Saturday, August 11, 2012

Today Annabel and I went to twenty one op-shops!

(this is after getting up at 5.30 for a 6am figure skating class)

We were looking for a wedding dress.

(and no, Anthony and I are not going to renew our vows. That would be too corny. Even for a big dag like me. Anthony would rather eat his own face than do that kind of thing, and I'd feel silly and embarrassed.

But if you wanted to renew your vows, I would think it lovely.

When we got married, a long time ago now, we looked at each other and said, in perfect unison: " What the f have we done! " We're still married though)

The wedding dress is for Annabel

(she is not getting married either, thank God!)

It's her school social in a couple of weeks and the theme is horror.

(Annabel goes to an all girls school and the powers that be like these themey socials so they can control the way the girls dress...
not too short, no cleavege, not too get the drift. I also think it's their way of trying to reduce the one-up-man-ship between the girls too, but of course it makes no difference...nothing's changed in that regard since I went there, a long, long, time ago!)

And why?

Because what's horrific about being a bride?

(although, there are a few scary brides out there - remember that show Four Weddings? those brides were nasty!)

Think psyco, zombie, Corpse and Frankenstein's bride - that's why.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, none of the wedding dresses we found cut the mustard. It was a long, torturous day.  The "bride" had the sh**s and I knew tears were on the horizon.

So I wasn't expecting good fortune when I narrowly missed stepping into a sick bag (full!) someone had discarded in the carpark (yep. really.) of our last op-shop for the day. Although, come to think of it, that sick bag was an omen...our luck actually changed at that point, because not only did I avoid treading in a stranger's vomitus - Annabel found her (dream) dress, it fits like a glove, AND it was only twenty bucks!

It's actually a beautiful dress, think Grace Kelly, Princess Kate and you get the picture. The sleeves, the neckline. Annabel reckons she's going to wear it when she really gets if I could be that lucky!

I'll show you a pic when she's all zombied up on the big night.
In the meantime, here's one of Anth and I on our wedding day - only photo I had to hand - the rest are in storage.

dress vintage, Chapel St Bazaar, seventy five bucks
(we're talking 1990 prices!)

and here's Lucy Violet and Jimmy (as she called him) on theirs

9 October 1937

our dresses are quite similar - they're of the same vintage


p.s. I am totally off op-shops!!!


  1. This post made me laugh out loud and I have scale envy.

  2. Wow! 21 op-shops, that shows stamina! Love the Rocky Horror poster in the background of your pic (bit of Kiwiana!) and the glad is pure Oziana (is that a word, what do you call all things Ozzie?) S:)

  3. 21 op shops!? That has got to be a record! Even if I was looking for something in particular I'd probably keep getting distracted and wouldn't be able to fit in that many!!!

  4. Zombie bride sounds brilliant, very Mean Girls :-) Look forward to seeing some zombie gore!

    Jem xXx

  5. 21 Op Shops!? Didn't you pick anything else up?!

    I love your wedding shot and concave bob. Annabel sounds like a smart cookie. And her Mum's a one-off! Love her!

  6. Twenty wonder you are over them!!! Glad she found something to make it all worth while.
    I love the wedding you still have your dress. ??

  7. Dodging a sick bag and finding 21 op-shops, that's pretty intense.

    Love your wedding photo/s, you guys are so sweet.

    Can't wait to see the zombie bride, zombies rate very high in the this house. And Rocky Horror is my fav movie of all time!!!

  8. This post made me laugh. I love the picture of you on your wedding day, Rocky Horror in the background an' everything!

    I may have asked you this before but is the room in your header yours? If so - JEALOUS!! xx

  9. Look at that 90's bob! (I had one just the same.) Great dress - very stylish.

    We've just been charity shopping this morning and I think I'm so over it too - I was quite half-hearted, sifting through all the tat, and left loads of things behind that I once would have bought. Funny, eh.

    I thought it was only in England that people barfed in public places. Nice pressie to leave lying about. Not.

  10. What a pity we can't see your face, or was that deliberate. Love background poster!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. I'm so impressed with your stamina and your persistence! 21 shops? That's ineffincredible! (I have a confession. I don't thrift, because I don't have the patience to sift through things.)

