Wednesday, September 7, 2011

pretty pillowcases to ponder...

for sale, as soon as I get my act together...

Thanks for your bathroom comments too btw...
you loved em,
hated em,
and everything in-between (even thirty year old muck got a mention...ewwwww! thanks Michelle)

Speaking of bathrooms, what do you think of this beauty?

it belongs to illustrator Neryl Walker, I pinched the pics from Neryl's house tour on The Design Files...both blogs definetely worth checking out if you haven't already.

I also really like Luke Mortimer's bathroom which is featured on The Design Files today: he has used vintage baths and basins in simple contemporary bathrooms and they look fantastic. Check them here. My kind of bathrooms. I'm starting to dream about bathrooms...I need to get a life!  


  1. Ooh that is one gorgeous bathroom!!

    Am loving those pillowcases Kylie...can't wait for your shop to open :)

  2. I echo Tammi ... Oooh!

    Those epileptic pillowcases also had me oohing! I bags about 17 of them.

    I knooh!

  3. Checked out that home you linked to - that is the very same green my basin was originally. It would have stayed that way if only for the unfixable chips in the enamel. It is now white. I love the solid cast iron in the bathroom and have many fond memories of green and pink old enamel baths.

  4. I sooo can't wait for your Etsy to open!

    E :)

  5. Now that's a bathroom I can see myself in, though I'd have to ban the boys/men - a wet room would do them.
    Hypnotized by the pillowcases, makes me want one of those days where you just lie on the bed for a moment, because you can!

  6. ooo like that one, dont think Mr D would be too impressed though....
    I posted your giveaway prize a couple of days ago! yipppeeee!!

  7. Very excited by the pillowcases, Kylie!! Amazing selection - can't wait to see it all in situ when you're all set up! Are you going to go for they Etsy-type option or your own website?

    That is a gloriously girly bathroom!! The vanity unit is great and oddly for me I actually like the pink suite!! Not sure I could get one like that past T though . . . hmm!

    Jem xXx

  8. Ooh I kind of like that one, definitely a girl's space though. No lynx, shaving gel or toenail clippings allowed.

  9. Love your pillow cases - your shop is going to be a beauty! Scarlett x

  10. I'm suffering from pillowcase envy. What was it that you said recently - that pillowcases are the new sheets - was it? I've found a few vintage pillowcases recently but I've also lost two - they've been eaten up by the washing machine. They went in but they never came out. It's true. They've not even been caught up in the duvet cover that was in there. They've gone and I'm baffled and a little traumatised by the whole sorry incident. I knew you'd understand......

  11. lovely bathroon and lovely pillowcases!! can't wait :) Kel xx

  12. How do you do the epileptic pillowcases?

  13. I for one am getting so excited about the upcoming pillowcase extravaganza. I need some pink to add to my purple collection before I make miss Liongirl a quilt.
    Love the little curved shelf in that bathroom, and the matching pink stool. melx

  14. I'm so excited, I cannot wait for your shop to open!! Will it be on Etsy?

    And that's one pretty bathroom! It has the same colour scheme as my bedroom :)

    x Aliya

  15. happy birthday for yesterday lovely. hope you were spoilt and enjoyed a few treats. thank you for your ongoing support, you're too kind. XX

  16. those fabrics are gorgeous! your shop will be lovely.

  17. I love the little rose patterns - they are so pretty, but I must say the blue/brown trees are also very striking. The colour scheme of that bathroom is very relaxing - I can just imagine soaking in the tub!
    (Let me know if you do come across any paper dolls & thanks for looking out for me!)

  18. Haha... After seeing THAT bathroom I want to redo my entire bathroom, not just one wall! It's epic!

  19. Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E that bathroom Kylie....**sigh**....Bathroom envy + pillow case envy....Not a GOOD COMBO on a full stomach....**wink**....!!

    Can't wait to come shoppin' for some pretties so I too can enjoy some Sweet Dreams....!!!!!

    Tamarah xx

  20. I want that bathroom - unfortunately we rent so can't do anything to our bathrooms however - doesn't stop the want bone wanting.