Monday, May 30, 2011

O.K. so yesterday would have to rate right up there as one of my most successful vintage shopping sprees ever!

I'd noticed a few days earlier that the local senior cits were holding a jumble sale (how sweet are those two words? Jumble. Sale. The promise of treasures just waiting to be unearthed...(by me of course!)

Anyway, I got up early, brushed my teeth, chucked my hair in a pony, pulled on my tracky-dacks, (my reasons for telling you this will become obvious soon...)and ended up being one of their first customers! Yay! You know the kid in the lolly shop scenario right? Well that was me!

I bought heaps of stuff...they actually had a twenty cent table...and not the kind of cr_ _ you usually get for twenty cents either ie nothing was stained, chipped, broken, smelly, dirty etc

This post needs a pic...when you see it you will understand the reason for all this carry-on and O.T.T-ness. Look away if you love mid-century furniture and design because I think you are going to be (just a little) jealous...
look at these babies...
do you know what they are?
T H Brown barstools!
How much did I pay for what one ebayer calls "the holy grail of Australian teak furniture"? (that guy's worse than me!) I paid ten dollars. No bargaining either. I just asked the lady how much they were and she told me.
At this point I didn't know they were T H Brown, I just thought they were really cool (and cheap) When I got home I turned my stools upside down, found a label and T H Brown stamp in the wood, did a bit of a Google search and viola...these stools are selling at around the twelve hundred dollar mark for a pair! Is that what you call a bargain or not! I have been talking to and stroking these beauties since I got them home! And it doesn't matter that we haven't got a bar or a kitchen fit to put them in because we will...eventually.

I would love to know about your best bargain btw.

Thanks for reading my little tirade and putting up with my gushiness too. Here's another really cool thing I bought (I'll save all the smaller bits and pieces for another time)
it's a lamp from Zimbabwe
here it is switched on at night...not a good pic though
can you make out the family of warthogs? it looks so magical in the dark...

I was going to end now, but please indulge me for a little longer...I need your help...

do you know anything about this picture?
(forgive the "jaunty" angle)
this is the artist's signature
its name
artist's proof...New York Harbour
and some of its beautiful
check out that skyline...
if you do please let me know, because I think it's very special

No tea towel...I've taken up enough of your time already. I know there was a lot to read come back...there will be less words and more pics next time. Promise. And I'll tell you about what happened to me at the jumble sale too...


  1. what sort of a lucy violet post ends with NO TEATOWEL? I protest and refuse to say how absolutely fantastic, and well done, on the bar stools for your non-bar really are!. wowzers, that is a great find. Surely the oldies had one JUMBLED teatowel??

  2. WOW love the bar stools and a fabulous bargin.
    Cool lamp too
    Have a great week

  3. Wow! On the bar stools. I think I'd have had a heart attack if I realized I picked up something worth $1,200 for just $10 dollars! Yep, that's a bargain. I also love the lamp. Great finds! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely. The bar stools look in great condition also. Well done.

    Madison xxx

  5. oh my the bar stools!! What an amazing find! See that little holy medal is working for you ;o) Cant wait to hear about the jumble sale! Scarlett x

  6. No way! They are amazing - you are totally allowed to gush. (I would have bought them too, and am also without a bar, so far...). The warthog lamp looks so cool as well, that's not something you see everyday!

    Catch up with you when I get back from hols xx

  7. Wow Kylie - what an exciting find!! I'm absolutely thrilled for you, those look amazing, and what an utter bargain at $10!! I think most people would be envious - I definitely am :-D

    Love the sweet embroidery in the last picture too!

    Jem xXx

  8. Congratulations on your fab find! It's a banner day!

  9. Great scores! I don't know anything about the painting, but it looks great.

  10. Wow! those chairs are *incredible!!** I love the Warthog lamp too, its so unique. Can't wait to hear what else you got!

  11. Oh those stools are amazing well done....

  12. What cool buys, I am so jealous. Next time the church round the corner from me is holding a jumble sale I am trying to get there!
    The painting is awesome I love the NY skyline...

  13. Goodness me, what an amazing find! Clever you!

  14. What this about no tea towel Thats not on my girl!! Expecting 2 next time lol.
    Love those tools you done good.You think you might sell them if you get offered well?I would lol.

  15. Oh. My. Gosh. Those stools are gorgeous. And the New York print is lovely - you're right about the skyline. But sorry, can't help there.

  16. i don't even have a bar but i'd have those bar stoos! nice're onto a good thing. you have a lovely eclectic eye...i never know what you'll find.

  17. The stools! The lamp! The boat art! Love them all! Lucky finds!

  18. Those barstools are amazing! What a great price too. I can't wait to see the other finds =)

  19. What a beautiful set of goodies! Amazing deal on the barstools!!

  20. look, listen, i just need MORE time when i come visiting a-you!
    bl** hell, lady, i didn't look away and now i'm gonna have to live with the fact of these beautiful bar stools, marked somewhere in the back of my mind, like forever...?! understanding your own luck does soothe me a little. so i'm gonna say it anyway : WELL DONE!
    so, as stated above, i will be back, for chores, 'n' all that, you know... X