Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vintage Tea Towel Tuesday

I got my hands on this beautiful t.towel only yesterday. A gift from my bloggy friend and mistress of modern macrame, Pippa (you might know her better as Ouchflower, although there is nothing prickly about her - she's more succulent than cactus)

Here it is:

All pure linen, made in Ireland by Lamont

(Samuel Lamont & Co have been manufacturing household textiles for over 200 years!)

There's no denying this is a gorgeous tea towel. It's got everything going for it and guzumped today's scheduled contender EASILY (poor thing didn't stand a chance when I layed my eyes on this beauty)

If I didn't think you'd think I was a total nut-job, I'd launch into a bit of Elizabeth Barrett Browning about now, but as much as I love this tea towel, I'm not going to count the ways...here are a few more pics instead:


(Grazie Pippa x)



  1. Wow. That's stunning. Those fish and their little faces. And the vibrant colours!

    What are you going to do with it? Do you hang the good ones?

  2. it's gorgeous! I love all the different scenes! xx

  3. My pleasure Kylie, your worth it! Xx

  4. Absolute gorgeous tea towel, I love the little people on carrying baskets xxx

  5. So cute and bright!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Love this one its smashing colours and those images are great there is so much on there to look at ;-) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  7. Serious teatowel envy going on over here. melx

  8. Oh Kylie it's GORGEOUS....Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E anything with a decent splash of red....!!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend when it gets here....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  9. It's a beaut - those fish really remind me of something, maybe a vintage pyrex pattern?

  10. I can see why you love that towel- the colors are spectacular!