Thursday, August 21, 2014

Me, myself and I at the Cinema

Yesterday afternoon I did something I haven't done for a very, very (since I was a teenager!) long time. I went to the cinema on my own (it's all spine-tingling, mind blowing stuff around here!) Now I'm guessing this isn't a big deal for you, but for me, it really was. So much so I'm documenting it here. I saw this

The Hundred-Foot Journey.

I took a photo for posterity's sake - my own, not my offspring's - they just think I'm sad (and I know my taking of this photo probably proves them right)

While I liked the movie 
(I only felt like a loner for the first five minutes)
the best bit was actually going solo. I felt (and I feel silly saying this) a little bit brave and quite grown-up as I sat in an empty cinema, munching on my choc-bomb. Solo. 

When you think about it going to the cinema sans friend is quite sensible:
you don't have to share your popcorn or put up with the person next to you sighing and shifting in their seat every five seconds 
(or snoring like Anthony did during one of the Harry Potter films. Can't remember which one - I wasn't a huge fan either) 
because they hate the movie you've chosen.
It's not like you're going to chat to the person next you either.
In a strange way it's even quite romantic. 

It's nice to escape on your own every now and then, and watching a movie for an hour or so is a perfect way to do this. After my little epiphany yesterday I'm going to do it more often. Next week I'm taking myself to the new Woody Allen flick (Magic in the Moonlight), the reviews aren't kind but I'll make up my own mind.

Speaking of Woody and going to the cinema alone, has reminded me of The Purple Rose of Cairo - one of my favourite Woody Allen films, in which one of the main character's, Cecelia (Mia Farrow), goes to the cinema every day (on her own) to distract herself from her worries and miserable life. Eventually she falls in love with the hero of the movie, Tom Baxter, who steps out of the screen and falls in love with her.
(there's more to it than this - forgive my brief synopsis)

I digress (kind-of). Now I'd like to know:

Do you go to the cinema on your own?

Do you worry (unnecessarily) that people might think you're a loser, or is was that just me?!

I'd really love to read your comments on this. Thanks as always for reading x


  1. I love going to the movies by myself. I don't see movies that often, but when I do now, it's on my own. The last movie I saw was Blue Jasmin. The next movie I'll see will be the new Woody Allen one. I just saw an ad for it ... it doesn't look great, but still. I think seeing movies is quite personal. I remember asking one of my friends to come and see "Clerks" back in the 90s during my grunge faze. It was independant, and badly made and full of cussing. I was so embarrassed to have recommended it. If I'd been on my own, I wouldn't have felt guilty and critiqued it to myself and moved on. That's why I go to the movies on my own and also because when I take the Solid Gold Dancers, I have to accompany someone to the toilet every 15 minutes.

  2. As a teenager, I always wanted to go places with girlfriends or a date, but as an adult, I was always comfortable going to the movies or out to eat by myself. At my age, if I go to a movie alone, I have to get there early or stand in the back forever till my eyes adjust to the dark or I'll end up in someone's lap. :)

  3. I can definitely see the attraction of not having to explain every plot twist to my popcorn hogging husband - I'm going to give it a go!

  4. I don't mind going to the movies on my own at all - although, I haven't gone solo for a while. Sometimes it's great to just get out and have some time of your own to truly switch off and get lost in a movie (if it's a good one). I'm right with you on the not having to share popcorn!

  5. I like it - a little bit of an escape; no one knows where I am; no one may ever know what I did -- it's all a little bit naughty in a terrifically nerdy way. ;-)

  6. I've never been to the cinema on my own, but I've often thought about it, I think I would enjoy it actually. btw, yes I got your postcard, thank you thank you, love getting mail from you :)

  7. I've been to the pictures several times on my own and it didn't bother me at all. It was in the daytime when it was half price, to see French arthouse films that none of my friends wanted to see. And anyway, I don't give a flying f*** if people do think I'm a loser!

  8. Going to the pictures was my treat to myself when travelling solo round Oz - consequently I saw just about every movie released 1997/98 (well everything that didn't have heads falling out of ovens - I'm a terrible sook about scary movies). It's always seemed like a special indulgence - 'go for it' I say xxx

  9. Can't say I've done this since childhood either, you've inspired me. Gonna try it. With yummy concessions I won't have to share.

  10. I've never done it but maybe that's what is missing in my life......I might just have to take your lead and try it for myself xxxx

  11. I haven't done this either but then I don't watch films unless its Christmas for some reason I feel less guilty watching them then don't ask me why. But I think your great for going on your own and I can imagine the peace and happy vibe it gave you :-) Nothing wrong with it, life is for living and enjoying you Enjoy :-) dee xx

  12. Do you know what Kylie, this is an eye opener for me. I once went to the flicks on my own, years ago, but I've missed so many films I wanted to see because I couldn't find someone to go with me. How pathetic I've been! I need to take a leaf out of your book. I must see what's on! Is that Helen Mirren in your photo? Xxx

  13. Good for you! I used to go and see films all the time on my own. I never felt awkward at all, it was great. Haven't done it for a while though, but maybe I should! xxx

  14. Hi Kylie.....have you seen Midnight in Paris? Another Woody Allen movie set in Paris, flipping between present day and the 1920's....fabulous film... I watch it over and over and never tire of it.......never mind bad reviews, I love most of his stuff. Sod the critics.

    I used to do solo-cinema but not fact I never go to the cinema these days but get the DVD...I have grown to hate using cinemas..they smell of stinky feet and bad breath and bad fast food ....and I imagine lice everywhere. But when I did go alone, I loved it.

  15. I've never, ever been to the cinema on my own, never even thought of it - but now you mention it I think I'd really like to. I like my own company and am happy to do most things alone, I wouldn't for one minute worry that people thought I was a loner. I'd probably worry that some of my friends would be offended that I didn't ask them to go with me though!