Sunday, May 22, 2011

I hope you are enjoying what's left of the weekend...I've had a lovely weekend...peaceful, quiet and cosy...there's finally a chill in the air which is so lovely after our long hot Summer...I even wore my vintage mohair coat on Friday!

Here's what I have been up to and things that have made me happy over the last few days:

I have been stichin and bitchin, but after alot of both (sewing is a stressful business for me and my little old Janome!) I ended up with this

yep, it's my vintage sheet quilt...
it's no log cabin, but gosh I'm proud!
another pic to show-off my handy-work (ha-ha)
and one more because I am not a sewer and I can't believe how well it turned out!
I made the pillowcases too...w-e-l-l that's stretching the truth a little...I bought the doilies from the op-shop for one dollar, very wonkily embroided sweet dreams on them, (this is where the bitchin comes in...there was plenty of swearing when I realised I'd embroided the dreams doily the wrong way round...and there is no such thing as a quick unpick by the way!) and sewed them onto a pair of vintage, op-shopped pillowcases.

I've also been bakin

lemon meringue cupcakes
I know, just call me Nigella!
same place as those yummy brownies...

 And I've been shoppin too


I'm pretty sure I bought all the treasure
all this for fifteen dollars!
and there's way more than it looks like in pic...I'll be posting about this stuff for a while! Vintage tablecloths, tea towels, aprons, the most beautiful hankies (still gift boxed!) etc etc ETC

O.K. I'm going to stop dropping my "g's"

I also received a lovely surprise from  Scarlett during the week, look

I l-o-v-e that gorgeous West Australian tea towel
(of course!)

Scarlett says in her Elvis card (what else?) "the medal has been blessed so it should bring you plenty of bargain hunting luck lol" Well if today is anything to go by, I think it's working already Scarlett!

It was a great week for mail, because I also received these
vintage inspired postcards
my prize from this lovely blog 
(check out Micaela's post on the very gorgeous Charlotte Gainsbourg)

While I'm talking about receiven (sorry, couldn't help myself) my Mum gave me this little doll
another thing that made me happy...

And now I'd better say cheerio because this has turned into a marathon post. Just a tea towel...promise.

this one's for you Nick...
strange that the little apples around the edge are orange?


  1. You are a domestic GODDESS Kylie! Love your stichin and bitchin - it came out brilliantly. Wow! Scarlett's gifts look fab and I LOVE your doll too - I have a gorgeous rag doll from Cuba I'm very fond of (despite not really being a doll person...)

    What a great weekend xx

  2. You have been so busy! Love the quilt and your embroidery! And you bake too!!!! I spy something tartan in that haul - look forward to seeing what you do with everything!

  3. The quilt and pillows look wonderful Kylie, well done. Loving the top tassie-tastic teatowel, I do find myself looking forward to your teatowel show off now. And that is a cool wee dolly, well done mum! I too am not a doll person but I have a hand-made beaut from Rarotonga that has the same vibe x

  4. wow look at your quilt!!! Its incredible! Well done you, you'll be taking orders for them soon ;o) Glad the luck of the Irish (medal) is with you,looks like you had a bargain hunting dream of a weekend! Ive bagged a few bargains this weekend too but building up the energy to photograph them. Mwah Scarlett x

  5. that quilt is GORGEOUS :)
    Thanks for dropping by and don't worry about having a 'proper' photographer following you - I would definitely say I'm not proper in the slightest ;)

  6. Your quilt is so gorgeous, the colours you've chosen are great! :-) I love the 'sweet dreams' embroidery! I must admit I'm no great shakes at embroidering either so I think you've done brilliantly here!!

    Jem xXx

  7. YAY!!!!! I love your quilt! Great job missy! so fab. And the sweet dreams pillows - um, I might just have to make that my own some how - very inspiring. MWAH!

  8. and proud you should be, it's looking gooooooooood! i am impressed, and so nice to see all that sheet thrifting that seems to capture many bloggers down under put into a very grand quilt indeed! you will have sweet dreams!
    you can pass the lemon meringues now, would you? those are only my favourites...

  9. Kylie you are a genius! The quilt is amazing and the embroidery too. Well done you! Love the treasures and I can wait to see each and everyone of them in all their gorgeous detail.

  10. What a beautiful quilt, your choice of fabrics are gorgeous! I think I feel a quilt coming on too.......thanks for the inspiration x

  11. awesome quilt! good for you!!!

  12. wow your quilt cover looks fabulous well done you :-)) Its lovely to see the vintage sheets used and turned into something ;-)) have a wonderful week, dee x

  13. I'm going to have to start looking out for pukka vintage sheets now. Those ones in your ever-so-lovely quilt are really cool.

    Who'd have thought one could mix turquoise and mustard and purple flowers and it would work so well. Actually that makes me sound utterly stupid - I just have to look out in the garden and see the colour combos there. Even whackier than the ones we come up with. But beautiful.

    Yeah - fab quilt - well done you.

    And I cannot count how many times I have sewn something upside down and had to rip it all out. My still-unfinished curtains come to mind *cough* ;)

    All looking swell Kylie - 'trashy' finds too. Love the tea towel.

  14. Wow Kylie, you have been so busy! Your quilt and pillows looks ab fab sweetie! I had better get my a... into gear and get sewing. It is so fresh! I want fresh. I need fresh. I have to freshen up my loife!
    Good on you with the pressies. Great little doll.
    Re the teatowel, as it was most probably printed in the (then) eastern block countries, it is likely they had no idea that apples in Australia were red like the rest of the world. They would have thought that we were some kind of alternate, exotic fantasy place, where weird fruit of different colours grows. (That's my theory and I am sticking to it)

  15. The Tasmanian Tea Towel - Nice find, love the drawing of the Casino on it! Your home must be overflowing with your wonderful finds!

  16. stichin and bitchin pays off! (ha, i thought that was cute!) i am in LURVE with those pillow cases! in lurve, i tell ya! and i already want to come over and be your student and thrift with you.

    also, so happy you got the winnings! vintage postcards? so you! glad it was you ;)


  17. Hey Kylie, I hope you get the reply I sent to your comment. I get a message that you are a no reply blogger. I just wanted to say that I thought your quilt is really great! The one I have started is not as complicated as you might think and I hope you will try more quilts! I sew on a janome too! : )

  18. I love your blog but for some reason its not coming up on my blog roll when you post something new thas why I havnet been commenting GRR must go investigate!!
    Loving that quilt you bitched and stitched over I want to make dresses with my sheets and use scraps for a quilt.So much to do so little time.

  19. Your cupcakes look great! As does the quilt. And as for your trash and treasure buys... I think I may need to relocate to WA. No way would you find so much good stuff at one place at one time round here.