    I'm so glad you finally found the perfect dress after a day like that, and I can't wait to see Annabel all ghouled up! Both your wedding photo and Lucy Violet's were great too. I married my daughter's dad in hippie garb, and a hippie friend married us. I'll have to tell that story someday.

  12. Your wedding dress was beautiful! Elegant and individual at the same time :) x

  13. I look forward to seeing Annabel's ghouled up frock! I remember my girls school formal, I rocked up in a vintage dress, shortened and beaded up! That was not the norm, my rebellion against the $$$$up!
    Anyway I digress, what a dress! You look lovely, if faceless? Out of respect for your followers I think we need more pics of you on our special day!
    Any other scores?
    P xx

  14. Eek what an ordeal sounds like it was worth every bit of the 21 oppose tho.
    Love the idea of renewing vows for other people too. I might renew them if I ever go to Vegas.

  15. Oh I forgot to add that your wedding dress is lovely and I too would like to see more. C'mon dig thru the vault.

  16. Your wedding pic is lovely! Looking forward to seeing shots of the Zombie Bride! x

  17. Haha! I went to about 8 when I was in Invercargill recently and I was over it by the end too! Love the vintage wedding dress - more pics please....

  18. Oh I think that must be a record 21!!!!!!! Well done finding the perfect wedding dress.
    Yours is so beautiful, I would love to see more too.
    Love v

  19. Great story Kylie (can't wait to see the pics of the zombie bride!) Your dress was gorgeous - sorry we can't see your face!

    That's also only partly why I'm here - you are just 'simply the best'...(carry on with Tina Turner lyrics) Especially to lug boxes around for me all on you own. I've been shopping last week for you too!! I got you a TT - not vintage but real Irish linen and when I saw it I knew it was THE ONE I was looking for (no more details until you get it) I also found another small surprise to add but you'll have to wait for that one. I think I still have the packaging you sent with the ballet book (I kept it as your address is on it) so if that is where I can post it to I'll also have it on its way to you next week. xx

  20. Awww lovely wedding dress Kylie.

  21. Full sick bag??? *EWWWWW* LOL Haven't people ever heard of trash cans?
    In other news Your and Lucy Violets wedding photos ae beautiful. OF COURSE (YOU) just happen to be hiding... hmmm!
    WE WANT MORE! *lol*

  22. That is A LOT of op shops, I think my enthusiasm would have been waning by then too...
    But at least your mission was successful in the end. AND you avoided the puke!
    You must show us some wedding pics where we can see your face, you're so pretty! Your dress is super elegant and beautiful. Naturally! xxx

  23. Such a fabulous idea to go as bride of Frankenstein! I'm presuming a bit of blood and a few tears would complete the look... but from the sounds of it Annabel is not going to want to spoil her dream dress? ;) Good on you for persistence. Love these wedding photos too - so gorgeous. I was all anti-tradition and got married in a blood red dress!... maybe I should send it over for Ms Frankenstein?? ;) Kx

    p.s. Totally grossed out about the sick bag. People are so thoughtless.

  24. Holy moly...21 op shops...I think I would be over them by 10. Ew to the sick bag!!!
    Glad your girl found the perfect dress, I look forward to seeing her all dolled up.
    Really love your wedding dress, it's so simple yet very elegant.

  25. Lovely 'photos - you both look very glamorous. 21 op shops - perfect, love them, can never get enough. You have great op shops in your part of the world much better than our charity shops.

  26. aahh what lovely photo's Lucy and you both looked gorgeous brought a tear to my eye. Bless look forward to seeing how Annabel looks all dressed up ;-) dee x

  27. Love your wedding dress. Would love to see more pics one day when you dig them out. Also want to say I love zombies!

  28. well, 21... bell and i never ever succeeded in that. how were you feeling by the end of that day? right. i see.

    now. on your wedding picture... so extra special by turning away your head. this has pro quality, as in, you know, there's photographers who become famous sending pictures such as this symbolic one out into the world. non? LOVE your hair, by the way.

    anyway. you hubby looks expecting enough. ;)))
    that gladiola! funny flower too...