Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We have finally downed paint brushes (for a while at least) There is a big tick next to "finish painting exterior" on our to do list! Hoo(bloody)ray! And tomorrow I'll have the immense pleasure of drawing another great big fat tick next to "hang house numbers"!

I bought these numbers well over a year ago, when we first bought this house, and I have been waiting since then to get them up on our wall. They are made of zinc and should get lovely and rusty over time...probably staining our newly painted wall in the process, but that is o.k. with me...

Here's one of the numbers for you to look at

they should throw wonderful shadows on the wall too...
I'll let you know.

I love ticking off jobs on our to do list. We've still got masses of work ahead of us, but we're getting's a good feeling that's for sure.

Okey-dokey that's enough talk about our renovations... before I share a few more of last Wednesday's treasures I want to show you the very special vintage Bucilla latch pillow kit I received from Brittany yesterday

pretty groovy isn't it...such a fab prize

I hope I can do it justice and that it looks as good as it does in the picture when I've finished it. It was so kind of Brittany to send me this all the way from the States and with such a gorgeous home-made card too.

Alrighty, back to Wednesday's op-shop finds:

pretty in pink
a lovely mirror... only two dollars!

another first aid kit
and recently re-stocked so it seems...

pretty Hobbytex wall hanging

late 70's/early 80's Melmac to go with these

Majolica-ish pottery bowl...perfect for olives


another mirror, I know it's not as pretty as the pink one but I thought it was funny even if no-one else did! It was only fifty cents and still in it's original box.

Would you believe there's more? (I'll throw in a set of steak knives before you know it!) but I'll show you the rest of it another time, hope you'll be back to check it out x

Here's another tea towel 

I really like this one even though it looks like it has dried lots of dishes in its time...


  1. Well done Kylie, you've completed a job we've been making excuses about for ages (we don't have a ladder, it's too expensive, weekends are family time etc etc...). Some cool finds as usual, that olive bowl is lovely. And I'm actually looking for a set of steak knives, now you mention it!

  2. oh that first aid kit is amazing!! you have some great op shop luck little lady :)

    kel x

  3. Ooohhh love that little plate how cute is that? ;-) the pink mirror and wall hanging are lovely to. You have some great finds there. Enjoy them, dee x

  4. Hi, just read through your blog. Love your blog header pic, would love to see more of your home.

  5. What finds! I liked the melmac platter for it's fun and the numbers are just the right touch to say - vintage appreciated here! in your home.

  6. Your 2 dollar mirror was a find and a half! :-)

    Jem xXx

  7. I wonder if there is a salve in that first aid kit for jealousy!? I'm still on the look out for a nice banged-up kit like that. Another great find =) That mirror is amazing and pink. Also, I love today's tea towel!

  8. I'd not have thought your house number was made of zinc - it looks like beautifully distressed wood! You're right - they will age fantastically and get such character. I love that rusted look.

    The French also do faded and rusted brilliantly. I go around France in mini-raptures. And put me in front of your house in a few years and I'd probably stand and drool over the numbers. Our house number is a neat white-on-slate affair. Bit bland. Hubby says no, it's a contemporary classic. ;)

  9. oh wow, i LOVE all your finds but that mirror (i have a thing for mirrors!) steals my heart...

    btw, i am loving your blog ;) and i have something for you on my post here:

  10. i love the fading into its surface of FIRST AID!