Monday, May 19, 2014

Dunny's Done (and a give-away)

Actually it's been done and dusted, and well and truly christened for some time now, but every time (and there's been more than a few of those!) I attempted to blog about it, I found myself ludicrously over-thinking the decorum (or clearly, otherwise) of showing you the place where we do our "number ones and twos".
Obviously this is totally ridiculous (even the Queen does wees and poos!), so here, without further adieu, is our loo! 


You have to remember (I wrote about it here) our house is more than a hundred years old, and this toilet (the building, not the actual suite) was originally outside. An old, backyard dunny. In the late 70's a previous owner had the clever (ha!) idea of building an extension (ha-ha!) which would not only create a lovely new living area (ha-bloody-ha!), but would also encompass the old dunny, cunningly bringing it inside.

Here's the results of his genius and what it (and that living area!) looked like when we bought the house. 



Okay, so I went a bit cray-cray as far as decorating the smallest room in the house goes (ahem!). I have successfully ticked nearly every current decorating cliche in the book (the only things missing are a reclaimed wood wall and a Fiddle Leaf Fig!)

We even have our very own "toilet manifesto"

Purchased here, but you could easily make your own.

(and yet to have the impact/desired outcome I was naively stupidly hoping for!)

The 'wallpaper' is from The Reader's Digest, Young People's Annual, published in 1964. 

note: a credit card is your best friend here as far as achieving a smooth, bubble free finish goes.

It's safe to say the folk(s) who write **ck your noguchi coffee table would have a field day as far as our dunny goes, but what do you think??? 

To thank-you for reading my blog (good posts and bad, frequent posts and few) I am giving away one of these super-stylish Diabolo for Vandiss  toilet roll holders. Somehow I don't think our toilet could handle another, ummmm, 'statement piece' (I'm keeping one for 'the dream home' though...)

All you have to do is follow and leave a comment. I'll select a winner randomly and pop it in the post in a weeks time (it's packaged in the tiniest little box so I am happy to post overseas if you're the winner)

Thanks for reading, I'll end with a little peek at our laundry, also finished (much more sedately) I will try and write a post about it soon (ish!) 




  1. Kylie it's a little ripper! Love the green bog roll shelf. We have an alessi toilet brush that Mr Asparagus won't get out of its box to use because he thinks it's too nice to put down the toilet! Can't wait for the full laundry reveal - we've just finished painting ours. It's my happy place - and not because I love doing laundry, it just makes the whole 'piles of dirty undercrackers in the kitchen' thing disappear. Bernice xxxx

  2. Ooooh lalala....very cool . Great choices to make a cool look. Xxx

  3. Love it. Like the holder for all the loo paper... you can never have enough on hand. Love the wall paper. Love the no parking sign. Love it all.

  4. I love it Kylie, not at all cray-cray! Now if you add a chevron cushion to that stool and a blue and white ginger jar to the cistern (with the fig and the feature wall), well then you would be talkin! BTW I have been coveting one of those willow metal vegetable racks for years but they never turn up here in Briz. Oh yes a red one.....or green, or even yellow for that matter. I did find a wooden version on kerbside cleanup which is due a paint and I have a stool the same as yours but poo brown( also awaiting a paint). Cannot wait to see your laundry. mel x

  5. BTW those before shots are a serious What The???? That is one seriously dodgy loo incorporating extension. You are legends. mel x

  6. I see my sign!!! Thanks for the shout-out, the make-over is glorious. Will use your photo if I can? I love to see my stuff in use in the world.

  7. Since I am not an interiors/home decor kinda gal, I have no idea about current design cliches, so to me, your loo just looks quirky and fabulous and Kyliefied! Well done on the transformation, it look great. I am disappointed the sign has so far had no effect, I was going to put one of my own up if you could promise me it worked!
    I don't care if you do short posts, long posts, frequent posts or once in a blue moon posts, it's always good to hear from you! xxxx

  8. Love it! It has real spirit and audacity. You are so creative and talented!

  9. So funny! Love all the details!

  10. Love the brick!!!!! And your scrub the fucking toilet sign! Reader's Digest---my grandma used to have a whole magazine holder full of them in the bathroom lolzzzz Count me in for the tp holder!

