Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thanks for your lovely comments about our industrial light (which also btw, doubles as a heater - it gets very hot. An added bonus? Hmmmm, it will Winter!)

You'll be glad to know we don't pick up all of our treasures from the side-of-the-road. Sometimes (quite often actually) a cash transaction is involved.

What do you think of our latest purchase?

Isn't it beautiful. We found it at a fantastic new shop here in Perth called Industriart. It is an original piece from the old Midland Railway Workshops (1904-1994. My Grandfather was the nurse there for many years) It stands as it was found, the only addition is some steel bracing attached to keep it steady.

I don't know what a die is, or a tap for that matter! And I was a tiny bit disappointed to discover that the drawer marked odd dies didn't read oddies like I thought it did  (that would've been too sweet) but I do know, that I love this little industrial storage cabinet very much.

We have popped it in our nearly renovated kitchen (we've done our bit, just waiting on the tradies...) Not sure it will stay there, but for the moment I think it looks pretty good. Especially with my treasured vintage koala textile hanging above it
(found in a junk shop in Albany years ago. I'm so happy to have it hanging again - its been stored in "the shed" for almost two years!)
and my lovely Bitossi vase and other bits including the little handpainted Studio Anna Geraldton dish (picked up in an oppy for one dollar yesterday) atop it.

p.s. Industriart is at Unit D, 29 Clayton Street Bellevue. An industrial shop in a proper industrial area, perfect! There aren't many places like this in Perth, do check it out, you'll be glad you did.

p.p.s. I treated myself to a bunch of red gladdies to celebrate a month of hard graft in our kitchen (they are also the flowers I carried on our wedding day)
The little green stool belonged to Lucy Violet's husband, Tom. Your postcard is there too Lakota x

NOTE: info on dies and taps

If you are still wondering what die/tap means,they are cutting tools used in metal machining, the die cuts the outside thread and the tap cuts the inside thread of any metal component made for repairing machinery, the 3/8 etc.are imperial measurements.Did that make any sense?(married to a machinist amongst other things,lol)Gorgeous drawers. Love your red gladdies!

Thanks Simmone x 


  1. Love your new purchase - what a great arrangement of items!

  2. Far out that is bloOmin cool, especially with the family connection, and sooo usefully having lots of little drawers x

  3. Wow, Kylie! That is one hell of a find! In fact that's possibly the most exciting find I've seen in a few weeks! You must be absolutely over the moon with it's vintage loveliness :-) All those little drawers to store thrifted treasures in - there'll be no stopping your inner clutterbug!

    Jem xXx

  4. I have some friends who have a vintage industrial store, and they would die for that cabinet!

  5. It certainly is unusual, but looks great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Love this too - all those little drawers, bliss!
    It's quite the interiors mag vignette you've got going on there (obviously the postcard is the touch which really elevates it)

    For a place you've described somewhere as a 'funny little shop/house' I'm certainly jealous of all the space you seem to be able to afford your furniture. Hope it all keeps coming together nicely for you.

    Faith Hope and Charity Swap 2012 Sign up now OPEN!

  7. You really do find the most marvellous items of furniture Kylie - this has so much character. I hope someone can tell us what a 'die' and 'tap' is - they clearly used a lot of them!

  8. Love the new find, I agree Oddies would have been very cute. xx Katherine

  9. Gorgeous! I love a bit of vintage industrial. Looks great. Are you going to show us some of the before and after kitchen photos? Love to see.

    Enjoy your Sunday, Tam x

    p.s. I have one other religious script up but have no wall space to hang the others yet. I am sure I will find somewhere to put them. I love the little birdies on them.

  10. when you say die, i almost think of a paint medium, but i guess that's spelt differently, isn't it? they have got to be parts to railway repairs, no? what a find, my dear! what will you put in the drawers anyway, because you got to fill it up, no? ;)
    nearly renovated? by jove, how did you do that? work 24/7? goodness, but very well done! expecting some before/afters, i'm afraid...
    lovely round up, kylie!
    ps - i know all the words to evita... so there...
    oh, and pps - i smile at the aries corner sign, and its characteristics. cute! hi, aries!

  11. Oh my oh my... deep breath - Grabbing car keys now... heading off to Bellevue... see ya! :-)

  12. I love the little draws! It's such a gorgeous piece. Thanks for the recommendation might have to check it out one day. I've been good and only picked up one thing of the junk pile. It's our turn now so we are having a major clear out. xx

    ps. I am free too on Tuesday!

  13. Just when you think you couldn't top the freebie light....that is a fantastic find. I adore it, it has so much character & history. It looks wonderful in your house. Inspiring! Xx

  14. Fabulous find you have there.....My dad did his apprenticeship there many many years ago......
    I would love to poke around that store one day. Thanks for sharing it. x

  15. Beaut cupboard! I love your Australiana and have a weakness for gladdys too :)

  16. Ha! I knew my sister (Angy from Brown Paper Packages) would be very interested in this post and the shop you mention! Great find, so functional for organization but looks the part too! Hope you are really well!

  17. I love it! Thanks for the tip about Industriart too. Good to know it is there!

  18. That cabinet is stunning - we're a bit of train geeks [or at least love riding on them] and would totally love something historical like that! I'd end up filling it with all my sewing goodies.

  19. Seeing the 'Die' drawers and industrial light for the first time - LOVE them! I enjoy your taste so much, there is nothing clinical or impersonal about the things you like, yet so many people would have that view (as they order a generic flat-pack unit from a soulless catalogue). I'm always drawn to strong, sturdy and 'heavy' furnishings, the quality draws me in initially, then I see beauty in it.

    Do let us know if you find out what Die' means in this context!

  20. Love the old storage cabinet, very cool :)

  21. what a find - it is fabulous!

  22. Hi Lucy, what a great find its brilliant and i bet it's great storage for buttons and ribbons and cotton etc Love the kola picture above and your flowers look lovely. Have a lovely week, dee x

  23. If you are still wondering what die/tap means,they are cutting tools used in metal machining, the die cuts the outside thread and the tap cuts the inside thread of any metal component made for repairing machinery, the 3/8 etc.are imperial measurements.Did that make any sense?(married to a machinist amongst other things,lol)Gorgeous drawers. Love your red gladdies!

  24. Love this piece, what a great industrial find!

  25. Kylie I couldn't help but SMILE when I read your comment re the side of the road....My ENTIRE home (aside from the TV & our bed) is furnished from my hard rubbish finds....Mind....If I walked into a shop & saw an AWESOME piece like this I might just untie my purse strings too....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)