Monday, May 16, 2011

Hi everyone, I've found some pretty good stuff lately... have a look and see if you like it too...

I love these little glasses. They were two dollars each which is probably a bit pricey, but they sucked me in because they're from Western Australia...
I grew up in the bush and when I was a little girl I used to pick donkey orchids ( they really do have little donkey sweet) and spider orchids all the time.
This in spite of May Gibbs telling me not to, in my very well read copy of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (a bit like this one)
and a big NO NO these days.  

I bought the fan too btw, but not at the same op-shop...funny how sometimes a bit of a theme develops when you're op-shopping...does it happen to you too?

Anyway I must not digress! I also bought this:

Pyrex Gooseberry (1957) top and
Spring Blossom
and this:

Made in Japan
(like my barkcloth?)

this Grizelle vase
and the vintage sheets too
more bamboo...see what I mean about themes...

I was very happy to find another flower frog. In it's box too. Bartlett. Made in England. I think it's made of weighs a tonne!

This poor pooch also found a new home

look, he's crying "pearls"!
Made in Japan
kitschy and's a sugar bowl.

There is more to show and tell, but I'll save it for another day...except for some Life in Australia pics and today's tea towel. I'll show you those now because, well, you know that's just what I do...

Signs of progress, Surfers Paradise
David Beal
there is so much to love about these photos

and this tea towel!

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  1. That crying dog - oh the humanity! Poor thing, he will make your sugar salty...

    The little glasses are great, and I love the bamboo patterned sheets.

    Also loving the look of your desk top - I spy paper doiley note paper! I'll be posting about the granny blankets soon xx

  2. oooo pyrex!
    I do like those glasses,very pretty.
    Those photos are fab,i like the first one best,all the billboards just draw you in

  3. Oh I fancy that little dog and the glasses. My mum has that Spring Blossom pyrex and I love it's guts. Nice work.

  4. Yes, I do see what you mean about themes! Love the stylin' of the pyrex.

  5. snugglepot and cuddlepie-what an adorable looking pair, is it an aussie book Kylie?
    Love the bamboo sheets too, very fresh looking, they remind me of some curtains my mum had when we were small!

  6. Wow! Some awesome finds! I do wonder where you get all this cool stuff in Perth. Op shops are so bare near where I am- I probably don't look hard enough either though. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Northam (not too far but still country!)

  7. ooooh yummy pyrex! Love that and of course the crying dog bless him! Also the glasses are fabulous! Scarlett x

  8. Great pyrex.I am buggered if I can find any pyrex around here. I shall cast the wish into the eather and see what comes up. I love the glasses as well.

  9. wonderful finds, and the photos from your book...a treasure.. I remember in the late 50s/early 60s my Dad took a photo (colour slides of course!) of every motel we ever stayed at!! why?

  10. you're gonna have to explain to me what a flower frog is, and why it turns out so heavy, if you don't mind. i can sort of imagine how it works, and have never heard of it!
    those glasses did catch my eye though. i have NO idea, growing up in the bush... picking orchids? ah, you lucky so and so (even if laws prohibit such action these days); the very thought! orchids are so exotic 'round here!..
    the photos dazzle me so.

  11. Great finds, I love the glasses and the vintage pyrex.
    Those photos are really lovely, where did they come from?

  12. As usual, Kylie, there's is so much to love here. Adore the pyrex (and how you photographed them) and the bamboo sheets and barkcloth (mmmmm yummy barkcloth, so few and far between nowadays). Love those old photos.

    Have a great day. xx

  13. So true about the theme, you thrifty senses go on alert! The photos are so charming, as are your finds.

  14. Love that tea towel! I can't get enough of thrifting tea towels recently.

  15. Great finds, Kylie! Those glasses are so charming. The Pyrex is gorgeous (love the photograph!) and that little dog sugar bowl is awesome. I am really enjoying the Life in Australia pics, thanks for sharing them. I hope we get to see more =)

  16. Cuddlepot & snugglepie l loved these books when l was a girl...Leah X

  17. Oh toooo much thrifty goodness! Nope, never enough! LOL
    You have inspired me to take photos of more of my treasures - I normally use my "Miss Prudence Knits" blog, my card blog is just a catalogue for my cards. xxx

  18. LOVE those vintage sheets! My parents had bamboo print sheets in the bedroom at one stage when I was a child. They even had little bamboo bedside tables to match!

  19. Thanks for visiting Kylie, glad you liked the brownies.

    Your WA glasses are worth every cent of their $2 each. I'm a complete sucker for vintage Australian botanicals. Have a linen tablecloth I'll put on my blog one day that I absolutely cherish - and use all the time.

  20. Snuggle pot and Cuddle pie were my favs as a kid. I also adore your tea towel

  21. Love the little glasses at the start of your post. The little dog looks so sad!

  22. Love those old pictures, hubby remembers it well!