Monday, June 6, 2016

The Giant Ram

The Giant Ram, Wagin, Western Australia.
Well I had to, didn't I?!
Buster Gonad's got nothing on these!
The Giant Ram was constructed to commemorate Wagin's role in the Australian wool industry. It is nine times the size of a live ram and is said to be anatomically correct (ahem!) It was erected on site in May 1985 and sculpted by Andrew Hickson, who took eight months to create it.


  1. Nothing but impressive Kylie! x

  2. I always visit the big things if I can on a road trip. I love this and I would have striked the exact same pose as you hehehe

  3. One of those rare occasions I'm a little lost for words....except to say....nope...just plain lost for words...

  4. Actually, on closer inspection I do have something to add... I'm not sure it is anatomically correct. The body looks a bit short to me!!!

    1. We breed 'em different in the wild West Tanya ;)

  5. Oh, yes, you definitely had to. I would have been so disappointed if you had passed up the opportunity to fondle those things. ;) The grandsons have just learned all the euphemisms for testicles, and they entertain themselves constantly by (loudly) whispering them to each other. They would love this post.

  6. Blimey, you've got your hands full there, Kylie!!! Xxx

  7. You are a scream. Funnily enough, Bella and I visited the big ram in Goulburn just last week. We stop at the nearby bakery on our way to Sydney for her health review. I even snapped a pic of her with the big fella. She certainly didn't make any inappropriate hand gestures toward his big fella. Fancy you back blogging. Looking fed to reading your antics. I hope I can remember my password to publish this comment! Ps Thanks for your wonderful letter and gift. What a super duper and most unexpected surprise. Leax