Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Top Five Covet List

Pippa from Ouch Flower is holding a blog link up today.
Her idea is to come up with five "things" you'd put in your shopping trolley if money were no object. And it can be anything! House, car, piece of art, etc as long as it has a modernist/retro/vintage vibe.

Hmmmm...just imagine the possibilities...

Anyway, here is my current list (I see it as a fluid thing, constantly changing as I discover more and more lovely, interesting, covetable stuff)

1. The Iwanoff House

here it is in all its concrete glory
designed by Iwan Iwanoff, for his family in 1966

I have written about my love for Iwanoff buildings on this blog before, here and here. This is one of my favourites, what an incredible home it would be to live in and call my own! Sigh. Just one little hitch's not for sale! However, if money were no object I wouldn't let that stop me! I'd march up to that front door, make a wild and crazy offer and Voila! It would be mine!

More info and lovely interior pics here and ten more Iwanoff's to perve at here. Do have a look - they're awesome.

2. A vacation in Palm Springs (can't get more modernist than that!) I'd go in February so I could attend Modernism Week and stay here

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

3. A Paul Davies painting (this one would be quite nice...)

4. A Wembley Ware dhufish vase

image via

I have a few smaller pieces, but I have always, always wanted one of these!

5. A little vintage Australian-made caravan like this one:

1965 Globe Trotter (same vintage as me btw)

a cubby house for me to play in and it would make running away easy too!

O.K. that's my list and apart from the Iwanoff, not too pricey either (and even that when it sold last year, wasn't waay out of reach. If I won Lotto i.e.)

What I'd really like at the moment is someone to do all the prep work for our kitchen reno (we've decided to make do and mend) I have been patching and sanding all weekend and (to put it nicely) I'm over it!

Click to see what lists other (much more interesting people than me!) have put together. Great blogs too btw.





  1. You're very true to your modernist leanings Kylie. Fantastic list and uber-delectable lusts. That Paul Davies painting is droolworthy indeed.

    That's an interesting post to do - it wold take me a long time to narrow down my top 5 covets. Hmmm.

  2. Loving the Paul Davis, we certainly linked there! I have not heard of the architect Iwanoff before so I look forward to reading up about him. Thanks for linking in! Great fun :)

  3. I love your list Kylie! Will def check out the other links about the Iwanoff House. And a vacation in Palm Springs - sounds uber retro and I love it. Perhaps we can caravan together when our Covet List becomes our realities? xx

  4. The painting is fabulous! This is so much fun.

  5. OMG that home, I'm in the kitchen with the kettle on, wanna cuppa!

  6. It's when you post about the modernist things you love that I realise how much of a modernist you are - silly thing to say I suppose but you know what I mean :-)

    It's funny - I'm in the same camp re: a bolt hole outside the house. When I was a kid I hated caravanning with my folks but these days I'd love and old caravan, or a shed, at the bottom of a garden to retreat to!

    Jem xXx

  7. What a great wish list. We had an old caravan. It was always so hot and old smelling and always had huntman spiders inside. It was way cool and as I wish we still had it.

    The kitchen reno sounds interesting. Can't believe its nearly hoo. Enjoy your week, T x

  8. Definitely with you on the caravan! Refreshing painting and love the Iwanoff house, not so sure about the fish vase but it sure is interesting! Hope you had a brilliant weekend!

  9. The van for me has also been on my wish list. What a fabulous piece of craftsmanship!I loved your list, the house was great. Thanks.

  10. i got my skirt!!!!!!!!! Thankyou soooo much i love it! will post pic on my blog soon!! xx

  11. What a truly spectacular list Kylie - I love your sense of style. Is the house still a private home? It must be a bit like living in a national treasure with day trippers wanting to come around and sightsee!

  12. Well you have great taste, Kylie, and I feel like a totally ignorant dullard cos I haven't heard of any of those guys, but that's what blog buddies are for, right? Educational friendship! xxx

  13. always see it big! chances are it will rub off...
    your choices are wild. lovely...

  14. If I ever win super big I will try and obtain at least one of those for you! Hmmm, interesting post though - mine would be forever changing too; I'd love a caravan too - torn between a retro vinyl filled one and a proper gypsy wagon and horse.