Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Sometimes it's good when things don't turn out the way you thought you wanted them too.
This is a photo of our laundry and bathroom doors. Anthony has just(-ish) hung them.

Months and months ago (six months ago? longer? I can't remember...) when we were renovating our bathroom and laundry we ordered two new doors. Opaque glass framed with timber. I was going to paint the timber bits Murobond Dark Night - which is just a fancy name for black really ;)

You would not believe the drama that ensued...although knowing our track record, perhaps you would?

The doors we ordered - nothing special (at all!) were going to cost us over two thousand bucks because they had to be made to measure to fit the crooked little doorways in our wonky old house. 

note: if our doorways were a standard size, we could've picked up the same doors from the local Hardware for a few hundred. That's for both of them! Crazy!

Anyway to cut a long story short, as you can see we didn't end up with the doors I ordered, but with these fifty five dollar cheapies (ex dunny doors from a salvage yard) instead. And now they're up I really, really like them. I didn't want to

because you know, sometimes when you have your heart set on something it's hard to let it go (even when you know you're being a twit about it)

but I do.

Actually I'm glad that the company we dealt with didn't know one end of a tape measure from the other(!), their incompetence saved us a LOT of money and the quality of our old Jarrah doors is vastly superior to their doors too.
Which brings me to the moral of this story :)  

I was going to paint them black, but I think I'm going to leave them as we found them...What do you think? Do you like them? Would you go all matchey-matchey and paint them, or leave them as is? Maybe you would've persisted with the door company? If your experience with them was the same as ours, I don't think so!

The door on the right (our bathroom door) needed a lot of sanding. I loved the traces of original blue paint left behind so I've given it a few coats of Gilly Stephenson's Carnauba Polish (smells delicious and it's made in Western Australia)

The door on the left (laundry) was in good nick so I just gave it a good scrub.
Who knows what lovely colours are hiding underneath?!

The End.

Thanks for reading. I know this post is as boring as bat sh**! 

p.s. you see that concrete wall? There's a story behind that too. Of course there is! 



  1. The texture! You can't create that or buy it new! I'd be leaving them as is - they compliment the concrete wall brilliantly. Sounds like it was serendipitous that the other doors were such expensive nellies- who needs them? You've got solid, fine second hand doors which swing with layers of history. Yay! Now. can you tell us about the concrete wall???

  2. p.s. I've always wanted to be FIRST comment on your blog!! Hee hee!

  3. I vote leave em as they are - you pay extra for that in some places! x

  4. I really like them, especially the vertical lines. You know what, we had a quote to replace our front and back doors and were quoted the same! Over $1000 each, because the frames would have to be replaced and made to fit the wonky house. Ahhh don't you love these old homes? I think you should wait a little while and see how you feel with them like they are, and if you decide you like black better then try it then. (I'm rarely that patient though so who am I to give advice)

  5. Ha, you're never boring, Kylie, you make me laugh!
    Well, you know interiors aren't my area of expertise at all, but if my vote counts for anything, I say leave the doors as they are. I like the mismatchedness, and I wonder if black would be too heavy? It was definitely meant to be - you saved money, and have two fabulous, unique doors, perfect!
    Now. Concrete wall. Tell all! xxxx

  6. The dark one looks amazing on your concrete wall. In fact, I like it so much that I'd be tempted to try to duplicate the look on the white door. And, of course, I want to know the story about the concrete wall now.

  7. I love them as they are, I don't do matchy matchy!!

  8. Love your doors Kylie, actually this whole space is very cool. I also love the fact that they are old dunny doors and I wouldn't change them either. Please tell us the concrete wall story, you know we are all curious!

  9. I love the blue peeping through - so much character. I hope we never have to replace doors as most of the house has settled just however it wants to so nothing would ever fit. My study actually has a sloped floor (not intentional, I assume...) so that a dropped pen on the desk happily rolls straight off. I think I've got a kink from compensating with how I sit! ;-)

  10. I'm with Dana, I like the black, make the concrete the feature, please tell us the story Aunty Kylie?

  11. I love the dark door with all it's character and I would def leave it as is. I'd paint the other one your fancy black as planned. I like mismatched. I reckon you would have looked at the other doors and thought they were a rip off. These are meant to be I think and they look great! That's my two bits worth and you know I don't know anything about anything ;)

  12. Ps I noticed all the loo paper too. Someone must really give you the shitz at your place.
    Pss I know! But I couldn't resist.

  13. Yes leave the doors as they are. Plus if you get sick of them later on you can paint them then. The doors we have as our bedhead are in their original mismatched pastel tones and I love them.

  14. Oh the joy of renovating! I would keep them as they are - they look great!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  15. I love them as they are...the more character in a home the better.....

  16. Leave the doors! So much character and history attached to them.

  17. Cor blimey, those other doors were going to be extortionate. Thank goodness for plan B! I love the character of these doors just like they are, they are telling their story. I wouldn't bother with matchy matchy, but i would like to hear the story of the concrete wall. It's like story time for interior addicts! :) xxxx

  18. I LOVE these! Love love love please don't remove them. I'm renovating too at the moment and leaving the old bit of the house intact as much as possible. Wondering how to marry the old and new so it isn't such a contrast. Need some opinions! Help! Really love the pop of yellow too in your doors, we are going to paint our front doors bright glossy yellow or a gloss black. Any ideas who is blogging an active reno at the moment? I'd love to read some great reno blogs but seems a lot of folk have finished their renos just as mine are starting! Wish I'd started looking and blogging earlier!