Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vintage Christmas Card # 2

(I accidently typed mintage instead of vintage in the title of this post...even though I've corrected my mistake I like the word mintage. Actually I think it's a great word. Do you? These old cards are definitely mintage. Have you heard it used before? Just wondering...)

Today's card was also painted by Irene Schricker. It is quite different to her card which I posted yesterday...


The Three Kings

(from an original painted with the mouth)

Yesterday I wished a knew more about Irene, turns out all I had to do was read the back of this card. It says:

I. Schricker, a very devoted girl, contracted polio on the eve of her wedding. Being a member of the Association for Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, she likes painting religious paintings and landscapes.

If that doesn't tug at your heart strings I don't know what will! Just imagine, a young bride, head and heart full of love and excitement, about to marry the man of her dreams...

(knowing this makes Irene's ability to teach herself to paint with her mouth even more inspirational)

I almost wish I didn't make such a sad discovery.
Now I just want to know more...I'm wondering if her fiance stuck by her/cared for her, if they married, had children etc etc.

Aren't you?

Another card tomorrow and a retro Christmas recipe, you probably won't want to try!

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  1. Oh, what a sad story! Hope you can find out what happened to her. Lovely card.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Oh how sad, poor Irene, but what a talented lady.

  3. This is a heartbreaking story, poor Irene!! I hope her groom stood by her!

    Mintage is a brilliant word, you've coined a winner!

    Jem xXx

  4. Oh no, poor Irene, I wonder what happened next?
    I'm pinching the word mintage, it's perfect to describe vintage items in mint condition! In fact I bought a mintage 190s coat today - see? Using it already! xxxx

  5. That was supposed to say 1960s. Twit! xxx

  6. How wonderful to be able to paint so well, and with your mouth-it must have taken such dedication to learn. We still get a foot/mouth painted xmas card each year from an aunt who always buys her cards from a particular charity, i cant remember which though. I do hope its an irene one this year!

  7. Painting is a brillant enough talent,without bloody doing it with your MOUTH!!!! Amazing.
    OMG,now you point out what Golden Brown is about it's all so obvious!!! I had NO idea...such an innocent...! I can see why you'd dislike handbags, sometimes they annoy me, all cumbersome and whatnot.But I do love them and have carried one for sooo long it's like an extra arm.
    Mintage is a brillant word! Exactly as Curtise says,it can be used for mint conditon vintage! I love making up words, but also make loads of typos I like too.

  8. aww nice, i never see any vintage cards anywhere x

  9. Oh a sad little story on the back of the card. I am sure she turned out fine because she is a wonderful artist. NO I have never heard of the word mintage. I think you own it missy. We should all post and work mintage in, yes? :)

  10. Mintage is a fantastic word! Bups to you! That's "big ups" - see I just made a word up too! Don't think anyone will use it though....

  11. I am amazed at the determination and talent of these artists, they are just lovely. I hope Irene has a wonderful life.

    I like the word mintage too. T x

  12. Yes, I'm wondering too! I love that you feature this great artist. Irene's painting is GORGEOUS, love the colors. I really hope she has sunshine in her life now!