Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Decs for Dummies # 2

Look what I've whipped up for you today - and I say whipped up because there was 'cooking' (if you consider mixing flour and water, cooking) involved in their making...

I saw these lacy diy Christmas baubles in Covet Garden (my favourite online magazine) they are described as having "the right mix of old school glamour and modern-day glitz" I'm not too sure about that, but they are pretty and really easy to make (if I can make them your toddler can!)

Remember making a papier-mache pig money box when you were a kid? These are made in the same way, all you do is substitute lace (the cheap and nasty nylon stuff works best) for paper.

 So, because this is Decs for Dummies, what do you need?


*Lace strips (cut to measure the length of your balloon from top knot to base)

*Flour and water 'glue' (made by mixing plain flour with very hot water until you have a smooth "pudding-like" consistency. Mine was anything but pudding-like! It was lump city and it still worked!)

note: the people at Covet Garden suggest adding fine glitter to your glue, I didn't. I guess this is where the glitz comes in...


what do you do?

*Dip lace strips in glue, run your fingers through lace to remove excess (this feels so good!) and apply lengthwise slightly overlapping each strip.

*Leave to dry for 12 hours (mine took longer)

here they are drying

Look at the purple balloon back middle. I used thick, expensive lace, and it didn't work. It looks like it's wrapped in caul! (the stuff they use to wrap haggis with)
Moral to this story? Use the cheap stuff.

*Poke a hole with a pin to deflate (it is tricky getting the balloon out. Persevere).

*Hang with embroidery thread or ribbon etc

or pop them in a bowl.

Voila! All the glitz and glamour you need this Christmas!

(the Covet Garden(ers) say you could put these over led fairy lights, and I suppose you could...)

real nest, fake bird.


p.s. still no Christmas tree at ours. Yours?


  1. I have a naked tree, too stuffed to decorate! Too hot too! I fear the grinch has taken away from me, the festive sprit!
    Your dec's look great! Very crafty of you xx

  2. Love the decs - great idea! My tree is up I needed to brighten up these dark Scottish winter days.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Tree is up at our place, star is on, 50000 random bits of christmas ephemera eg kids christmas art going back to age 2, blue tacked to windows and lining window sills. Love this idea, so will the preschooler even more I suspect but I have a peppa pig pinata to make first. mel x

  4. Decs for dummies - I love it and it's right up my street. These are fabulous Kylie. The one which looks like a vintage sheet - all purple, green and blue. Did that work? xx

  5. Our tree appeared on the deck this afternoon. My five plus three cousins hosed it which became a water fight which incorporated the newly arrived school book packs. The tree is still out there. Maybe the possums will drag it away for a nest.
    The decorations look fun. I'm thinking maybe with white wrapped twine like those expensive Monkeymoo light shades.

  6. Great decs - They look great hanging as in the pic.
    Yep - got a tree up, lights on the house, little signs down the driveway - the whole shebang man! x

  7. I've been thinking about making some of those for the longest time, and I've just never gathered up the materials to get it done. Yours turned out great, and I love your branch in a bottle!

  8. Tree is up! I really love that little bird in its nest.

  9. who needs a tree when you have such a pretty stick!
    Allison x

  10. Oh these are so cute. I will surely have to give it a go, maybe next year as Christmas is creeping up rather quickly right now.

  11. I LOVE these! You know, I might print this off for school, it would make a good Christmas activity for the kids, though probably for next year now.
    And I love your little birdie on her nest.
    Nope, tree not up yet. Maybe tomorrow evening... xxxx

  12. Our tree is up and bottom heavy thanks to Kaizer rearranging everything on the hour.
    Really love these balloons Kylie..I have done similar with yarn but lace is brilliant!

  13. I have a string of christmas lights up so far and no tree yet!

  14. Christmas tree at mine. May I share?

    I have loved and adored your blog all year, check it each morning :)


  15. That's my sort of 'cooking'! Are they fairy lights in a glass bowl on your tabletop? They look lovely - must try that.

  16. How did the gold get on them? I am confused. Crafts confuse me. But yours look great. OH I MUST COMMENT..."It looks like it's wrapped in caul! (the stuff they use to wrap haggis with)" Your explanation in parenthesis was of no actual help to me understanding what you are talking about. I cannot believe the differences in language are so intense sometimes.

  17. Yours turned out lovely, Kylie.Saw an idea like this used as lampshades.Must try one day.Keep forgetting to say how much i like the Christmas header, kinda looks like it comes from a tea towel instead of a card.

  18. Cute idea...even better that it requires the cheap stuff and not the prized collection. xxx

  19. Oh these are beautiful, so clever. I'm sad I've missed so many lovely posts this December.

  20. aaaarrhghghgh! what a splendid iedea, kylie!
    must remember to try this, once upon a time in the distant future...