Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stuff That Makes Me Smile... And Cry.

It's not just good looking Italians and handsome Germans that turn my eye...I'm not immune to the charms of a spunky Japanese either (you know I'm talking ceramics here, right?!)

And when the Japanese spunk in question is as pulchritudinous* as this 

who could blame me?

You'd get all hot and bothered too I reckon...

I received this yesterday, it was a surprise Christmas present from lovely, lovely Tam who writes the blog A Treasured Past, and makes fabulous jewellery from vintage stamps. I haven't been to Tam's house (she lives on the opposite side of Australia) but crikey, I would love to! From what I've seen on Tam's blog, it's stuffed to the gills (in a nice and stylish way) with beautiful, quirky vintage stuff. A bit like a mueseum - one of those touchy, feely ones. Tam and her husband have got everything, from cool 70's Dragsters to ancient fossils! 

Tam also sent me

a couple of gorgeous vintage decs for our tree.

(which is still to make an appearance btw)

Just like the vase, both made in Japan,

and (!)

this awesome little macrame owl


Something else to smile about? Well, thanks to Maxamillion (as in one of), I am now the proud owner of my very first personalised tea towel

I know!

Max also sent me a pile of vintage Ladybirds, this one has one of my all time favourite covers

and it's still wearing its dust jacket!

This lounge room makes me smile

as does the beautiful vintage book it's in (a gift from Anne, one of the Pineapple Princesses - it used to belong to Anne's Dad who  was mad for Modern design)

made me shriek with joy!

(more on this another time - this baby's getting its own post!)

All this to make me smile (Anth home in less than a week too) and only one thing that made me cry. Taking 'our baby' back to the Vet's today for more surgery.

they don't call it "Puppy Love" for nothing!

(look at that tail!)


* beautiful (just don't ask me to pronounce it!)



  1. A personalised tea towel - wow! Will you use it or frame it? Hope pup is ok.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Omg you have the cutest dog in the world! Poor baby hope all goes well. That book looks very interesting, love that interior if a little intimidated by the wall feature-its like a cross between a landscape as seen from outerspace and an ultrclose up of lizard skin. Or something of that nature?!!

  3. Great gifties Kylie.Hope your pup is better soon. They really work their way into your heart don't they. A personalised tea towel would be very cool.

  4. Wonderful gifts to receive no wonder you are smiling :) lovely gifts from the wonderful Tam! fingers crossed everything goes well at the vets sweetie :)

    Bee happy x

  5. After the day you have had I am glad you had something to smile about Kylie.
    Keeping you and Jedstar in my thoughts.

  6. Egads, the macrame owl is the bees knees isn't it? Who knew that macrame could be so cool and gorgeous at the same time. Still keeping everything crossed for little Jedstar. xx

  7. Hurray for lovely blogging pals who know just what to send to bring a smile to your face. Gorgeous gifts, Kylie - that little owl is adorable, a personalised tea towel is perfect for you, and vintage decs and Ladybirds and interiors are all right up your street!
    Oh poor darling Jed, hope he will be OK. xxxx

  8. That is one unholy haul of good loving' presents. There is nothing there that retail would come close to! Lucky girl. Your ceramics are truly dashing and have won more hearts with their striking good looks.

  9. That vase is pulchritudinous indeed! (And that word makes me think of my high school Latin teacher, whom I adored.) Your personalized TT was such a thoughtful gift, and those books...oh my! Best wishes for Jed...

  10. Love the ceramics, the pattern on the blue urn is amazing... all of your gifts are fabulous - I adore the Tea Towel and the vintage chrissy decs. Hope your little doggy is ok xx Tina

  11. That was quite a haul. I think I love the ceramics the most but the midmod book is a close second. The tea towel, not to be over looked. Is your doggy okay?

  12. That's a lovely lot of goodies worth bragging about. Would love a visit to Tam's too! Hope your doggie gets better soon, Kylie.

  13. That German and Italian could come and live at mine any day! The TT is lovely too, very thoughtful!
    I have been thinking of pup and you and wish you both well! xx

  14. Wow, Kylie, I don't know where to start- so much gorgeous stuff! That blue onion patterned Scheurich and the dreamy Japanese guy are both stunning! Absolutely love the owl necklace (did you hear that, Santa?) and the books look amazing....
    Poor little pup, he looks so adorable, hope he'll get better soon. All the best!

  15. I hope Jed's okay. Come on, vet. You have some lovely gifts there, but no surprise really, karma. You're a nice chick. (Prayers for the pup.xo)PS Have you seen the show Moone Boy on the ABC? I was crying with laughter last night.

  16. Oh, I hope your little baby is OK. The gift Tea Towel is great - fancy having your very own TT! Fitting for the TT queen : )
    Tam is lovely sending you gifts. I adore vintage tree decorations. Hope this week goes well with Jed.xx

  17. Wow, so much lovely in the post! Those vintage decorations are so wonderful, as are the ceramics ...

    Hope your gorgeous hound is doing okay x

  18. That little owl necklace is so cute! I hope your puppy is oing ok.xx

  19. Oh Kylie! Little Jedster is just the cutest! I really hope everything went well with the operation. Did you know I had a dog name Jed too. As soon as I saw the little vase, I knew you would like it, ans of course the necklace. I have them in all different colours now I am obsessed. Mum always says I never do things in halves..haha

  20. those vases are indeed the ticket. ...