  11. What a transformation. Those grey tiles are lovely, as are all the rustic touches.
    And the toilet roll holder, I've never seen one like it. x

  12. ha ha! Bringing the outdoors in with that loo was hilarious. Glad to see your loo reveal - very cool. I think I need one of those signs. Also, I already have a loo paper holder which is pretty basic but I'd never be able to replace. xx

  13. All looks fab, so bright and fun! Love your "wallpaper" and red door especially.

  14. Gotta love the thinking out the box of building AROUND the outside dunny, I think it WAS genius. Remember we all do our best at the time with the resources we have. I want to see how it sits now (pardon the pun), do you still have that room that leads on to it? Cliches be damned, when it comes to the bog, more is definitely more. Wanted to ask you about that little stool (ehem) next to the WC, I have one almost identical which came out of my family home in Inglewood and I believe was made by the previous owners in the dim dark past, it must have been a classic design for woodwork 101 maybe. It is still sitting outside on our verandah catching a bit of rain... x

  15. I love it! Old houses can be so tricky can't they? Ours had been given a home-made indoor bathroom when we bought it; which consisted of a lean to wooden shed with a doorway knocked through directly into the kitchen! Long since gone now....
    I'm looking forward to seeing the laundry.

    1. Hi Kylie I think (hope) I've corrected the no-reply thing - didn't even know what it was!

  16. Looking v. good- as my old dad would say:' We all piddle in the same pot' (not literally because I would have to travel a very long way each morning..and the middle of the night if you were unlucky!). Do you use old newspapers for wiping the derrière?
    Best wishes

  17. Would love to come use your new loo Kylie.
    it is a supberb toot :)
    Love the wallpaper from old mags but I think my fave are the WC letters & No Parking sign....very....cheeky ;)

  18. wellllllll I love it, just my cuppa tea! what is a figgy leaf thingy?...I take it I won't find one in "elle decoration" then?te
    But one day I think I may see your house in there!
    bestest to you buddy!
    D aka a
    PS not posted yet...but have a day off tomorrow and its on my list of things to do...
    PPS coco need not be stretchy but does need to be softish!!


  19. Yeah, those before photos have got genius written all over them. Cough. But then you came in and that loo is suddenly a thing of grace and charm. I love the sign, I'm always saying, 'get back in there dirtbag and sort it out'. Kylie, how did it come to this?! Now, i'm a bit behind the times, because I don't see any cliches, just innovation and your usual absolute stylishness. Love the industrial chic toilet holder! Xxx

  20. So is Friday night and here I am perusing photos of your WC! Life sure is rocking at my place. Very cool, love your work, especially the red door and the wallpaper x

  21. I went to pick up my kids from a play date and the house was very swish including a noguchi coffee table and I actually walked in, saw it and said ALOUD "F#*k your noguchi coffee table"! They also had FORBO lino. Couldn't believe it. LOVE your loo! If you can make a toilet this special I reckon you can do anything. Hope your family are appreciating your brilliance! x

  22. I love what you have done Kylie. It's so fun! I'm so glad I have found your blog so I can return some much deserved love x

  23. I love your loo!! Love the fancy pancy loo roll shelving and that little stool. I know what you mean about going, er, how exactly should I blog about my toilet? I was in the same boat when I wrote about ours. I mean some interior design blogs don't even show photographs of the toilet! Glad to see yours is standing proud in blog-land. And well done, it looks awesome.

  24. You did go a bit cray cray didn't you. What fun tho. I lurrrve the floor tiles and the sign! Surely you can squash a fiddle leaf in there somewhere!

  25. Hey I think I need a loo role holder like yours. Ours only holds two spare roles and of course I'm the only one to replace them so I am frequently yelled at to bring a new one.

  26. thxs! a few clever ideas here for my own to-be-finished dunny, in the corner of our kitchen!! we're sista's... hee hee...
    and you're too right, don't talk to noguchi, but, arghhg, what'd they know anyway? n♥

  27. Love it!! plenty of reading material when you're spending a penny x