Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decs for Dummies

I know that doesn't sound very nice, but I'm referring to myself here, not you guys okay. I know only too well that most of you are crafting virtuosos! Pip Lincolne I'm most definitely not! I'd like to be, but most of the stuff I make looks like something your kid might make at kindy! Sad, but true. And I'm fine with that.

I blame it on the nuns actually, for hitting me across the knuckles with a ruler during writing lessons. They were determined to force me to write with my right hand instead of my left. But all the determination (and Rosaries!) in the world couldn't get me to change...I'm still a lefty.

I saw today's dec on  Douglas and Hope

(home of the (in)famous Lucas Grogan F*** yeah plate)

last year. It was described as quirky (yes!), super-easy (yes!) suitable for a pre-schooler (YES!). Three ticks. I had to give it a try and here it is

I made this in front of the telly while watching "A Boyfriend for Christmas" (yep, they've started trotting out the Chrissy flicks already!)

What do you think? I won't insult your intelligence by giving you (or your toddler) a how-to, but I think it's quite sweet. And it turns out there's something addictive about making paper much so, I made another

I like the chunky little one best

and another!

'grown-up' version made with a vintage Sanderson wallpaper scraps.

pssst...what to do with a horrible net curtain until you can replace it? Stick it in a bucket of charcoal dye, that's what!

Okey-doke, that's it. One Christmassy post down, heaps more to come. Including at the very least, a vintage Christmas card a day, painted by Mouth and Foot artists in the 70's. I'm sending these amazing and beautiful cards out this year and I thought popping them on my blog would be another way of sharing their loveliness (with you) and remembering them (for me).

Tis the season to be jolly at all that, after all x

* Cath's gorgeous tapestry plates are currently on sale. I reckon they'd make a lovely Christmas present. Check them here 

My f yeah plate in situ


but nice.

Oh gosh! And on paper chains, I had to add this

found here


  1. Nice one! Oh - and I blame the nuns for many many things...

  2. cute christmas trees!! And I LOVE your plate! Teehee!

  3. Kylie! As the proud owner of a pot holder you made yourself I can happily tell you that the things you make are lovely :-)

    Absolutely love the little squat paperchain Christmas tree - incredibly cute and so effective too. I'm looking forward to the 1970s Mouth and Foot artists Christmas cards.

    Jem xXx

  4. That Christmas card is beautiful...and I think your paper chain trees are delightful.

  5. Oh I love seeing that card as your header. I remember those cards very well from the 1970s, I was always fascinated as a child by how someone could possibly paint to beautifully holding the brush in their feet or mouth. It still amazes me.
    I am also amazed at what you crafty types come up with, those paper chain trees are cute! I have a dreadful time just getting the kids to make some Christmas cards for uncles and aunties, drives me bonkers, so as much as I like the idea of us all sitting down together to make some trees, I know it would end in tears. Mine.
    So I will probably just enjoy looking at yours. Fuck yeah! xxxxx

  6. That header card is just beautiful.
    I had that nun but she used to teach me piano and hit my knuckles with the side of the ruler. Nothing against the nuns though. There were some lovely ones. The turban wearing alcoholic lay teacher was a bit off too. Those were the days.
    Paper chains bring it all back too. Our mother would end up with reams of them from the nine children before the days of cyber entertainment. I've got a couple that'll still do the glue though!

  7. Beautiful header - looks thoroughly contemporary, I love the colours. I'm off to make some of those 'Decs for Dummies' (am I the only one longing for a tutorial?).

    I ordered some beautiful paper just in time!

    How I'd love to surprise someone anti-swearing with that plate!

    Lucy x

  8. Have missed posting too Kylie and have to make sure I don't miss any more of my fav blogs including this one. That card has your header is stunning. The colours are perfect.

    My husband was given a hard time by the Nuns at school also but I can't believe they tried to make you right handed. Crazy!

  9. IN.LOVE. with your header pic. please keep it up there forever!
    WANT. that ace plate. fuck yeah is such a great phrase, i hope it becomes the new "keep and calm and..."!
    YAY! for christmas crafts and lots more chrissy posts to come!

  10. I have a D&H tapestry plate that my big brother got me for my birthday! I call it 'my special plate' and nobody else in my flat is allowed to touch it. May I ask what you use to mount your plates to the wall?? I've got so many good plates lately that need to be made into art but I cannot find a good mounty thing. One of this is this ludicrous ancient one with a border made of ceramic bows and a picture of a dandy fellow with a rabbit's head! It was $8 and I have no idea why I bought it but I will never, ever eat off it.

  11. Oh your deco so cute and looks so easy peasy japanesey;) might have to add that to my list of Christmas fun!

  12. Ooh I do like paper chains, they take me right back to 'the olden days' :) That greeting card at the top is beautiful and what a great idea for the net curtain.

  13. ha ha ha... once you get your mind and hands set, there's no stopping you, is there? paper chaining. yeah, i could get addicted.. ;)))
    f**k, yeah!
    {am still VERY grateful, love!!!! will pop it in a post when i get to the fine decorating stage.}

    your banner is simply divine. di-vi-ne.

  14. The new header is stunning.
    And your little plate wall is lovely, if only I could hammer nails into the walls here- they would be covered in plates then.

  15. They are just lovely Kylie, my type of quick and easy decorations. I have been a little slack this year, we still haven't put our tree up...maybe by the end of the day.

    Love the new header also. I like how the sun has hit the plate at just the right angle..haha x

  16. Fab Kylie, love the green and black, I must make one and I love your chrissy header -so cool. xx Tina

  17. Kylie...may I say you are bloody hilarious with or without your clever crafting! I love the paper chain trees and can see them being quite therapeutic to make. I love your Christmas header too, very cool.

  18. Great decos! Might try that one myself! I too got rapped over the knuckles by the nuns - I couldn't complain though as my aunty was the Mother Superior! Ah, the joys of a Catholic childhood....

  19. I'm loving the uber Xmas tree chain wall hanging! Great job but the card design has me dancing! So much to say but I'll let the 'fuckyeah' plate say it all! xx

  20. Kylie - just got my parcel - thank you so much! Love the vintage card and the tea towel!!!!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  21. love that decoration! so simple but really effective :) That paper chain window is great! I love seeing good window displays, i file them in my head for when i have my own shop :)

  22. How awesome is your new header?!! LOVE!
    I think that paper chain xmas tree is quite endearing and am really quite taken with your plate wall.