Thursday, November 29, 2012

House and Garden

It has been wild and crazy round these parts (I'm talking weather here - not life. It's always wild and crazy here as far as that's concerned!) The power went out around 1pm and we were without electricity until 10 this morning. It was quite nice playing Uno with the girls by candle light. A struggle for them though without their gadgetry "What did people used to do in the olden days, when you were a kid Mum?" Ha-bloody-ha! Perhaps that's why I am still the undisputed Queen of Uno? All that experience playing cards etc by the light of ye olde candle in the days before electricity, running water etc! 

That is Woolfy's lovely handmade garland draped across Her Maj, being blown about by the wind.

The wild weather is just a hiccup though, Summer is definitely on it's way. Our garden, not even two months in the ground, has gone gangbusters.

(click here to see how much it's grown)

And can you believe, from this little whirl of grey 'fluff'

the most beautiful flower appears?

We've had more ouchflower surprises, in orange too

And speaking of electricity (although I'm not anymore, am I?), here is the new Swedish pendant light (not Ikea) we have installed above my new desk (which you can't see in the photo because we just - by a smidge - ran out of time to install it properly - we came this close, which did make me sad, but I'm a big girl and I've gotten over it...took some time though!)

Just to show you what we're working with in this house (!) here's the same spot before we worked our ply 'magic'

Yep, that's right. The previous owners built the back extension (although to call it that is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the truth big time!) around the old outside dunny! (toilet) And not in a cool Iggy Peck way either! 

Notice how the toilet opened out into what can only be loosely called, our living area! Lovely! Not very pleasant when someone's doing number two's (or one's for that matter!)

Here's the desk propped in place to give you an idea of what it's going to look like when it's done

much better eh?

Our bedroom has had a fresh coat of paint too. Dulux Silver Thaw - not quite the colour I thought it was - too much purple, I thought it would be greyer, but (and I'm not sure if I should mention this here as Anth reads my blog!) we can always repaint it down the track...can't we Anthony?

Pressed tin ceiling - every room in this house has a different ceiling! Some tin, some plaster with ornate roses and cornices, and others, the 70's ones, plain and unadorned.

We have the ply cut and ready to go to build a bedhead and bed-sides, but we'll have to tackle that in the new year (that's when I'll hang my dreamcatcher Pippa)

I'll end this by saying Happy Birthday to this cheeky little Vegemite kid

Anth's Dad at seven.

and to Pippa, and Tammi (who turned the big 4-0 TODAY!) x


  1. Naw. What a nice post. Good to see the garden and your new desk. Silly design is annoying (ie positioning of toilet. We have a badly positioned repository too. And young boys. Gag.)

    Happy B'Day Anth's Dad! And Pippa and Tammi. You've linked everyone!

  2. How cute is Anth's dad! Happy bday to him. I like the look of the grey in your bedroom and the ceiling is glorious. Lovely non-Ikea light too. Good work missus.xx

  3. Flamingos, flowers, children and number twos. This post has a bit of everything! Love it!

  4. Love the garden pics - its cold and frosty here in Scotland today so they really warmed me up - especially the flamingos! House is looking good - love the ceiling.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. So much to love. Flamingoes and garlands, the maj, the light and topped off by the handsome lad!
    Any Reno is exciting when you wait a long time for it, but loo altering ones are very special.

  6. Grey is a nightmare, it always looks different when you put it on the walls. We bought a concrete coloured grey to paint our foundations and it looks baby blue! Am planning on a darkish purple grey for our dining room to bring out the woodtones but im very nervous...
    Loving your desk area/light etc its gonna look ace!

  7. Hi Kylie, we've been having lots of annoying wind over this side of the ditch too, grrr! Loving your desk & better-than-Ikea light. Am I allowed to confess that I went to Ikea for the first time when we visited your fair isle, and I was a tinsy bit disappointed. Maybe it was due to the fact that it was public holiday and half of Queensland was there?! Or maybe it just (to me anyway) didn't live up to the hype. We seem to manage to survive quite well interior decorating in our little antipodean backwater without the big blue shed. S:)

  8. Your bedroom is gorgeous and your desk area is going to look amazing too, that light is amazing! It's always satisfying doing home renovations and stamping your own mark on a home xxx

  9. hi kylie....crazy weather on the east coast too. summer is surely coming! your garden looks so good. cactus flowers are so satisfying arent they...from that came that?!! renos are looking great, what is with dodgy renos and loo`s?? of our previous homes had a loo off the dining room and by off i mean "right there!"....just a skimpy sliding door to barely muffle the splish and splash.hope no more power cuts.
    Allison x your maj!!....(i said maj!) x

  10. O, a pressed tin ceiling!!! Heavenly.
    Love cacti, the flowers are so alien as buds and so rewarding when they bloom! I must take pix of ours, especially our big uns! X

  11. Wow! Its looking so much different from when I last visited. Love the look of your study nook, that pendant is amazing.

  12. Hi Kylie, summer has definitely hit this part of the world, blah!...The garden is looking amazing Kylie. I really need to give mine a good watering. Mine is a bit of a shamozal this year as Carl planted some of the flowers..hmm for a gardener you would think he would know better than plant the extra tall cornflowers at the front!

    The desk is looking really interesting. Is it going into the alcove next to the toilet?? or did you remove the toilet?? Sorry, having a seniors moment.

    I would love to have original tin ceilings. My mum and dads house has a lovely one in their bedroom too.

    Birthday wishes for Naths dad too.T x

  13. I love that lamp! I love your ouchies! The desk will win me over I'm sure when at last we meet! Time to turn loo into a vintage powder room?
    I love the pressed tin roofies as well!
    Doing some hangers in black twine tomorrow, how good will they look with lamp?
    Thanks for the birthday cheer! Xx

  14. As always, your garden pictures make me so envious, and the light is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished desk.

  15. Lovely post. Your pink garden flamingos have made my Friday - it is so cold here in Oxford today. Brrrrr!

  16. Hi Kylie, glad Ollie Beak met with your approval, I've made Olivia too now. Lovely garden pics, it's 'Pearl Harbour' here today (IS it ok to say things like that???) at -4, so lovely to 'feel the warmth'.
    Can quite see why you'd want to move your dunny! Following too.
    Have a great w/e. x

  17. Hi Kylie
    Love the Christmas header.
    I recieved the tea towel this week. Thank you, it's fantastic. It's going straight to the pool room. x

  18. Lovely insights into your place! The pressed tin is especially awesome.

    Our place is a bit odd too with its 'extensions'. The sleep-out on the back of our place means our bathroom is in the middle of the house (with no external windows).

  19. there's nothing like big birthdays... lovely vintage picture there!!

    arghhghg. people in my newly built extension have been raising eye brows on the fact there's a dunny in a corner of the kitchen area. i mean, sectioned off, you know, but they find it weird. like i had space somewhere else...

    and no way, cheers for the surprise, miss vintage!!! well, hells bells, i really am surprised to see that garlandy thingy hanging there, and queeny doesn't seem to mind either...

  20. The garden is gorgeous! I love your flamingo's and the fluff that turned into a gorgeous flower.
    The swedish light is lovely.

  21. Oh you have been very busy. Your garden is looking quite lovely. I forget we have opposite weather!

  22. Love the new light shade, and the glimpses of your house. Looks like you are making some good progress. The ceilings sound very quirky, is each section of the house an add on from a different era? Betsy's windows are like that, a bit of a dogs breakfast! mel x