Saturday, November 2, 2013

Frocktober Honour Roll

Before I sign-off for a while,

(I will pop back down the track to show you our kitchen reno Mel - and our bathroom and laundry when they're finally finished too! I've decided to continue blogging although somewhat sporadically, instead of out and out quitting like I did a couple of months ago. I've really enjoyed 'chatting' to you all again, and I'd miss you if I stopped completely)

I would like to say thank-you to all of the lovely people who sponsored my Frocktober effort. They are (in no particular order):

Gillian, Lea, Jay, Sally, Rachel, Donna, Anita, Fiona, Sian, Patti, Annie, Claire (NZ), Leisa, Helga, Hannapat, Rebecca, Vanessa, Sarah (WA), Bernice, Tania, Julianne, Nelly (Vic), Angie, Nadya, Jane, Linda, Imogen, Mel, Max, Terry and Maryse, Daisy, Claire (UK), Nelly (WA), Gaye, Pippa, Sally, Bron, Carmel, Anne, Sandy, Sarah, Sue, Tove, Dana, Curtise, Gaye (my sister), Woolfy, Tam, Vicki, Zara, Tanya, Claire O, Adelaide (my gorgeous daughter), Vicky, Megan, Al, Loo and Anth.

I hope I haven't missed anyone. Please let me know if I have and I will add your name to the list.

Posing in front of my Dad's broad bean crop in my tutu-esque first holy communion dress, 1972. I got in so much trouble for getting my socks dirty.
I would also like to thank:
the frock shoppers: Lea, Julianne, Allana, Vicky and Em.
my gorgeous Guest Frocksters: Georgia-Rose, Nelly, Curtise, Vanessa, Helga, Julianne, Donna, Dana, and Sue.
my beautiful Prom Queens: Al, Carmel and Pippa.
My sister Tricia and I, frocked-up for flower girl duties, 1971.
the sharers: ace fellow bloggers for spreading the word and sharing a link back to mine: Julianne, Donna, Pippa, Linda, Carmel, Vanessa, Curtise, Claire, Gillian, Sally, Anne, Georgia-Rose, Tove, Al and Eilis.
and my photographers (sometimes make-up artistes): Anth, Adelaide and Annabel.
So Frocktober's done and dusted.
Wearing a frock a day and dabbing a bit of lippy on was easy. Having my photo taken (and publishing it) was (and still is) challenging, but your supportive comments and generous donations made it much easier. At the end of the day we raised a lot of money for research into ovarian cancer. 2000 bucks. We did good, and I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks guys x

Bridesmaid, 1976. Check that carpet!
I'll end with this quote from Annie Hall (1977):
"Love is too weak a word for what I feel - I luuurve you, I loave you, I luff you"    
Alvy Singer (Woody Allen)
p.s. if you decide to frock-up for Frocktober next year, I've got your back, okay.


  1. Yey for Frocktober! $2000 is brilliant. Well done Kylie. (Love seeing these pics of you when you were a youngin'. Very cute.) xx

    1. And excited to read you will be blogging in and out - that's great. xx

  2. So much fun to see you and friends in all the frocks, I loved it.
    So glad you're getting back on the blogging horse, even once a week would make us all very happy. Pretty please? Xx

  3. That was so much fun...thanks for coming back out of hiding and playing...look forward to the reno posts soon. xxxxx

  4. These three photos are great Kylie! What beautiful memories. So glad to hear that you will be back :)

  5. Well done on such a successful frocktober! I enjoyed each & every post, & frock. I'm glad you aren't giving up the blog....we want to hear from you whenever you feel like posting. Much Love! Xx

  6. LOVE the cute vintage photos! Congrats on the successful frocktober!

  7. Frocktober was brilliant well done you, and I'm so glad we'll be hearing more from you in future.

  8. Frocktober was brilliant well done you, and I'm so glad we'll be hearing more from you in future.

  9. Amazing month, Kylie...You did a really good thing, and I'm so glad you've decided not to leave us entirely.

  10. three cheers love!!....founds some frocks today of all days......oh well always next year!....your a superstar but you knew that already right?!....2000!.
    Fuck Yeah!!!!!

  11. Al took the words right out of my mouth, f@@@ yeah alright! Great work lady xxx

  12. What a wonderful thing you've done, Kylie, putting yourself out there for such an amazing cause!! Just shows your just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside!! And imagine hitting the 2000 mark!!! I'm so happy to hear that there will be more posts to look forward to, I knew you'd miss us:-) WELL DONE!!!!
    Ps. Loved these pics:-)

  13. Well done Kylie! You should be most proud of yourself and I'm happy to hear your'e not giving up blogging!! ♥♥♥

  14. i checked that carpet. i luff it.

  15. I am SOOOO pleased you're sticking around, Kylie! It's been fab having you back in the game, and I would miss you badly if you hung up your blogging boots altogether.
    Well done, Miss Frocktober - you did good, and we all luff you.
    PS. Wonderful pics! xxxx

  16. Nice job on the frocks, girlfriend. Let's hope we can do it again next year!

  17. Love all these old pics of you Kylie, the communion tutu takes the cake though. Well done for raising so much money for such a good cause and so kind of you to let me know that the kitchen post is still at the forefront of your mind. mel x

  18. You did brilliantly, Kylie. Well done girl! The pics of little you above are adorable. Luffing the polka dot maxi in the last pic and your holy communion dress. Btw, you look amazing in your last Frocktober post. Annabel's a genius - just like her dear mama. xx

  19. That bridesmaid photo is perfection!