Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love Letters...

(this weeks instalment of things I've got a bit of a crush on)

Vintage ride-on kangaroo

How wonderful is this guy? and he's one of two!
My daughter and I found him outside a ye olde lollie shop at a local(ish) indoor market. He is over fifty years old and the best thing about him (apart from all the obvious things) is that rides on him and his buddy are free. Gotta love that eh!

and yep that is me in the background in case you were wondering...

There are lots of vintage bits and pieces inside the shop too, I particularly liked this kitschy gal, tray at the ready, standing by the drinks fridge. Politically correct? probably not, awesomely cool? definetely! 

Eight dollar op-shopped oil painting

Unfortunately the artist's name is nowhere to be found which is a pity because I'd love to know...
Its background reminds me of old-fashioned lino, and the red, blue and black cubist shapes made me think of this mural painted on the exterior of Rose Seidler House*

Image from, more info and all round good blog here 

*maybe a bit of a stretch...but it's the first thing that popped into my head when I looked at the painting

The little boy is holding a box with the words Echo Margarine written on it. Echo margarine was made in the U.K. and named Echo because it was said to be an echo of real butter. Awwww cute!


vintage Thai silk dress $2.99 at Salvo's

(forgive the blue scribble, some people prefer to remain incognito)

 I nervously took this dress in just before I needed to wear it. At three bucks I figured it wouldn't be the end of the world if I wrecked it. Although my stichin was a little wonky, especially the arm holes (and I solved this little problem by keeping my arms by my side for most of the night) I was happy with the end result. Before I wear it again I am going to splash out and have it altered professionally (it was 39 degrees that day and hiding those wonky arm holes was hot and sticky work!)

Vintage souvenir tablecloth
(I've probably got more of these than tea towels actually. And that's saying something!)

linocut loveliness

This little "business card"

given to me by the cutest eighty-seven year old man. Ever. We struck up a conversation while we were waiting to be served at the Post Office. Turns out he is an ex marketing executive from the U.K. He gave one of the post ladies a hand-made chart so that she can work out the percentage of her life that has expired! I think she's 78% in the negative. In her words, a comforting thought...
Seems he's a bit of a card. I was proud of my reaction btw...oh how I laughed! I'm notoriously bad with jokes you see, I rarely find them funny. Not sure why...

Jesus, Mary

still looking for Joseph!

 Now I'm going to sew a pillow slip skirt (or two)
Inspired by this

Thanks for reading x


  1. I think thats probably the best shop in those markets. I never find anything to buy in there. You look lovely in your frock!! I so want one of those pillowcase skirts will have to give it a go. xx

  2. You are annoyingly photogenic Kylie, I feel the green eyed monster surfacing over that and your beautiful dress. Lovely picture.

    I love the kangaroo and free rides is a genius idea, I might finally be able to get my shopping done in peace.

    Such an intriguing painting, I hope you're able to find out more about it. And Jesus is great - did you buy them? He looks utterly stoned!

  3. Free rides on a kangaroo you can't beat that.
    I must agree you are stunning in that dress. Pretty.

  4. Great post! Beautiful dress! The painting is very unusual.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. You are soooo gorgeous we all need more Kylie pics I say! Love the roo ride how fun to own one.

  6. Hi my dear
    Grateful 4 Crochet put me in touch with your blog because I write about my obsession with vintage Ladybird books!!!
    I can't BELIEVE you have the Cinderella one, in fact I am so jealous it is aching, it's one that every collector wants. Well done for getting it.
    I backpacked around your beaut country back in 1999/2000 and can honestly say I had the time of my life. We finished up in Fremantle. Ohhhh the memories.
    Anyway, delighted to have found someone who adores Ladybird books like me.
    Let me know which ones you need and if I see any duplicates out here in the UK I will grab it for you.
    Gem xx

  7. Definitely need to see you more often on your blog, Kylie, you are such a supermodel! That silk dress is a beauty. I have done some pretty shoddy taking-in as well, it's always the armholes that cause the trouble...
    Love the kangeroo ride - there's a shop in town that has a Muffin the Mule ride from the 50s which is only 2p a ride - free would be even better!
    Lovely tablecloth, and Sarah will be envious when she sees Mary and her boy! xxxxxxx

  8. Looking great in that dress Kylie! I love those old rides too. I remember putting my sister on one of the old horse ones and her being shaken silly. My brother and I couldn't stop laughing until we saw Mums face as she ran through the car par towards us telling us to hold onto her!! Hee hee.

  9. Hi Kylie, you look so gorgeous in that dress and Curtise is right - supermodelesque! Like the painting very much even though I'm finding it a little spooky, not sure why. Can't wait to see your pillow case skirt. (btw, popped the ladybirds in the post to you on Friday via airmail). xx

  10. What a great ride did you have a go ? :)
    I love the kitten ladybird books I used to read them to my children when they were small, glad to say we still have loads of them,I like the craft one very 50's
    Cate x

  11. Great items you spied ;-) Love that Kangeroo he is cute. Wow you look gorgeous and so is your dress stunning colour. Look forward to seeing you skirt you make. dee xx

  12. That eight dollar painting is beautiful, something quite haunting about it - great find.
    You look stunning in the dress, such a luxurious fabric and feminine cut. A very sucessful week for a vintage lover I say!

  13. You put so many different and interesting things together in this post Kylie. You look gorgeous in the dress - the texture of it is very sumptuous. I enjoyed the business card, but even more - I loved the fabric you photographed it on!

  14. that kangaroo made me smile :) Love your dress, and haha to the blue squiggle i have friends who dont want to be 'all over the internet' too haha

  15. Oh wow - the $8 Op-Shop oil painting is brilliant, I'd have picked that up myself had it been in one of my local haunts!!

    Jem xXx

  16. I WANT to ride on the Kangaroo!
    That oil painting is awesome I love it.
    Plus you look totally gorgeous in that dress, even if it does have hidden arm issues. ;)

  17. OOh, Kylie, I have Jesus envy..he is really cool. YOu loks gorgeous in the dress, I am sure it is not as bad as you, you have had some hot days. It was so miserable that we spent the weekend under eiderdowns reading books and watching movies, today the sun was out and we fried! Thanks for your thoughts, the rivers are still swollen and some roads are closed but we are o.k. where we are.

    Enjoy your week, Tx

  18. Wow wee, lots and lots to see here. I love australiana - that kangaroo is wonderful - are they black eyes - I like to think it is wearing an eye patch;-) Beautiful oil painting - what a find. Pretty dress and gorgeous pick!

  19. Thanks for the chuckle Kylie re your dress armholes, it looks stunning on you by the way....Also loved your post office interesting.l too love the painting and l can see where it reminded you of Seidler house. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

  20. The dress looks fantastic, no comment on the armholes. There was a ride on kangaroo like that for sale on ebay for $300, imagine having one at home to ride any time? melx