Monday, May 23, 2011

pretty aprons all in a row...

just some of the lovely linen I bought at yesterday's Trash n Treasure...if these can't cheer you up on a grey day nothing will! Here they are blowing in the wind

I can't pick a favourite, although I l-o-v-e the pockets on the brown one...some of them even have matching tea towels! Imagine how thrilled I am about that!

I also bought hankies


and lots

and l-o-t-s of hankies

I love the box that these ones came in...
almost a rainbow...

In fact I've got more hankies than you could sniff at...

Now that I'm experienced in the fine art of needlepoint (Ha!) I'm going to embroider slightly inappropriate words on these ones...words like blow, booger, cry-baby etc. Just for a bit of fun...what do you think? Too try-hard perhaps???

I also spotted this lovely old biscuit box

Look inside...
 pretty little napkin rings
I'm thinking afternoon tea table...
or I might wear them in my hair or even on my fingers...

I bought this Damask table cloth too

still in its original wrappings
I do like its label...very weddingy

And I'm not sure if I saved the best till last but this wild and crazy place-mat set really tickles my fancy...mostly because the napkins are numbered! No chance of catching germs from your fellow diners! Love it!

only four for dinner though!

O.K. That's enough Show and Tell for one day.
Here's a tea towel and another great pic from my Life in Australia book...

Lady bowlers, Sydney
David Moore

Before I sign off I just want to say thank you for all your lovely and encouraging comments about my quilt x
Somebody else likes it too...

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  1. Lots and lots of treasure! Loving your hanky ideas, the napkin rings are right up my street, although i dont have people over for dinner that often so would probably do crafty things too. Oooh at aprons, im on the look out for a 50s style one, with the frilly edges! May your apron post bring me luck in my quest. Scarlett x

  2. YES do the hanky thing, top idea, especially on the really granny ones.

  3. Love everything! The aprons look great fluttering on the line!

  4. Gorgeous fabric treasures! Is there still room in your house? Definitely embroider the hankies - great idea!

  5. Kylie, aprons with matching tts are making me totally swoon. I literally can't bear it!

    Adore the numbered napkins and the napkin rings too.

    Crikey, soooo many hankies. I love the idea of the embroidery, you clever and crafty thing you.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. I liked how you said "pretty aprons all in a row." They are gorgeous aprons too! I love 'em. Thanks for sharing.

  7. oh wonderful finds!! hankies, and teatowels, and aprons.. oh my... be still my beating heart!
    Get that dog OFF the beautiful quilt, grrrrrr, it is far tooo lovely to be a doggie blanket♥

  8. I really love the mod floral hankies. Any chance you'll be selling those?

  9. What a wonderful assortment of aprons and hankies! You may just have tempted me to find an apron of my own!

  10. i don't know... they just don't make 'em like so, over here, the aprons.
    yes, yes, yes. oh yes! to words on those hankies. splendid, powerful. just up my street...
    well, because i'm into the juxtaposition anyway. all will be revealed, one day. but it's too soon.
    napkin rings on fingers. naturally.
    well, and those numbered napkins, they scream for my napkin rings!!!!! remember???
    phieuuuuuw! yes, that was a whole lot... enjoyed it.

  11. Kylie! Those numbered napkins are amzing! I love the colors and the patterns. All those hankies are amazing too. Your quilt turned out beautifully too!

  12. DO the hanky thing :) So glad you call people try-hards too. We spend many a thrifting weekend calling fellow thrifters 'try-hards' while laughing about how 'try-hard' we are!!!

    The aprons are SO cute too - I want an apron although you don't often find me in the kitchen. Maybe I'd do it more if I had an apron ... hmmmm.

    Love those photos btw. especially of them blowing in the wind :)

  13. Lovin' all these beautiful vintage linens! What an excellent haul. And those napkin rings would look amazing as hair clips...just sayin'. :)

  14. wow great finds, Love the aprons especially the 2 brown flower ones ;-) And those hankies to the large bold flowers ones are my favorite. dee x

  15. Brilliant hankies...I just got an order for some of my Hearts and Flowers Garlands in bright colours, and can I find any bright hankies around here? No! You need to be living around the corner from me girrrl!
    Great haul...are you the only op-shopper over in Perth? Your finds are brilliant

  16. Gorgeous!! I love the brown one with the pockets and the one on the far right. Cute.
    And those numbered napkins are awesome!!
    What great finds as always!!

    P.S. Kylie, you should seriously consider of opening a vintage shop!!!

  17. I love colourful washing on the line,those ones look fab.
    The napkin rings are lovely as well.
    Hope you are well
    Oh the quilt you did is amazing!

  18. Kylie love your rainbow of aprons...Also love the idea of cry baby on the hankie...
    Leah X

  19. WOW - what great finds! Those aprons are so lovely. I'd want to leave them there blowing in the wind forever!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  20. Hiya - I've just found you via Jumbles and Pom Poms and popped over to check out the teatowels! Saw one today in a charity shop - 1976 Australian calendar, but didn't buy it because it had a date on it. I'll pop back tomorrow in case its still there...;) Love the grocers scales at the top of your blog - been lusting after some ever since I had to walk past some at a car boot 13 years ago. Was pushing a buggy at the time. It was either the scales or the baby... couldn't manage both :(

  21. What amazing linen finds!
    I ADORE your quilt and embroidered pillowcases too, they are beautiful :)

  22. you are super awesome! thank you for the lovely mail that i received this week :) made me smile in the middle of a truly terrible week! so thank you. you are fabulous!

    love all the hankies that you have found! i am collecting vintage hankies and plan to turn them into a quilt one of these days...

    have an awesome end of the week - Kel xx

  23. Kylie this is an incredible stash and a half - you've scored an absolute blinder with these and I love your embroidery idea, it's kitsch and witty (not try hard!!). I can't decide whether I'm more in love with the hankies or the aprons!

    Jem xXx