Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Scones anyone???

Yesterday sweet Em (aka Vintage Sweetheart) kindly gave me three vintage tea towels. My favourite (and if you're an Aussie, particularly a Queenslander I know you'll totally get why) is this one

Awesome in oh so many ways...

The Low on Flo...

Florence Isabel Bjelke-Petersen, member of the Australian Senate from 1981-1993 and widow of the longest serving Premier of Queensland, Sir Joh.

Here they are on their wedding day in 1952

When asked to name the greatest event of her life Flo answered getting married.

"I thought I'd reached the stage where I was going to be on the shelf"

On the shelf! She was only 31!

(Lucy Violet was 37 when she got married btw)

Flo (or more correctly, Lady Bjelke-Petersen) was famous for greeting journalists and dignitaries with a cup of tea and pumpkin scones, yep, this is where the tea towel comes in...I have never tried Flo's iconic recipe, have you? I'd love to know what they taste like if you have.

Flo is 91 years old and she still has her Driver's Licence (amazing!). Here's a pic of Flo and those famous pumpkin scones taken to clebrate her 90th birthday last year

image The Courier-Mail

 I love her secret to reaching ninety "keep your brain working and I do believe that is good, instead of having it rusticating here at home all the time"

Good advice from Flo and I love that word rusticating, don't you?


[ruhs-ti-keyt] Show IPA verb, -cat·ed, -cat·ing.
verb (used without object)
to go to the country.
to stay or sojourn in the country.

Thanks for the t.towels Em, I love them x


  1. It's nice to know a bit of history behind your tea towel...I never think of them in that way.
    I love pumpkin scones....actually I love scones full stop!!


  2. Have not tried her actual recipes but pumpkin scones are super yum and I would love to be doing more rusticating - I think not really an option when you have toddler though. melx

  3. I didnt realise she was still alive maybe its daily does of pumpkin scones keeping her going so well xx

  4. I'm so glad I could give it to somebody who really loves it! Thanks for the history on Flo. I haven't tried the recipe because my Nanna's pumpkin scone recipe is unbeatable ha ha.

    Em x

  5. Rusticate. I love that word! I must use it. Pumpkin scones, well I never. Never heard of such a thing. We're having pumpkin soup tonight made from a pumpkin from our allotment no less.

    Thank you, Kylie, for yet another informative and interesting post! xx

  6. I'd never have put Pumpkins and scones together, I bet they could be quite tasty actually! :-)

    Funny how times change isn't it? 31 and on the shelf, bless her!

    Jem xXx

  7. Great tt and thanks for the story behind it, i have never heard of pumkin scones either! Scarlett x

  8. aawww that is lovely and what a great story and a bit of history to ;-)) You must try and make those scones and let us know what they taste like ;-)) dee xx

  9. Flo B-P ... salt of the earth. Really. I hear pumpkin scones are delicious.

  10. Very lovely and unique tea towel, I liked the story too.

  11. Rusticate just sounds like the perfect word for an Australian accent, I love it, and shall endeavour to use it today. Pumpkin scones don't sound that appealing, but then I had pumpkin pie for the first time yesterday (Canadian neighbour, Thanksgiving) and it wasn't as grim as I've always anticipated. Never let it be said I won't try things!

    Anyway, lovely teatowel from Em, how kind. I just got approached to 'review' teatowels would you believe, but I'm not sure as a first sponsored post it's quite what my blog is about! What do you think? I suppose I could slip it in somewhere. They're new rather than vintage, but they do have some nice designs and post worldwide - shall I send him your way?

  12. oh i LOVE it! so much charm in one teatowel. lovely post. x

  13. Pumpkin scones, now your talking. I've never tried them, but I love pumpkin and scone so I MUST! Just shows you how much a teatowel can tell you x

  14. Lovely post, you know Lady Flo uses Queensland Blue pumpkin in her scones which makes them taste extra special.What an icon,who doesn't have this recipe

  15. owwww... late bloomer. i'm still waiting...
    WHAT am i saying? not waiting whatsoever...
    ha ha ha...
    but getting older nonetheless... oi.
    oh gosh. it sounds rather rrrrrrrrollin'...