Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I've already shown you what my girls gave me for Mothers Day...so what do you think I gave myself???

a quick trip to the Tip Shop, that's what!

I popped in on our way to visit my Mum, much to the girls horror and embarrassment...but it was Mothers Day, so they had no choice but to accompany me and suffer through the shame and indignity of watching their Mum pick through other people's rubbish. Ha-ha!

Sadly there were slim pickings but I did get these

one dollar the lot!

A closer look

pretty Grindley Ware plate

sweet Alfred Mertens wall hook
Made in West Germany in 1984 and perfect for hanging a special vintage tea towel  on.

The Life in Australia book is the real treasure of the lot. Published in 1968 it is full to the brim with the most wonderful photos of Australian people, landscapes, architecture etc. Too good not to share, so expect to see some fantastic images like this one in the future 

Sunday afternoon, Palm Beach, N.S.W.
Photo by David  Beal

In fact the pics are so cool I think I'm going to feature a pic a post, like I do with my tea towels...

I know I've been dining out on the stuff I found almost two Wednesdays ago... please bear with me while I show you the rest of it... I want to clear the decks so to speak, before I post about some other interseting things I've got in mind...

Okey-doke, here's the rest of it:

I was thrilled to find this and it was only fifty cents!

cheerful Moplen Shred Master
(got to love a Shred Master!)
made in Italy 

more kitschy souvenirs...both black and gold but from opposite sides of the world
the real Big Banana...11 metres long

I also bought my husband an old framed National Geographic-ish print of  Victoria Falls which he loved but my photo was terrible so I'm not showing (just telling)

Before today's tea towel here's another great photo from "Life in Australia". I've chosen this one in honour of the Tiges great win against the Freo Dockers on Saturday. Especially for you Anth.

photo by Helmut Gritscher

No footy tea towels, this will have to do

Thanks for reading, I'm linking to Sophie's Flea Market Finds and Thrift Share Monday


  1. I love that pretty plate! The colors are beautiful and subtle. I agree with you though, the real find is that book! I'm looking forward to more photos from it, much like I look forward to the tea towels =)

  2. thanks for sharing, and what a wonderful money box!!wow, key and all.
    Love the photos from your 'new' book... keep them coming, along with the Tea Towels.♥ please.

  3. I love photography (other people's sadly, mine still isn't up to much!) and that book looks brilliant. Love the image of the lady soaking up the rays in her Sunday best.

    Can't wait until I start embarrassing my kids...heheh.

  4. Heh, we have a local tip shop, but its been tarted up and called a 'reclamation centre' its almost become cool (and crowded, sigh). Some great finds there. Really like your blog :0)

  5. Trip to tip shop is always a winner, and good move doing it on mothers day so no complaints! lol. Great finds as always, the books is fabulous, looking forward to seeing more pics :o) Scarlett x

  6. I love that cute little hook.
    Great way to spend mothers day,none of ours ever open on it.
    Am loving the pics too

  7. You have some cracking finds - loving that Alfred Mertens wall hook.

    I have a little question...where do you put it all? I'm becoming a bit desperate about surfaces - as in running out of them.

    And the loft is already full to bursting so that's no help - anymore up there and the house will collapse. Besides, kitsch was made to be seen.

  8. Love the plate, wall hook and book! You found some neat things!

    I can believe the bank has the key-I rarely find them with the bottoms still attached!

    Can't wait to see more photos (AU has always been one of my dream destinations). ~Gina

  9. Loving all your retro finds, my favorite is the two black and gold kitschy souvenirs, united from across the world :)

    By the way, I wanted to e-mail you with a proposal but couldn't find your e-mail. Please send it to me at info@thriftcore.com.

    Thank you!

  10. What a fantastic book, I look forward to some other pics from it. Oh and I do love that plate. x

  11. We might be going up the coast soon, I'm DYING to see the big banana on the way!!!

  12. hehehehe, I love that you made the girls suffer with your tip trip! One of my children would be sitting in the car mortified but the others would rummage away with me.

    You really do find the most fabulous stuff! Pickings have been scare at my local op-shops lately, so I love popping over here to get my fix of vintage treasure.