Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here are a few pics from the Trunk Art Street Exhibition which was held this weekend in the Town of Bassendean...trees were trimmed (some with vintage bits and pieces) and it isn't even Christmas! Have a look and see what you think...

a pretty tree to celebrate Autumn

an Autumn most of us are still waiting for...

I love the illustrations from an old story book that were used to decorate this tree... 

This tree was called "Gone Fishin"

I'm not sure what he's doing up there...but what do I know? Nothing about fishing that's for sure!

Annabel's favourite...

This one could be scary if you stumbled past it late at night on your way home from the Pub...

This tree is all dressed up with no place to go...

There were trees with granny blankets

AND even trees with tea towels!!!

just for me?

And that's a fitting place to end, of course! Here's today's tea towel...


  1. wow how interesting is that form of tree art! I really like the "doily trees" in the first couple of photos, they look like they are part of the tree the way the wrap around the tree.

  2. What fun, they do have some interesting arty things round your way. The tea-towel tree must have been for you - some new ideas for displaying your collection there!

  3. Great pictures, thanks for sharing, what a fabulous idea, ive seen the knitted tree pictures before but nothing as creative as this, looks like a fun day out - how nice that they did a tea towel tree esp for you *wink* Scarlett x

  4. Fabulous images, Kylie. Really enjoyed seeing them. Thanks for sharing, my dear!

  5. That looks like such a fun thing to have a wander and take a look at! :-) I love the 'gone fishing' tree!

    Jem xXx

  6. Such great images, the illustrations from the old story book are so lovely and I love the granny blankets too xx

  7. I love your blog! What great pics - these trees look amazing. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - I'd love to see some pics of that terrarium =) I added myself as a follower so I can keep up with your latest adventures!

  8. What a great idea...it really brings the community together.
    I am still going through your blog...I have decided to start at the beginning. I love everything you collect! Such a kindred spirit. But I must ask, where are you keeping it all? Your house looks quite minimalist. We just recently built a garage for alot of the stuff I collect!

  9. Wow - looks amazing! Never seen anything like that.

  10. Hello! I realize I'm an entire year late with this response - I just discovered your blog.
    I'm the artist responsible for the autumn doily tree.
    As for the fishing woman, she was up the tree because she was being chased by an enormous crocodile! Unfortunately the croc was stolen before most people got a chance to see it.
    Thanks for the post!