Friday, October 5, 2012

There's owls...

Old school:


"Bright eyed and bushy tailed, Nellie can't wait to adorn your den or breakfast nook. In fact she's green with envy to think you might choose something else to accent your home"


"Meet Doc. This dandy young man is flapping his wings so you'll appreciate his handsome knots. But, he doesn't really give a hoot what colours you make him in because he'll look dashing in any shade you choose. So why not invite this young man into your 'nest' He'll make a fine-feathered friend. And, besides, who could resist those striking tail feathers and those big brown eyes?"

Sounds like a personal ad - and no I didn't write it, although I almost wish I did. I'm not responsible for their names either btw.*

and there's owls...

Pippa's cool


Which cool do you prefer?

I'd choose one of Pippa's gorgeous creations any day of the week - she does need to work on her blurbs though (ha-ha!)

Click here for more info (Christmas is just around the corner...)

*Minerva, Nellie, Sophia and Doc come to you courtesy of a selection of vintage macrame patterns I found in the oppy the other day. If you see any yourself buy them, those things are hilarious. And the people who made them? I'm talking the stuff of your Freaky Friday  dreams  nightmares Donna! One bloke is called Milt!



  1. kylie!
    good day!
    rain and wind here, brrrr... just finished the ironing and am at the stove now. oh, dreaming of dark and gloomy autumn nights, and an orange owl or two! you have tickled my seventies fancy!

    yes, i'll say!
    hallowe'en starts early, 'ere...
    but i LOVE it.

  2. They are all lovely and Spring is in great company but I must admit Doc has stollen my heart! Thanks for the post! xx

  3. I like them all EXCEPT Doc. He frightens me! xx

  4. I used to have an orange macrame owl. Not sure what happened to it. I'd love one of Pippa's. Maybe a few more posts like this and I'll commission her to make me a replacement! I would love one ...

  5. Nellie and Doc look right up my street!! Macrame Owls!? Divine! :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. Nellie looks a bit creepy to me. Sophia is a cutie.

  7. Doc is brilliant, I want him! My mum used to have one pretty similar to Nellie as I remember.

  8. I love Pippa's new Spring. Maybe she would like to play with Sophia. I think Doc is a little nerdy with his glasses (I say as I sit here with mine on)...LOL

  9. I'm a bit taken with that last one. Are there instructions? Are you going to have a crack at one?
    We had a very hip teacher in primary school who taught us macramé owls for art. His name may have been Milt!

  10. Oh my! I remember making owls like these at school. I think they were mother's day gifts.

  11. I found one in the op shop for the Mr last year, it was on his wish list (don't ask me why, maybe to keep his clowns company) for a set of huge wooden fork and spoons!

  12. I so remember learning macrame..and even making some things that may have resembled those pictures along with the hanging pot plant holder. xx

  13. I would totally give a home to a macrame owl! *lol*