

    Kel x

  13. Too cool for school! By the way... I have tagged you in my blog... hoping you will answer a few "get to know you better questions" ... feel free to decline (it took me a while to complete) or even just answer as many or as little as you'd like... Hope you have a great weekend! :-) Angy xx

  14. Me AGAIN! Sorry but forgot to say Thanks for your lovely comment on my last post and also how cool is this... I'm PISCES too? When's your B-Day? Also do you live in the hills? Just wondering cos you said you'd seen Libby's gate at Vintage Spinster... we've probably passed each other in the store! :-)

  15. You know what I will be in to win it if you still have some spaces.....I have all year right, to return the favour????
    LOL. xx

  16. Kylie these skirts are all absolutely gorgeous. I didn't put my hand up for one because I had just been gifted a cushion from Zara in 'craft in fwd' so I thought I should leave the love for someone else. you have done a super job Miss 'not a crafty person' ;) love the little ballet print. cute.

  17. You're a clever cookie!
    I love the skirts, the doily and hankie pockets are such a gorgeous touch.
    Such a fantastic collection of pillow slips, I want them all! xo

  18. Gorgeous skirts! I have vintage sheet envy, lol. xx

  19. They really are all ultra cute, I agree with Jem, you're far better at sewing than you let on! x

    Is it your birthday soon?

  20. I have missed this totally, I 'm in, craft rocks! Let me know what's what and I will let my crafty fingers loose!

  21. lovely, lovely textiles... great to read up on these fine crafts, as i'm dipping my hands in another bucket of plaster....
    i'm missing you all, i am... thinking of the blogosphere as i'm tackling yet another wall... anyway. when i start unwrapping those boxes... it'll all pop out again. i'm missing my bobs and pieces, and frankly, i can't even remember what all i've got....

  22. Hi Kylie, I have just found your lovely blog, so happy I have. I love vintage and retro. I design and make vintage inspired clothing for children! I am also in the middle of a retro fibro beach shack. I heart all those beautiful skirts, so fem! I hope you pop on over to my blog and say hello! Roberta